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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
by Cory Booker (2016)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Books by and about the 2016 presidential election
What Happened ,
by Hillary Clinton (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Hard Choices,
by Hillary Clinton (2014)
Becoming ,
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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  • Albert Olszewski (1) Republican candidate for Montana U.S. Senator Montana
  • Alex Mooney (12) Republican House Member U.S. Rep West Virginia- 2
  • Alma Adams (11) Democratic House Member U.S. Rep North Carolina- 12
  • Barbara Comstock (6) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Virginia- 10
  • Barry Loudermilk (10) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Georgia- 11
  • Bobby Nardolillo (1) Republican candidate for Rhode Island U.S. Senator Rhode Island
  • Bonnie Watson Coleman (10) Democratic House Member U.S. Rep New Jersey- 12
  • Brad Ashford (7) Democratic House Member U.S. Rep Nebraska- 2
  • Brenda Lawrence (3) Democratic House Member U.S. Rep Michigan- 14
  • Brendan Boyle (12) Democratic House Member U.S. Rep Pennsylvania- 13
  • Brian Babin (7) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Texas- 36
  • Bruce Poliquin (15) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Maine- 2
  • Bruce Westerman (5) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Arkansas- 4
  • Buddy Carter (9) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Georgia- 1
  • Carlos Curbelo (7) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Florida- 26
  • Cresent Hardy (11) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Nevada- 4
  • Curt Clawson (9) Republican U.S. Rep Florida-19
  • Dan Newhouse (7) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Washington- 4
  • Dave Brat (10) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Virginia- 7
  • Dave Trott (8) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Michigan- 11
  • David Jolly (10) Republican Senate Challenger Florida
  • David Rouzer (9) Republican House Member U.S. Rep North Carolina- 7
  • David Young (5) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Iowa- 3
  • Debbie Dingell (12) Democratic House Member U.S. Rep Michigan-12
  • Don Beyer (21) Democratic House Member U.S. Rep Virginia- 8
  • Donald Norcross (8) Democratic House Member U.S. Rep New Jersey- 1
  • Elise Stefanik (6) Republican House Member U.S. Rep New York- 21
  • Evan Jenkins (9) Republican candidate for West Virginia U.S. Senator West Virginia
  • French Hill (4) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Arkansas- 2
  • Garret Graves (12) Republican Runoff Nominee U.S. Rep Louisiana- 6
  • Gary Palmer (8) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Alabama- 6
  • Glenn Grothman (13) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Wisconsin- 6
  • Gwen Graham (9) Florida Democratic candidate for Governor
  • Jason Smith (1) Republican U.S. Rep Missouri-8
  • Jim Newberger (2) Republican candidate for Minnesota U. S. Senator Minnesota
  • Jody Hice (11) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Georgia- 10
  • John Katko (9) Republican House Member U.S. Rep New York- 24
  • John Moolenaar (10) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Michigan-4
  • John Ratcliffe (11) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Texas- 4
  • Katherine Clark (1) Democrat U.S. Rep Massachusetts-5
  • Kathleen Rice (10) Democratic House Member U.S. Rep New York- 4
  • Lee Zeldin (10) Republican House Member U.S. Rep New York- 1
  • Mark DeSaulnier (6) Democratic House Member U.S. Rep California- 11
  • Mark Takai (13) Democratic House Member U.S. Rep Hawaii- 1
  • Mark Walker (10) Republican House Member U.S. Rep North Carolina- 6
  • Martha McSally (13) Republican candidate for Arizona U.S. Senator Arizona
  • Mia Love (7) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Utah- 4
  • Mike Bishop (9) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Michigan- 8
  • Mike Bost (7) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Illinois- 12
  • Mimi Walters (9) Republican House Member U.S. Rep California- 45
  • Norma Torres (3) Democratic House Member U.S. Rep California- 35
  • Pat Murphy (8) Democrat U.S. Rep Iowa-1
  • Pete Aguilar (7) Democratic House Member U.S. Rep California- 31
  • Ralph Abraham (6) Republican Runoff Nominee U.S. Rep Louisiana- 5
  • Richard Tisei (5) Massachusetts Republican Lt. Gov. Challenger
  • Rick Allen (9) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Georgia- 12
  • Rod Blum (11) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Iowa- 1
  • Ruben Gallego (11) Democratic House Member U.S. Rep Arizona- 7
  • Ryan Costello (7) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Pennsylvania- 6
  • Ryan Zinke (7) Montana Interior
  • Seth Moulton (16) Democratic House Member U.S. Rep Massachusetts-6
  • Steve Knight (8) Republican House Member U.S. Rep California- 25
  • Steve Lonegan (3) Republican Senate Challenger New Jersey
  • Steve Russell (10) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Oklahoma- 5
  • Ted Lieu (12) Democratic House Member U.S. Rep California- 33
  • Tom Emmer (5) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Minnesota- 6
  • Tom MacArthur (18) Republican House Member U.S. Rep New Jersey- 3
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Garret Graves: Fight to protect the sanctity of human life.
    Ralph Abraham: A child's life begins at conception.
    Alex Mooney: Fight to stop federal taxpayer funding of abortion.
    Barbara Comstock: Pro-Life; common sense conservative values.
    Bruce Poliquin: Pro-life and proud of it.
    Dan Newhouse: Strong pro-life voting record.
    Dave Trott: Sanctity of life from conception.
    Evan Jenkins: Life begins at conception.
    John Katko: No abortion on demand; no federal funding.
    Lee Zeldin: Value life & alternatives to parenthood.
