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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
by Cory Booker (2016)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Books by and about the 2016 presidential election
What Happened ,
by Hillary Clinton (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Hard Choices,
by Hillary Clinton (2014)
Becoming ,
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Patrick Wiesner: A woman bears the burdens; so trust her judgment.
    Jim Barksdale: Comprehensive reproductive health care services for women.
    Mike Workman: Support a woman's right to choose.
    Misty Snow: Only a woman and her doctors have a say on pregnancy.
    Patty Judge: Strong advocate for protecting access to women's health care.
    Thomas Dixon: Women choose what is best for their bodies.
    August Wolf: Pro-choice but no federal funding for abortion.
    Jay Williams: Passing laws that restrict abortions won't stop abortions.
    Jim Rubens: Oppose partial birth abortion; support parental notification.
    John Fetterman: Unabashedly pro-choice;protect constitutional abortion right.
    Greg Brannon: Protect life from moment of conception to natural passing.
    Jon Keyser: Life is sacred; a pro-life Coloradan.
    Ryan Frazier: Pro-life & pro-conservative values.
    Andrea Zopp: Keep Title X funds for reproductive health services.
    Curtis Coleman: Champion of the rights of the unborn.
    Chris Vance: No federal funding of abortions, but state funding ok.
    Mark Callahan: You are either Pro-Life or you are not.
    Tim Neville: All human life is precious and must be protected.
    Joe Miller: Planned Parenthood: end trade in murdered baby parts.
    Ron Crumpton: Best to end abortion, but not by making it a crime.
    Kelli Ward: Pro-life; pro-family; and pro-freedom.
    Derrick Grayson: No tax dollars for abortions.
    Everett Stern: Support Hobby Lobby and right to stand by religious creed.
    Jason Kander: Don't interfere with women's personal healthcare decisions.
    Pam Keith: Defend women's right to choose what to do with her own body.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Unwavering supporter of a woman's right to choose.
Budget & Economy
    Jerry Sturgill: Profitability driven by productivity, not pinching pennies.
    Jim Barksdale: Audit the federal government to weed out double-spending.
    John Neely Kennedy: Balanced budget amendment to restore fiscal responsibility.
    John Carroll: Remove laws that tax island imports & reduce cost of living.
    Dan Carter: Too much of our economy is controlled by federal government.
    Jim Gray: Think globally when talking about job creation.
    David Jolly: Balance the budget: morally bound and for national security.
    Cean Stevens: Vote against any future spending above sustainable levels.
    Patrick Wiesner: Paying off the national debt is the duty of baby boomers.
    Margaret Flowers: Federal Reserve is over-leveraged, like in 2008 crash.
    Ryan Frazier: Pro-job growth, pro-balanced budget, & pro-worker.
    Andrea Zopp: Strides since recession, but need more focus on unemployment.
    Curtis Coleman: Work tirelessly to reduce our deficit & pay back $18T debt.
    Chris Vance: Reduce debt to less than 40% of GDP by 2040.
    Mark Callahan: Balanced Budget Amendment to the US Constitution.
    Tim Neville: Stop robbing from future generations.
    Tom Fiegen: Why did nobody from Wall Street went to jail?
    Eric Holcomb: Tax-and-borrower math will bust us, not lead to prosperity.
    Chris Rey: As mayor, revitalized downtown & turned around economy.
    Everett Stern: Pro-growth: make small business loan more readily available.
    Brian Bosma: 2004: passed the first state balanced budget in a decade.
    Catherine Cortez Masto: Prosecute fraudulent foreclosure rescue & loan modifications.
    Darryl Glenn: Reign in federal spending with balanced budget.
    Kamala Harris: $20B for struggling homeowners during mortgage crisis.
    Pam Keith: Disparity between wealthy and middle class is unprecedented.
    David Jolly: We've doubled our national debt in the last 8 years.
Civil Rights
    Thomas Dixon: Endorsed by S.C. Equality Coalition for LGBT rights.
    Deborah Ross: Introduced gender pay equity bill in state legislature.
    Eliot Glassheim: Empower women with equal pay for equal work.
    Jim Barksdale: Eradicate anti-LGBTQ discrimination codified in legal code.
    Katie McGinty: It is past time to close the pay gap.
    Patrick Wiesner: Marriage for two same-sex persons making a life commitment.
    Foster Campbell: Equal Pay for work by women and their male counterparts.
    Jim Barksdale: The gender wage gap is a real economic crisis.
    Jim Gray: Pay equity for women; and raise the minimum wage.
    Mike Workman: Equal treatment regardless of sexual orientation.
    Misty Snow: Protect rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* people.
    Misty Snow: Ratify treaty on Elimination of Discrimination Against Women.
    Patty Judge: Strong advocate for LGBTQ rights.
    Patty Judge: Take action to end gender discrimination in pay.
    Foster Campbell: Endorsed by BOLD: New Orleans African-American leaders.
    August Wolf: Signed Supreme Court amicus brief favoring same-sex marriage.
    Jay Williams: Far too often, Native Americans are forgotten & ignored.
    John Fetterman: Women only makes 78 cents for every dollar a man makes.
    Conner Eldridge: Reauthorize Violence Against Women Act.
    Greg Brannon: Marriage is between one man and one woman.
    Andrea Zopp: Equal Pay for Equal Work: women get only 78 cents per $1.
    Curtis Coleman: Protect right to free practice of our faith.
    Chris Vance: Respect same-sex marriage law, but also protect churches.
    Mark Callahan: Marriage is between one man and one woman.
    Tim Neville: Marriage is between one man and one woman only.
    Catherine Cortez Masto: Pass real equal-pay-for-equal-work legislation.
    Catherine Cortez Masto: Marriage equality is a landmark, but more work to do.
    John Fetterman: Officiated at one of the first same-sex marriages in PA.
    Ron Crumpton: Apply 1960s civil rights laws to LGBT community.
    Ron Crumpton: Women make $0.78 vs. men; minorities make $0.75 vs. whites.
    Joe Miller: Supreme Court voided the majority on same-sex marriage.
    Jason Kander: Raised $100,000 via nonprofit initiative #FergusonRebuild.
    Jason Kander: Strengthen anti-human trafficking laws.
    Kamala Harris: Fight for equal rights for all.
    Kamala Harris: Ensure marriage equality for all Californians.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: We should see our diversity as an asset.
    Pam Keith: No good argument for denying gay and lesbian marriage.
    Pam Keith: Freedom to choose whom to love and to marry.
    Foster Campbell: "Exit tax" to stop Wall Street from shifting overseas.
    John Carroll: Grow economy by reducing taxes and over-regulation.
    Jerry Sturgill: Financial adviser, and turnaround CEO.
    Jim Rubens: Reduce corporate tax rates & repatriate overseas profits.
    Patrick Wiesner: CPA who owns a tax, bankruptcy, and business law practice.
    Jon Keyser: Give job creators every opportunity to succeed.
    Margaret Flowers: Wealth divide makes capitalism dangerous to the 99%.
    Margaret Flowers: Break up big banks & criminally prosecute their CEOs.
    Peg Littleton: Allow small businesses to keep more of what they earn.
    Jonathan Swinton: Make loans as easy for small business as for large ones.
    Tom Fiegen: Banks that are too big to fail are too big to exist.
    Tom Fiegen: Disallow corporate tax havens; tax income when earned.
    Ron Crumpton: Offshore profit shifting needs to end.
    Derrick Grayson: Less welfare, more start-up funding.
    Everett Stern: Reverse the trend of increasing small business tax burdens.
    Jason Kander: Make it easy to start and maintain a business.
    Jim Barksdale: Better training for police, to avoid confrontations.
    Foster Campbell: Utility subsidies for victims fleeing domestic violence.