    Mark Takai: Faithful defender of a woman's right to choose.
    Mike Bishop: 100% Pro-life record.
    Rick Allen: Fight for the rights of the unborn.
    Ryan Zinke: Protect unborn victims.
    Tom MacArthur: Choose life, including his own special needs baby.
    Bonnie Watson Coleman: Protect women's access to comprehensive reproductive care.
    Brendan Boyle: Supports emergency contraception and Roe v. Wade.
    Brendan Boyle: I evolved on abortion; ratchet down the heated rhetoric.
    Don Beyer: Politicians have no business interfering in right to choose.
    John Moolenaar: We are endowed by Creator with the unalienable Right to Live.
    Kathleen Rice: Fight extremists bent on eliminating reproductive healthcare.
    Mark Walker: Protect the sanctity of human life.
    Pat Murphy: Defend a woman's right to make her own health care decisions.
    Ted Lieu: 100% ratings from pro-choice groups.
    Debbie Dingell: Endorsed by EMILY's List & Michigan NOW.
    Buddy Carter: I believe in the dignity of human life, including unborn.
    Gary Palmer: I will vote to protect the right to life.
    Steve Russell: I will fight abortion with all my being; I adopted instead.
    Seth Moulton: Staunch defender of women's right to decisions on health.
    Alma Adams: A free woman must own and control her own body.
    Brian Babin: Steadfast defender of the unborn.
    Mia Love: Oppose taxpayer-funded abortions.
    Barry Loudermilk: Strong defender of the right to life.
    Jody Hice: The slaughter of the innocents simply must be stopped.
    Dave Brat: Human life is sacred.
    Glenn Grothman: Sanctity of life from conception until natural death.
    John Ratcliffe: Protect unborn life.
    Ruben Gallego: Fierce advocate for choice.
    David Jolly: Life begins at conception.
Budget & Economy
    Garret Graves: We have a spending problem: $1.5M lifetime debt per child.
    Pete Aguilar: Build economy that's fair to middle-class & small business.
    Alex Mooney: Cut wasteful spending & entitlements so kids aren't burdened.
    Brad Ashford: Commitment to prosperity & business-friendly public service.
    Bruce Poliquin: Build a less intrusive and less expensive federal government.
    Carlos Curbelo: Chronic budget deficits threaten our economy & security.
    Cresent Hardy: We cannot spend money that we do not have.
    Dan Newhouse: Balance budget within ten years by respecting every penny.
    Dave Trott: Rein in out-of-control federal spending.
    David Young: Better Budget Principles rooted in Iowa common sense.
    French Hill: Cut low-priority spending; smaller federal government.
    John Katko: The Washington Big Spenders' plan just isn't working.
    Lee Zeldin: Bloated government's debt has become a great threat.
    Martha McSally: Don't hand to the future $17 trillion in debt.
    Mike Bishop: Overregulation & red tape stifle job growth & stall economy.
    Mike Bost: Focus on "what to cut" instead of "how much to spend".
    Rick Allen: Washington's spending-addicted politicians are the problem.
    Rod Blum: Penny Plan: cut 1% per year to balance budget.
    Ryan Costello: We are saddling out own kids with $20 trillion in IOUs.
    Ryan Zinke: $17T debt was irresponsible to create & reckless to continue.
    Steve Knight: We need enforceable caps on government spending.
    Tom MacArthur: Fight for a balanced budget amendment.
    Jim Newberger: Work to reduce government growth and waste.
    David Rouzer: Fight to cut federal spending & size of government.
    John Moolenaar: More spending & more regulations delay the recovery.
    Mark Walker: Reduce government regulations that smother American business.
    Mimi Walters: $17T debt is unsustainable; scale back government.
    Norma Torres: $2 billion in federal funds: Keep Your Home California.
    Buddy Carter: Congress needs the backbone to end the sea of debt.
    Gary Palmer: Deal with our $17.2 trillion debt like any addiction.
    Steve Russell: We are facing a crisis due to our accumulation of debt.
    Barry Loudermilk: Balance the budget and reduce our national debt.
    Curt Clawson: Government has zero ability to "stimulate" job creation.
    Dave Brat: Reduce spending & support a balanced budget amendment.
    Glenn Grothman: Outspoken critic of increased spending & new government jobs.
    John Ratcliffe: Stop out-of-control spending with balanced budget amendment.
    Jody Hice: Restore fiscal sanity: less spending & less debt.
    David Jolly: Unchecked federal deficits are greatest threat to nation.
    Richard Tisei: We must admit we have a spending problem.
Civil Rights
    Garret Graves: Defend Louisiana's definition of traditional marriage.
    Alex Mooney: Defines marriage as one man and one woman.
    Brad Ashford: Family history of fighting anti-Semitism.
    Evan Jenkins: Marriage is between one man and woman.
    Gwen Graham: Fight to pass Paycheck Fairness Act.
    Mark Takai: Support ENDA; oppose DOMA; yes to LGBT marriage.
    Martha McSally: I know first-hand the discrimination women face.
    Rick Allen: Support traditional marriage between a man and woman.
    Tom MacArthur: Marriage between man and woman, but leave it to states.
    Bonnie Watson Coleman: Pay disparity has a significant impact on low-income women.
    Bonnie Watson Coleman: Speak for LGBT rights regardless of the external pressures.
    Brendan Boyle: Ensure women receive equal pay for equal work.
    Brendan Boyle: Opposed DADT and DOMA; now supports ENDA.