    Margaret Flowers: Racial justice: end disparities in incarceration.
    Misty Snow: Why so many people in prison? Why so many minorities?
    Misty Snow: End private prisons; end profit in incarceration.
    Thomas Dixon: Ban the box: let ex-cons get jobs.
    Dan Carter: Empower both law enforcement and communities together.
    Ron Crumpton: Treating illnesses is more productive than incarceration.
    Jay Williams: Our criminal justice system is broken.
    Ryan Frazier: Criminal justice reform needed against $30,000 per inmate.
    Andrea Zopp: Smarter Sentencing Act: end mandatory minimums.
    Everett Stern: Blue Lives Matter: Police officers aren't 2nd class citizens.
    Pam Keith: Body cameras for police officers, to protect public trust.
    Chris Rey: Started workforce development program for released prisoners.
    John Fetterman: Break the cycle of violence to decreases murders.
    Rocky Chavez: Endorsed by Sheriffs for strong support for public safety.
    Jason Kander: Go after fraudsters big & small: scam artists & corporations.
    Foster Campbell: Crack down on illegal prescriptions; enforce from all sides.
    Wendy Long: Illegal drugs are destroying our people.
    Misty Snow: Get feds out of the way of states on marijuana policy.
    Jim Rubens: War on drugs is a flagrant $1 trillion policy failure.
    Jim Rubens: Legalize marijuana; drug-assisted treatment for opioids.
    Robert Marquette: War on drugs failed just like war on alcohol did.
    Jay Williams: Yes, I did use illegal drugs, like other angry young men.
    Andrea Zopp: End anger-based sentencing with drug courts.
    Chris Vance: Respect state-based recreational use of marijuana.
    Ron Crumpton: Sensible approach to marijuana policy instead of prohibition.
    Catherine Cortez Masto: Combat the use and distribution of methamphetamines.
    Derrick Grayson: Decriminalize marijuana; treat addiction instead of prison.
    Kamala Harris: Focus on combating transnational gangs.
    Foster Campbell: More flexible college loan rules & federal loan forgiveness.
    Dan Carter: Bottom-up decisions on schools, not top-down politicians.
    Jerry Sturgill: Investments in education are investments in our future.
    Kamala Harris: Ensure access to a high quality public education.
    Foster Campbell: Directed $1B from tobacco settlement to public schools.
    John Carroll: Maintain high standards for public education.
    Jim Barksdale: Invest in education without "Opportunity School Districts".
    Jim Gray: Investment in education and our teachers is essential.
    Mike Workman: Support all public education; fight all vouchers.
    Patty Judge: Increased access to Pell Grants & student loan refinancing.
    Scott Milne: Rethink how government funds education.
    Thomas Dixon: Entitlement to quality education, including college.
    Patty Judge: Commitment to a quality public education.
    Darryl Glenn: Take back our education system from federal bureaucrats.
    August Wolf: Support home-school, charter schools, & parochial schools.
    Jim Rubens: Unconstitutional for federal government to control K-12.
    Jay Williams: Every South Dakotan deserves an excellent education.
    Cean Stevens: Let all students consider all options.
    Jay Williams Iowa: My youngest son and I got our GED's on the same day.
    Greg Brannon: Federal involvement in education is unconstitutional.
    Jon Keyser: Provide parents with more choices.
    Margaret Flowers: No tuition from pre-school through graduate school.
    Peg Littleton: Led the effort against Common Core & for charter schools.
    Ryan Frazier: Improve education with local control.
    Ryan Frazier: Fix the student loan crisis for our college graduates.
    Andrea Zopp: Support and promote common core standards.
    Chris Vance: Congress should not be he Great School Board on the Potomac.
    Duf Sundheim: Parents should have the freedom to choose the best school.
    Jonathan Swinton: Reduce size of federal Dept. of Ed.; shift to local schools.
    Mark Callahan: Common Core is dumbing down the next generation.
    Tim Neville: Choices for parents, from vouchers to charter schools.
    Tom Fiegen: We are forcing a lifetime of slavery to student loans.
    Chris Rey: Read with the Mayor: volunteer program at grade schools.
    John Fetterman: Started a GED program in Braddock before running for mayor.
    John Bel Edwards: Replace Common Core with more K-12 school funding.
    Kelli Ward: Money for classrooms, not for bureaucrats.
    Ron Crumpton: Our classrooms should be cathedrals: $650B to repair them.
    Brian Bosma: Named Legislator of the Year by Public Charter School Assoc.
    Darryl Glenn: Take back education federal bureaucrats.
    Derrick Grayson: Begin eliminating the Department of Education.
    Everett Stern: Against Common Core; for school choice.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Build stronger, better schools for our next generation.
Energy & Oil
    Jim Gray: Let's stop mining? No, invest in coal's future.
    Jim Gray: Fund clean coal via Carbon Capture and Storage.
    Catherine Cortez Masto: Yucca Mountain is dead; fight so it continues to be.
    Jerry Sturgill: Energy law practice: finance & privatize electric utilities.
    Jim Barksdale: Irresponsible to refute evidence of man-made climate change.
    Mike Workman: Support alternative energy to fight climate change.
    Misty Snow: Directly tax coal, to fund solar and wind.
    Patty Judge: Move away from fossil fuels & toward a clean energy economy.
    Thomas Dixon: Climate change is real and we must prepare for its effects.
    Darryl Glenn: Welcoming energy policies; march toward energy independence.
    Jason Kander: Climate change is a real consequence of human activity.
    Pam Keith: We are close to "holy grail" of clean solar energy.
    Pam Keith: Act to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions now.
    August Wolf: Support domestic exploration for clean coal, oil, and gas.
    Jay Williams: This planet is our only home; curb carbon emissions.
    Marvin Pro-Life Richardson: Splitting atoms murders atoms; no nuclear power.
    Cean Stevens: Intelligent development of oil & gas for energy security.
    Patrick Wiesner: End tax credits for wind energy & biofuel--they're gimmicks.
    Greg Brannon: Stop policies that favor some forms of energy over others.
    Jon Keyser: Energy security=national security; all-of-the-above policy.
    Margaret Flowers: Transition to a carbon-free, nuclear-free energy economy.
    Peg Littleton: Supports all-of-the above energy policy.
    Ryan Frazier: Embrace American energy independence.
    Chris Vance: Cap-and-trade is not the answer; technology is.
    Mark Callahan: Energy independence: based on the free market.
    Rob Hogg: Expand solar power, wind energy, ethanol.
    Tim Neville: EPA's war on oil, gas and coal kills jobs.
    Tom Fiegen: Transform away from fossil fuels, and towards sustainability.
    John Fetterman: Encourage clean energy policies.
    Eric Holcomb: Coal reduces our dependency on foreign sources of energy.
    Darryl Glenn: Enhance our march toward energy independence.
    Everett Stern: Responsible energy exploration, with hydraulic fracturing.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Invest in a clean energy future.
    Foster Campbell: Nationwide buy-in for coastal restoration and protection.
    Conner Eldridge: Repeal overly-burdensome regulations that hurt farmers.
    Patrick Wiesner: Why do we waste effort on lesser prairie chicken regulation?
    Thomas Dixon: Make sure our planet is habitable for future generations.
    John Carroll: Support local agriculture and cultural uniqueness.
    Margaret Flowers: Environmental justice: Corporations responsible for damage.
    Misty Snow: Keep public lands open: federal control instead of state.
    Patty Judge: Address serious water quality problem in Iowa & nationally.
    Scott Milne: Lake Champlain is a natural treasure we must preserve.
    Jason Kander: Protect our state's air & water for future generations.
    Cean Stevens: Feds have violated Alaskan jurisdiction over fish and game.