    Don Beyer: Support the Paycheck Fairness Act: equal pay for women.
    Don Beyer: Full GLBT equality; repeal DOMA; support ENDA.
    Kathleen Rice: Close the gender pay gap.
    Pat Murphy: Fought gay marriage ban; protect LGBT Iowans.
    Ted Lieu: Overturn the federal ban on same-sex marriage.
    Ted Lieu: Strengthen equal pay laws & diversity.
    Seth Moulton: Time for women to earn same wages as men for same work.
    Seth Moulton: Marriage equality is civil rights fight of our generation.
    Alma Adams: Do more to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work.
    Alma Adams: Do more for civil rights including the LGBT community.
    Debbie Dingell: Same rights regardless of who you love.
    Debbie Dingell: End women being paid less for doing the same job as men.
    Ruben Gallego: Fight for same-sex marriage in all 50 states.
    Ruben Gallego: Equal work for equal pay; be ashamed of the wage gap.
    Garret Graves: Reduce taxes, fees, bureaucracy, and regulation.
    Gwen Graham: Line item veto to get rid of corporate handouts.
    Mark Takai: End tax breaks for largest oil and drug companies.
    David Rouzer: Let businesses effectively compete in global economy.
    Don Beyer: Close corporate tax loopholes.
    Tom Emmer: Family business is Viking Forest Products.
    Seth Moulton: Eliminate tax loopholes that only benefit big corporations.
    Brian Babin: Government regulations stymie entrepreneurship.
    Mia Love: Lower America's corporate tax rate.
    Curt Clawson: Reduce corporate tax rates & regulations.
    John Ratcliffe: Free enterprise creates jobs; reduce regulatory burden.
    Katherine Clark: End tax breaks for oil companies and billionaires.
    Brad Ashford: Reduce prison overcrowding & enhance alternatives.
    Donald Norcross: Focusing on an offender's risks, not their resources.
    John Katko: 2002: formulated the Syracuse Gang Violence Task Force.
    Bobby Nardolillo: Public safety is a fundamental duty of government.
    Brendan Boyle: Revitalize urban neighborhoods to keep them safe.
    Kathleen Rice: Lifelong prosecutor: led with tough enforcement.
    Kathleen Rice: Fund community partnerships and evidence-based prevention.
    Mark DeSaulnier: Tighten up the parole system and oversight of sex offenders.
    Norma Torres: Work with the community to combat crime.
    Seth Moulton: Decrease prison populations; focus on rehabilitation.
    Glenn Grothman: Community notification when sex offenders become residents.
    Cresent Hardy: Counter drug traffickers at the border.
    Tom MacArthur: Treatment instead of prison for non-violent offenders.
    Seth Moulton: Fewer drug-based convictions; decreased drug offenses.
    Garret Graves: Provide school choice for students in failing schools.
    Pete Aguilar: Improve public education at all levels.
    Alex Mooney: I support school choice programs & home-schooling.
    Brad Ashford: Fair pay for teachers; improve special education.
    Bruce Poliquin: Expand from 10 charters to more parental choices.
    Cresent Hardy: Expand voucher programs and charter schools.
    Cresent Hardy: Named as "Pillar of Character" as school adviser.
    Dave Trott: Opposes government control by Common Core standards.
    Donald Norcross: I led the charge to support our public schools.
    Gwen Graham: Invest in our public schools and Head Start.
    John Katko: 100 federal education programs, and no better education.
    Lee Zeldin: Grade school students need to be better represented.
    Mark Takai: Invest in our public schools with federal funds.
    Martha McSally: Gives other options to kids in failing schools.
    Rick Allen: Local & parental control, not one-size-fits-all.
    Rod Blum: Replace top-down structure with parental control.
    Ryan Zinke: Give parents a stronger voice, and local control.
    Steve Knight: Local school boards and parents know better than bureaucrats.
    Tom MacArthur: Tenure reform & charter schools; but public schools too.
    Albert Olszewski: Locally-directed privacy-oriented schools, not Common Core.
    Bonnie Watson Coleman: Strong public school system is critical.
    Brenda Lawrence: Refinance college loans to reduce student debt.
    Brendan Boyle: Invest in education; ensure public schools are best in world.
    David Rouzer: Put control of education in the hands of local parents.
    Don Beyer: Department of Education makes colleges stronger.
    Mark Walker: Oppose Common Core; empower families through vouchers.
    Pat Murphy: Raise teacher pay and expand universal preschool.
    Gary Palmer: We need choice and local control.
    Steve Russell: Parents and school boards should develop local standards.
    Seth Moulton: Reform public education testing & teaching standards.
    Alma Adams: Fight against vouchers & reckless cuts to public education.
    Mia Love: Local & parental control over schools, not federal.
    Debbie Dingell: Quality and affordable public education including pre-K.
    Dave Brat: Oppose top down approaches such as Common Core.
    Glenn Grothman: Repeal Common Core; it's unconstitutional.
    Glenn Grothman: Vocal advocate for school choice.
Energy & Oil
    Garret Graves: Keystone XL and other policies for US jobs & energy.
    Pete Aguilar: Encourage green building and climate-friendly purchasing.
    Alex Mooney: No cap-&-trade; no war on coal; no job-destroying EPA burden.
    Barbara Comstock: Support offshore drilling and oil exploration.
    Bruce Poliquin: Fully develop all sources of domestic energy.
    Cresent Hardy: Ensure our ability to be energy-independent.
    Donald Norcross: Bring benefits of American-made renewable energy.