    Greg Brannon: Ensure clean environment by protecting property rights.
    Jon Keyser: Advocate for clean air, clean water, and open space.
    Peg Littleton: Won county funds for bicycle paths and open spaces.
    Curtis Coleman: EPA poses a serious threat to property rights.
    Duf Sundheim: Ensure enough water via recycling, storage & desalinization.
    Tim Neville: Scale back economy-crushing EPA regulations.
    Tom Fiegen: Democratize and decentralize our food production.
    Kamala Harris: Fight to protect our coast.
Families & Children
    Patrick Wiesner: Ancestors immigrated to Kansas; kids raised in Kansas.
    Jay Williams: Raise kids with values of hard work & education.
    John Fetterman: Involved with Big Brothers and AmeriCorps since age 23.
    John Bel Edwards: Catholic upbringing shapes commitments to community & family.
    Catherine Cortez Masto: Established crime of sex trafficking of children and adults.
    Kamala Harris: Served as attorney in Division on Children and Families.
    Rocky Chavez: Married for 25 years; 3 kids; 5 grandkids.
Foreign Policy
    John Neely Kennedy: Radical Islamic fundamentalists despise our core values.
    Dan Carter: Policy of stupefied bystander erodes America's stature.
    Jim Barksdale: Use all the tools of diplomacy in the pursuit of peace.
    Jim Gray: Stand with our allies to protect our global interests.
    Thomas Dixon: Lead by example and be a good actor.
    Jay Williams: Negotiate with Iran over nuclear weapons.
    John Fetterman: Proactively engage in preventative diplomacy.
    Greg Brannon: Don't fund or join unaccountable IMF, WTO, and UN.
    Peg Littleton: Unwavering defender of the nation of Israel.
    Chris Vance: Stand with our allies against China and Russia.
    Derrick Grayson: 900 military bases in 150 countries is an empire.
    Mark Callahan: Strong support of our military and of Israel.
    Tom Del Beccaro: America under Obama is not what it once was.
    David Jolly: Help create stability in regions where there is none.
Free Trade
    Wendy Long: Vote against multilateral trade agreements and treaties.
    Dan Carter: Oppose TTP as neither free trade nor fair trade.
    Jerry Sturgill: His company recognized as "Cross-Border Deal of the Year".
    Jim Barksdale: Rewrite trade deals to give US workers a level playing field.
    Mike Workman: Better worker protections in trade agreements.
    Thomas Dixon: Look at how trade impacts our own workforce.
    Jason Kander: Let farmers sell to Cuba: a billion dollar industry.
    Conner Eldridge: Opposes Trans Pacific Partnership; supports fair trade.
    John Fetterman: Fight to reverse bad trade policies like NAFTA.
    Margaret Flowers: Movement against corporate rigged trade agreements like TPP.
    Kevin Stine: Free trade is not free: enormous cost to the middle class.
    Andrea Zopp: Ex-Im Bank protects US manufacturers and promotes fair trade.
    Chris Vance: Free trade is good for America and good for the world.
    Tom Fiegen: I am concerned about lopsided trade agreements.
    Catherine Cortez Masto: Fight against reckless trade deals.
    Ron Crumpton: We've lost more than 2.4 million jobs due to outsourcing.
    Derrick Grayson: Incentives for hiring in US; end tax breaks for off-shoring.
Government Reform
    Wendy Long: Self-term limit to two terms; never lobby Congress.
    Dan Carter: Democrats do nothing but raise campaign cash for re-election.
    Jim Barksdale: Repeal Citizens United and ban Super PACs.
    Jim Gray: Campaign finance system is broken; root it out.
    Misty Snow: There is too much money in politics: it's legalized bribery.
    Patty Judge: Address unlimited amounts of undisclosed campaign money.
    Thomas Dixon: Voting rights need to be protected from attack.
    Conner Eldridge: Rid the political system of secret, dark money.