    Evan Jenkins: Fight tooth & nail against the War on Coal.
    John Katko: Focus on accessing more North American energy.
    Lee Zeldin: Focus on lowering cost of gas & oil.
    Mark Takai: Invest in alternative energy, including wind and solar.
    Martha McSally: Take advantage of newly discovered oil & gas in America.
    Mike Bost: Focus on exploration, to become energy independent.
    Rick Allen: Substantial increases in drilling for American oil.
    Rod Blum: Create jobs & lower costs with coal & oil shale.
    Ryan Costello: All-of-the-above approach, plus Keystone pipeline.
    Ryan Zinke: Alternatives only if competitive prices without subsidies.
    Tom MacArthur: Support Keystone XL & expanded domestic drilling.
    Bonnie Watson Coleman: Common-sense, sustainable solar & wind.
    Brendan Boyle: Weaning ourselves off of foreign oil; promote alternatives.
    Don Beyer: Reduce carbon emissions with tax on carbon pollution.
    John Moolenaar: All-of-the-above strategy, including Keystone XL Pipeline.
    Mark DeSaulnier: Advance renewable energy; make US a leader in innovation.
    Mark Walker: Much "so-called" science of climate change is contested.
    Mimi Walters: Support new domestic oil and natural gas, including Keystone.
    Pat Murphy: Opposes Keystone Pipeline; supports alternative energy.
    Ted Lieu: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions; end fracking.
    Gary Palmer: US has more oil available than used in the last 100 years.
    Steve Russell: Expand our energy sector; it's vital to national security.
    Seth Moulton: Firm leadership to lessen greenhouse gas emissions.
    Debbie Dingell: Climate change requires pro-active federal solutions.
    Dave Brat: Broad-spectrum approach: Invest in wind, solar, oil, & more.
    Glenn Grothman: Freeze the expensive renewable energy requirement.
    John Ratcliffe: Stop overreach of EPA; approve the Keystone XL pipeline.
    Ruben Gallego: Climate change is biggest long-term issue our world faces.
    Jody Hice: Drill off the West Coast, Alaska, and the Gulf of Mexico.
    Garret Graves: More needed on coastal restoration and flood protection.
    Pete Aguilar: Fight for more sustainable development.
    Dan Newhouse: Reform Endangered Species Act to help land-use.
    Gwen Graham: Protect natural heritage & open space for future generations.
    Lee Zeldin: Hosts annual "Teach a Kid to Fish Day".
    Rod Blum: EPA restrictions on farm dust are overzealous & hyperactive.
    Ryan Costello: I understand the significance of open space.
    Tom MacArthur: Federal funds for Sandy Recovery, not more flood insurance.
    Tom MacArthur: Fund estuary preservation for water & recreation.
    Martha McSally: Companies developing resources should be good stewards.
    Bonnie Watson Coleman: Protect open space and natural wildlife habitats.
    Brendan Boyle: Member of the "Green Dog" Caucus of environmentalists.
    Bruce Westerman: Fight EPA expansion of protected waters.
    Don Beyer: Humane treatment of animals is element of civilized society.
    Pat Murphy: Enforce current federal environmental standards.
    Ted Lieu: Expand resources for water recycling.
    Buddy Carter: Supports dredging project for the Savannah harbor.
    Seth Moulton: We need a sustainable solution to the fishing crisis.
    Alma Adams: Protect our environment for future generations.
    Debbie Dingell: The Great Lakes and fresh water are a precious resource.
    Ruben Gallego: Rosemont Mine has devastating environmental impact.
    David Jolly: We need comprehensive Natural Disaster Insurance.
Families & Children
    Ryan Zinke: Prepare kids for tomorrow with family values of grandparents.
Foreign Policy
    Carlos Curbelo: When the US shows weakness, bad actors become emboldened.
    Don Beyer: Oppose any UN declaration of Palestinian statehood.
    Don Beyer: As Swiss Ambassador, negotiated release of Iranian hostages.
    Steve Knight: Enemies don't fear us; allies don't trust us.
    Tom MacArthur: Focus on alliance with Israel and peace through strength.
    Bruce Westerman: Negotiate Israel-Palestine deal directly, not through UN.
    David Rouzer: Never cede power that usurps our national sovereignty.
    Don Beyer: Served as Ambassador to Switzerland and in Dept. of Commerce.
    Don Beyer: Outlook of engagement toward the world.
    John Moolenaar: Opposes closing Guantanamo prison.
    Mark Walker: End foreign aid to nations that abhor our heritage.
    Mimi Walters: US directly benefits from military aid to Israel.
    Steve Russell: Keep our national interests first and foremost.
    Jody Hice: View America as good, or dishonor our founding principles.
    David Jolly: Stop pattern of negotiating away American leverage.
    Steve Lonegan: Vocal supporter of Israel's right to defend itself.
Free Trade
    Bruce Poliquin: Promote trade and investment opportunities.
    Evan Jenkins: Help keep jobs here in America.
    Gwen Graham: End tax breaks for companies that ship job overseas.
    Mark Takai: Reject free trade deals that don't protect American jobs.
    Rod Blum: Fast-track free trade to expand agricultural markets.
    Tom MacArthur: Free market policies based on private sector experience.
    Brendan Boyle: Americans compete on an unfair playing field.
    Bruce Westerman: Expand foreign markets for farm exports.
    John Moolenaar: Enforce trade laws so others don't have unfair advantage.
    Alma Adams: Oppose unfair trade deals that give away jobs overseas.