    Jay Williams: GOP's 2013 government shutdown caused S.D. suffering.
    Jay Williams: Campaign spending is out of control.
    Jim Rubens: Congress is addicted to spending to pay for pork.
    Robert Marquette: Give SCOTUS nominees an up-or-down vote.
    Cean Stevens: Individual rights over state's rights.
    Jay Williams Iowa: Campaigning without financing, to fight toxic system.
    Jay Williams Iowa: Fight nominating process of secretly pre-selected candidates.
    Patrick Wiesner: No lobbyist-drafted bills; Senators must read all bills.
    Greg Brannon: Free-market alternatives to federal programs that don't work.
    Kevin Stine: Stand strong against corporate interests that ruin politics.
    Curtis Coleman: 12-year term limits: citizen legislators and judges.
    Duf Sundheim: Government of the people, by the people for the people.
    Jonathan Swinton: Limit congressional terms & campaign donations.
    Mark Callahan: Limit terms in Congress & the U.S. Senate.
    Tom Fiegen: Whoever underwrites your campaign, owns you.
    Catherine Cortez Masto: Citizens United has been a disaster for our democracy.
    Brian Bosma: First to broadcast House proceedings via the web in 2005.
    Jason Kander: Clean up worst-in-the-nation campaign finance & ethics laws.
    Foster Campbell: Ban gifts to legislators; increase access to public records.
Gun Control
    Darryl Glenn: Second Amendment is unambiguous, despite acts of violence.
    Antonin Scalia: Gun rights can be restricted for felons & sensitive places.
    Misty Snow: More background checks; no guns to violent criminals.
    Patrick Wiesner: Gun rights are limited: no concealed carry on college campus.
    Thomas Dixon: Close the gun show loophole and the Charleston Loophole.
    Jim Barksdale: Stop suspected terrorists from being able to buy guns.
    August Wolf: Never disarm law abiding Americans.
    Conner Eldridge: Enforce the gun laws already on the books.
    Jay Williams: Common sense measures like background checks.
    Greg Brannon: Stop unconstitutional restrictions on rights to arms.
    Jon Keyser: Firm supporter of the Second Amendment.
    Peg Littleton: Advocate for responsible gun ownership.
    Ryan Frazier: Pro-second amendment.
    Andrea Zopp: Address gun law loopholes: background checks & more.
    Curtis Coleman: Champion of our 2nd Amendment rights.
    Mark Callahan: The 2nd Amendment was meant to protect the 1st Amendment.
    Tim Neville: The Second Amendment is a bulwark against tyranny.
    Ron Crumpton: Strict interpretation of the Second Amendment.
    Derrick Grayson: 2nd Amendment protects against tyranny & oppression.
    Everett Stern: Absolute supporter of the Second Amendment.
Health Care
    Dan Carter: Government-run ObamaCare screams out to repeal & replace.
    Jim Barksdale: ObamaCare isn't perfect, but it's a good step.
    Jim Gray: Ensure solvency of the Medicare Trust Fund.
    Mike Workman: Supports ObamaCare & suffered from pre-existing condition.
    Misty Snow: Healthcare is a human right; insure the 33M uninsured.
    Misty Snow: ObamaCare is a good start, but goal is single payer.
    Scott Milne: Promises of cost savings are likely a pipe dream.
    Thomas Dixon: ObamaCare needs to be protected and expanded.
    Foster Campbell: ObamaCare's pre-existing rule is good; but fix other things.
    Ron Crumpton: ObamaCare is a success, but it is just the first step.
    Darryl Glenn: Repeal & Replace ObamaCare, and Restore out freedoms.
    Darryl Glenn: Tort reform; catastrophic coverage; wellness programs.
    August Wolf: Repeal ObamaCare: all of it; immediately.
    Jay Williams: Health care is a basic human right.
    Greg Brannon: Affordable Care Act is neither "affordable" nor "care".
    Margaret Flowers: Full-time advocate for single payer health care system.