    Curt Clawson: Economic freedom agenda: foreign capital investment here.
Government Reform
    Ralph Abraham: Term limits for Congress, plus no salary.
    Bruce Poliquin: 12-year term limit on members of Congress.
    Don Beyer: 18-year term limits for Supreme Court justices.
    Elise Stefanik: Regulation & government mandates stifles economic growth.
    Mike Bishop: Make state legislature part-time, with pay cuts.
    Rod Blum: Term Limits Amendment for House & Senate.
    Bonnie Watson Coleman: End voter suppression tactics.
    Seth Moulton: End secret contributions that buy support in Congress.
    Alma Adams: Rework Voting Rights Act to address voter suppression.
    Barry Loudermilk: Strict adherence to the original intent of the Constitution.
    Barry Loudermilk: Reduce the size and scope of the federal government.
    Curt Clawson: Clawson Growth Plan: cut taxes; cut spending; cut government.
    Dave Brat: Moneyed interests have corrupted our democratic system.
    Glenn Grothman: Require proof of residence to vote or register.
    John Ratcliffe: Constitutional amendment for term limits on Congress.
Gun Control
    Garret Graves: The right to bear arms is fundamental to citizenship.
    Ralph Abraham: We must protect our right to bear arms.
    Alex Mooney: Misguided gun laws only punish law-abiding gun owners.
    Barbara Comstock: Pro-Second Amendment.
    Brad Ashford: Crack down on illegal handguns.
    Bruce Poliquin: Strong supporter of the Second Amendment.
    Cresent Hardy: Ensure a citizen's right to bear arms.
    Dan Newhouse: Protect Second Amendment rights.
    Dave Trott: 2nd Amendment is important cornerstone of nation's freedoms.
    Donald Norcross: Mental health background checks for gun permits.
    Elise Stefanik: Strongly opposes the NY SAFE Act.
    Evan Jenkins: Defend the Second Amendment.
    John Katko: Protect the individual right to own a firearm.
    Mark Takai: No military-grade weapons in homes; ban them.
    Mike Bishop: Personally a gun owner with a CPL.
    Mike Bost: Right to bear arms must be preserved and defended.
    Rick Allen: Right to bear arms needs to be protected.
    Ryan Zinke: Fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms.
    Steve Knight: Limiting right to bear arms is foolish & unconstitutional.
    Tom MacArthur: Defend right of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves.
    Don Beyer: Close gun show loophole; ban high capacity magazines.
    Kathleen Rice: The need to take action on guns has never been greater.
    Mark Walker: Strong believer in the Second Amendment.
    Gary Palmer: Right to protect self and family.
    Steve Russell: I actually know the muzzle end of a rifle.
    Seth Moulton: It's time for universal background checks.
    Alma Adams: Start by having some common sense gun laws.
    Brian Babin: Rock-solid defender of the 2nd Amendment.
    Mia Love: Ardent supporter of the Second Amendment.
    Barry Loudermilk: Protect our right to keep and bear arms.
    Jody Hice: Ardent advocate of the Second Amendment rights.
    Dave Brat: Oppose limiting the Constitutional right to bear arms.
    Jason Smith: Oppose forced gun registrations & restrictions on ownership.
    John Ratcliffe: Defend the Constitution under the Second Amendment.
    Ruben Gallego: More gun buyback programs, not more guns.
    David Jolly: Supports constitutional right to keep and bear arms.
    Steve Lonegan: Supports individual right to keep and bear arms.
Health Care
    Garret Graves: Obamacare is a massive expansion of government; repeal it.
    Ralph Abraham: Repeal ObamaCare; don't expand Medicaid.
    Alex Mooney: Replace ObamaCare with free-market reforms.
    Barbara Comstock: Repeal and replace ObamaCare; it threatens well-being.
    Bruce Poliquin: Replace ObamaCare with cross-state & group insurance.
    Carlos Curbelo: ObamaCare increases costs; empower patients instead.
    Cresent Hardy: ObamaCare one-size-fits-all approach does not work.
    Dan Newhouse: Replace ObamaCare with plan that works for economy.
    Dave Trott: Repeal & replace the onerous ObamaCare law.
    David Young: Market solutions better than one-size-fits-all ObamaCare.
    Elise Stefanik: Repeal ObamaCare and replace with common sense solutions.
    Evan Jenkins: ObamaCare is a boondoggle; repeal and replace.
    French Hill: ObamaCare is a $2.2 trillion mistake.
    Gwen Graham: Quality rural healthcare is vital; fix ObamaCare.
    John Katko: Reform should be based on the free market.
    Lee Zeldin: ObamaCare converts full-time jobs to part-time.
    Martha McSally: ObamaCare makes matters worse; but keep the few good parts.
    Mike Bishop: Fought against ObamaCare from the start.
    Mike Bost: Increase insured without ObamaCare's government bureaucracy.
    Rick Allen: ObamaCare is wrong approach & needs to be stopped.
    Ryan Costello: Replace ObamaCare; it will cost 2 million jobs.
    Ryan Zinke: ObamaCare is reckless; replace with cross-state pools& HSAs.
    Steve Knight: Replace ObamaCare mandates with insurance pools.
    Tom MacArthur: Repeal ObamaCare, then fix insurance industry & tort reform.
    Bonnie Watson Coleman: Before ObamaCare, millions were deprived of affordable care.
    Brendan Boyle: Push to create a public option for insurance.
    David Rouzer: Even before ObamaCare, too much intervention in healthcare.
    Don Beyer: Support & improve ObamaCare.
    John Moolenaar: Health care in America should be about choice.
    Kathleen Rice: Ensure access to high-quality, affordable healthcare.
    Mark DeSaulnier: Move forward with Obama's agenda of protecting Medicare.
    Mark Walker: Repeal ObamaCare; implement market-based solutions.
    Mimi Walters: ObamaCare is a takeover of our health care system.
    Pat Murphy: Raise cigarette tax to expand healthcare to 40,000 children.
    Ted Lieu: No vouchers for Medicare; healthcare is a right.
    Tom Emmer: Lost sister to breast cancer, but kept her upbeat attitude.
    Buddy Carter: Market-driven solutions to our health care system.
    Gary Palmer: When fully implemented, ObamaCare will be a nightmare.
    Steve Russell: Allow individuals to choose plan that best meets their needs.
    Seth Moulton: Health care is a right, and also smart policy.
    Alma Adams: ObamaCare has moved us further in the right direction.
    Brian Babin: Work tirelessly to repeal ObamaCare.
    Mia Love: Replace ObamaCare with tax incentives & portability.
    Debbie Dingell: Right to affordable, quality healthcare.
    Barry Loudermilk: ObamaCare is an albatross on the neck of our economy.
    Jody Hice: ObamaCare puts us on the road to socialist America.
    Curt Clawson: Repeal ObamaCare; no bureaucrats in charge of health care.
    Dave Brat: ObamaCare is an unconstitutional power grab.
    Glenn Grothman: ObamaCare is a harmful, bungled system.
    John Ratcliffe: ObamaCare has proven to be government at its worst.
    David Jolly: ObamaCare drives up premiums & should be repealed now.
    Richard Tisei: Undo the damage ObamaCare has done.
Homeland Security
    Garret Graves: Support a strong military; and support veterans.
    Ralph Abraham: Never forget our veterans: we owe them.
    Pete Aguilar: Increase job training for returning veterans.
    Barbara Comstock: Spokesperson for post-9-11 Justice Dept. on War on Terror.
    Bruce Poliquin: NSA tracking of US citizens violates 4th Amendment.
    Bruce Poliquin: Top spending priority is full financing of military.
    Cresent Hardy: Strong national defense is critical to quality of life.
    Dave Trott: Unyielding enthusiasm for our troops.
    David Young: Soldiers deserve the best medical care available, period.
    Donald Norcross: Veteran Set-Aside: partner with businesses to employ vets.
    Donald Norcross: Israel shares with US self-determination & religious freedom.
    Elise Stefanik: A well-funded Fort Drum helps North Country's future.
    Gwen Graham: Encourage military to private sector transitions.
    John Katko: Provide resources for constant state of military readiness.
    Lee Zeldin: Freedom is because America's military is strong.
    Mark Takai: Tax credits for companies that hire veterans.
    Mark Takai: Cut defense responsibly, not across-the-board.
    Martha McSally: End reckless, across the board military cuts.
    Martha McSally: Protect our $1B investment in the A-10 Warthog.
    Mike Bishop: Number one responsibility is to provide a national defense.
    Mike Bost: Any defense budget cuts directly impact strength of military.
    Rick Allen: Do everything to keep greatest military in world history.
    Rod Blum: Oppose FISA warrantless searches; oppose roving wiretaps.
    Ryan Costello: Never forget the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform.
    Steve Knight: Defense budget should never be on the chopping block.
    Tom MacArthur: Opposes Obama's deep cuts to military spending.
    Tom MacArthur: NSA should not be spying on American citizens.
    David Rouzer: Government needs to cut spending--but not for veterans.
    Don Beyer: We owe veterans and families the best our nation can offer.
    Don Beyer: Be wise in defense budget & achieve efficiencies.
    John Moolenaar: Make certain military has most advanced weapons systems.
    Kathleen Rice: Invest in new veterans; clear backlog of benefits.
    Mark Walker: We need the strongest, most capable military in the world.
    Mimi Walters: Fight to ensure veterans receive benefits.
    Ted Lieu: Condemn the NSA's unconstitutional phone spying.
    Ted Lieu: Active duty Air Force for 4 years & reserves for 14 years.
    Buddy Carter: Stand up for our military bases.
    Buddy Carter: No NSA surveillance of law-abiding Americans.
    Steve Russell: Tireless advocate for our national defense.
    Seth Moulton: Better funding and services for veterans.
    Brian Babin: Our military must be prepared and second to none.
    Debbie Dingell: Support our veterans; they've earned it.
    Dave Brat: Maintain a strong national defense.
    Glenn Grothman: No tracking on GPS, cellphone, or social media.
    John Ratcliffe: Hometown Heroes: honor soldiers returning from active duty.
    Ruben Gallego: 2009: pushed to overturn military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".
    Ruben Gallego: Troops in Iraq got inadequate resources.
    Jody Hice: We must remain strong in the interest of peace & justice.
    David Jolly: We must preserve our military strength.
    Richard Tisei: Ensure that veterans have resources available.
    Garret Graves: Secure the border, and enforce the laws.
    Pete Aguilar: We need comprehensive immigration reform.
    Alex Mooney: Secure the borders first; then reform without amnesty.
    Bruce Poliquin: Legal immigration is good for America; illegal isn't.
    Carlos Curbelo: US has duty to secure its borders; with guest worker program.
    Dan Newhouse: No blanket amnesty, but create a long pathway to legalize.
    Dave Trott: Secure our nation's borders before discussing reform.
    John Katko: Tough, fair reform that restores the rule of law.
    Lee Zeldin: Secure the borders, then deal with 11 million illegals.
    Martha McSally: Border is still not secure; it's a national security threat.
    Mike Bishop: Opposed to any amnesty.
    Rick Allen: Our borders remain vulnerable; block any amnesty.
    Rod Blum: Secure the border; then loosen red tape for H1B visas.
    Steve Knight: Dangerous border with Mexico must be secured.
    Tom MacArthur: Begin with secure borders; no amnesty nor benefits.
    Bruce Westerman: Control the borders, then implement guest worker program.
    David Rouzer: Pledge to secure the border by a date-certain.
    Don Beyer: I fully support the DREAM Act & a path to citizenship.
    John Moolenaar: Porous southern border threatens national security.
    Mark Walker: Opposed to all forms of amnesty; close porous borders.
    Mimi Walters: Border security is broken; but we need guest workers.
    Buddy Carter: Oppose amnesty or anything that resembles amnesty.
    Gary Palmer: Secure our borders and enforce current immigration law.
    Seth Moulton: Block illegal immigration without hampering legal immigrants.
    Brian Babin: We must secure the borders.
    Mia Love: Charge $1,000 fee to get US visa, and refund upon leaving.
    Debbie Dingell: Fair and humane comprehensive immigration reform.
    Barry Loudermilk: Control our own borders and enforce existing laws.
    Dave Brat: Start by securing our border; never grant amnesty.
    Glenn Grothman: Carefully controlled immigration protects us from enemies.
    John Ratcliffe: Lock down our borders and oppose amnesty.
    Ruben Gallego: Only workable solution is comprehensive immigration reform.
    Jody Hice: No amnesty; no benefits to aliens; no sanctuary cities.
    David Jolly: Secure our borders before any comprehensive reform.
    Donald Norcross: Economic Opportunity Act: bring new businesses & employment.
    Evan Jenkins: Raise the state minimum wage & federal minimum wage.
    Gwen Graham: Raise the minimum wage; ensure paid sick time.
    Mark Takai: Equal pay for equal work for men and women.
    Martha McSally: I support equal pay for equal work by women.
    Mike Bishop: 2007: publicly called for right-to-work in Michigan.
    Bonnie Watson Coleman: Move from a minimum wage to a living wage.
    Brenda Lawrence: Paid sick leave helps women & minorities most.
    Brenda Lawrence: Fight to raise minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.
    Kathleen Rice: Raise minimum wage to $10.10 per hour.
    Pat Murphy: Raised Iowa minimum wage to $7.25; now push for $10.10.
    Ted Lieu: Focus on job creation & raising the minimum wage.
    Debbie Dingell: Supports additional extension of unemployment insurance.
    Curt Clawson: Unemployment rate dropped only because people gave up.
    David Jolly: Local jobs rely on military 'national security triangle'.
Principles & Values
    Brad Ashford: Appointed to positions by both Republicans and Democrats.
    David Young: Optimism is at the center of America's continued greatness.
    Jim Newberger: I stand for traditional values.
    Mark DeSaulnier: Served as mayor, state rep, and state senator.
    Norma Torres: Elected to City Council, State Assembly, and State Senator.
    Tom Emmer: Served on two city councils and in State Legislature.
    Tom Emmer: Hosts conservative radio talk show on Twin Cities News Talk.
    Steve Russell: Government doesn't give us our rights; God does.
    Barry Loudermilk: Traditional values instead of Hollywood for moral leadership.
    Barry Loudermilk: Fight for right to pray publicly and carry a Bible.
    Jody Hice: Post the Ten Commandments in public arenas.
    Curt Clawson: Outsider for Congress: CEO of beverage can manufacturer.
    Dave Brat: Fundamental rights come from God, the Author of Nature.
    Glenn Grothman: Sponsored "In God We Trust" license plates.
    Ruben Gallego: Child of Hispanic immigrants; speaks Spanish.
    David Jolly: Liberty is granted from our Creator to the individual.
Social Security
    Pete Aguilar: Fight tooth and nail to protect instead of privatize.
    Bruce Poliquin: Adjustments to future retirees, but not current ones.
    Carlos Curbelo: Trust Fund runs out in 2021; Medicare runs out in 2026.
    Cresent Hardy: Federal focus on preservation of Social Security.
    Dan Newhouse: Make sure government keeps its promise.
    Donald Norcross: Honor our commitments to seniors, and add tax incentives.
    Elise Stefanik: Entitlements are in jeopardy of going bankrupt.
    Evan Jenkins: Oppose privatizing Social Security or Medicare.
    French Hill: Keep our promises, and enhance 401k's & reverse mortgages.
    Gwen Graham: I refuse to support any budget with plans like privatization.
    Lee Zeldin: Make tough decisions to reform entitlements.
    Mark Takai: Keep our promises; raise the payroll tax cap.
    Martha McSally: Promises made should be promises kept; no privatization.
    Mike Bost: Opposes efforts to privatize, or increase the payroll tax.
    Rod Blum: Compromise on all options, to ensure future of program.
    Ryan Costello: I oppose any effort to privatize Social Security.
    Tom MacArthur: Protect our promise, but strengthen program for future.
    Brendan Boyle: Repay the Trust Fund in full.
    Don Beyer: I oppose any effort to privatize Social Security.
    Kathleen Rice: No privatization; no benefit cuts; better COLA.
    Mark DeSaulnier: End brinkmanship & protect Social Security.
    Mimi Walters: Keep our promise to America's seniors.
    Pat Murphy: Senior Living Trust Fund: expand in-home care.
    Ted Lieu: No privatization; no chained CPI; raise payroll cap.
    Seth Moulton: Eliminate the payroll tax cap to cover most of funding gap.
    Alma Adams: Protect and fund Social Security and Medicare.
    Debbie Dingell: No dramatic cuts to Social Security and Medicare.
    Ruben Gallego: Privatizing exposes America's seniors to risks.
    Richard Tisei: Protect, strengthen, & preserve Medicare and Social Security.
    Richard Tisei: Lower the U.S. corporate tax rate.
Tax Reform
    Ralph Abraham: America has been taxed to the point of bankruptcy.
    Alex Mooney: Signed "No New Taxes Pledge".
    Barbara Comstock: Pass bills with common sense conservative tax relief.
    Brad Ashford: Helped pass largest tax cut in state history.
    Bruce Poliquin: Reduce taxes to create jobs.
    Carlos Curbelo: Lower marginal tax rates for all Americans & corporations.
    Dave Trott: Reduce regulations & update the cumbersome tax code.
    David Young: Tax code should be fairer, flatter and simpler.
    Elise Stefanik: Make tax code flatter and fairer for everyone.
    Evan Jenkins: Tax relief instead of tax increases.
    French Hill: We need a simple fair tax code instead of wet blanket.
    Lee Zeldin: Simplify tax code & reduce tax burden.
    Martha McSally: Keep taxes low.
    Mike Bishop: Put forth more than $1 billion in cuts in Michigan.
    Mike Bost: Overhaul tax code to be less complicated.
    Rod Blum: Reduce taxes on business and individuals.
    Ryan Costello: Pro-growth economic vision: cut red-tape, simplify taxes.
    Steve Knight: Anemic economic recovery due to over-tax & over-regulation.
    Tom MacArthur: Kept taxes low as Mayor; do same federally.
    Brendan Boyle: Billionaires should pay higher tax rates than workers.
    David Rouzer: Great civilizations have low taxes & high revenues.
    Don Beyer: Restore highest personal income tax rate to 39.6%.
    John Moolenaar: Lower the tax burden on all families & businesses.
    Mark Walker: Replace broken tax code with flat tax and FairTax models.
    Mimi Walters: Fight to reduce taxes & reckless spending.
    Tom Emmer: Keep taxes low to move toward a path of prosperity.
    Buddy Carter: Major tax relief plans: Flat Tax or a FairTax.
    Gary Palmer: Raising taxes is not the answer.
    Steve Russell: We need more taxpayers, not more taxes.
    Brian Babin: Oppose ANY tax increase.
    Mia Love: Vote against all net tax increases.
    Barry Loudermilk: Abolish the IRS; implement something like the FairTax.
    Jody Hice: Adopt the FairTax; but not on top of income taxes.
    Curt Clawson: Reduce income taxes & capital gains; opt-in to flat tax.
    Glenn Grothman: Tirelessly pursue lowering property and income taxes.
    John Ratcliffe: Promises never to raise taxes.
    Alex Mooney: End federal obsession with big city public transportation.
    Alex Mooney: End overreach of NSA's surveillance program.
    Cresent Hardy: Career in cybersecurity after 10 years at CIA.
    Mark Takai: Rebuild transportation and communications infrastructure.
    Rod Blum: Government misuse of technology erodes Bill of Rights.
    Bonnie Watson Coleman: Support Net Neutrality: keep the internet open.
    Mark DeSaulnier: Expand BART & Caldecott Tunnel.
    Ted Lieu: Expand investment in R&D plus transportation infrastructure.
    Seth Moulton: Build local infrastructure and smart transportation.
War & Peace
    Garret Graves: ISIL must be defeated; combat these terrorists abroad.
    Alex Mooney: Cooperate & support Israel; it makes both countries stronger.
    Bruce Poliquin: Congress' approval before going to war; stay out of Syria.
    Carlos Curbelo: Russia & Mideast: Peace is only achieved through strength.
    Cresent Hardy: Intervention only when threatened; we're not World's Police.
    Don Beyer: Iranian development of nuclear weapons is unacceptable.
    Mark Takai: Iraq War fought partly because of dependence on foreign oil.
    Martha McSally: Metastasized al Qaeda & others are no longer afraid of us.
    Tom MacArthur: Learn from mistakes of both Bush and Obama: no endless wars.
    Bruce Westerman: No way we can accept a nuclear Iran.
    David Rouzer: Keep military as dominant force for freedom in this world.
    John Moolenaar: Strong sanctions against Iran & North Korea.
    Kathleen Rice: Safe and secure America begins with a safe and secure Israel.
    Mimi Walters: Thwart Iran's support of terrorism, and nuclear enrichment.
    Ted Lieu: Diplomacy with Iran ok, but it must never be based on trust.
    Buddy Carter: Keep Israel safe from violent rogue nations.
    John Ratcliffe: No nuclear "treaty" with Iran.
    Jody Hice: Don't appease Iran's development of nuclear capability.
    Steve Lonegan: Oppose sending American troops to Syria.
Welfare & Poverty
    Bruce Poliquin: War on Poverty has failed after spending $16 trillion.
    Don Beyer: Expand the EITC, a successful anti-poverty program.
    Alma Adams: Don't cut food stamps: a hand up, not a hand out.
    Debbie Dingell: Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit.
    Curt Clawson: New record of 47M on food stamps: a failed policy.
    Glenn Grothman: Concerned about massive trend towards government dependency.

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