    Peg Littleton: ObamaCare makes healthcare less accessible & more expensive.
    Kevin Stine: Keep the guarantee of Medicare: not on basis of income level.
    Andrea Zopp: Next step in ObamaCare: expand Medicaid in all 50 states.
    Curtis Coleman: I will never vote to fund ObamaCare.
    Chris Vance: Repeal employer mandate, but create public option.
    Derrick Grayson: Repeal ObamaCare and replace it with nothing.
    Mark Callahan: Full repeal of ObamaCare / WydenCare.
    Tom Fiegen: Stop the scam of paying generic drug makers to NOT sell.
    Catherine Cortez Masto: Don't turn Medicare into a voucher program.
    Kelli Ward: Government bureaucrats are NOT doctors.
    Darryl Glenn: Repeal ObamaCare & make officials live by their policies.
    Everett Stern: Fight to repeal Obamacare & its unconstitutional mandates.
    Everett Stern: Overhaul mental health; don't treat them like criminals.
    Jason Kander: Expand health care coverage for all, especially children.
Homeland Security
    Foster Campbell: Support military investments & long-term, steady budgeting.
    Conner Eldridge: Ensure stable military and VA funding.
    Jerry Sturgill: Maintain force structure needed for security of our nation.
    John Neely Kennedy: Increase size of the military; increase spending for defense.
    Kamala Harris: Champion a robust VA for our Veterans.
    Katie McGinty: Guarantee world's best-equipped & best-trained military.
    Wendy Long: Rebuild our military into an overwhelming American force.
    Dan Carter: Restore troops to being nimble, smart and relentless.
    Jim Barksdale: Protect our military installations from BRAC closures.
    Jim Gray: Support the military, intelligence community, & diplomacy.
    Patty Judge: Military is last resort, when diplomacy is exhausted.
    Kathy Szeliga: The V.A. fails our veterans with mountains of red-tape.
    Darryl Glenn: Defense budget that provides needed tools and training.
    August Wolf: VA administration has been sorely mismanaged.
    Jay Williams: Don't use fear of ISIS to justify government overreach.
    Patrick Wiesner: Served 21 years in military; 3 years in Iraq & Afghanistan.
    Jay Williams: Served in the US Navy and then the Peace Corps.
    Cean Stevens: Protect Alaskans from surveillance by NSA spies & drones.
    Cean Stevens: Fight for veterans benefits.
    Greg Brannon: We can only achieve peace through strength.
    Greg Brannon: Executive kill lists & warrantless wiretaps are un-American.
    Jon Keyser: Deep understanding of the dynamic threats we face.
    Peg Littleton: Protect Colorado from base closures and other downsizing.
    Peg Littleton: Unwavering support for veterans who fought for our freedom.
    Peg Littleton: Oppose moving detainees from Guantanamo to Colorado.
    Ryan Frazier: Strengthen our military against threat of militant extremism.
    Curtis Coleman: Oppose unconstitutional activities by the NSA.
    Chris Vance: Maintain our nuclear deterrent and conventional forces.
    Derrick Grayson: Stop borrowing money to fight unjust, undeclared wars.
    Derrick Grayson: Give veterans priority for treatment and services.
    Duf Sundheim: Peace through leadership, and a strong military.
    Mark Callahan: Strongly support veterans & active duty military personnel.
    Tim Neville: Peace through strength: aid our friends & weaken our enemies.
    Tim Neville: No warrantless search or seizure.
    Tom Fiegen: Take care of veterans and their families.
    Chris Rey: Organized bipartisan "Save the 440th Airlift Wing" coalition.
    Ron Crumpton: Require all military contracts to use American companies.
    Darryl Glenn: Strengthen our national defense budget.
    Derrick Grayson: 900 military bases in 150 countries is an empire.
    Derrick Grayson: Make VA services easier for veterans.
    Everett Stern: 2012 HSBC: Uncovered billions in terrorist money laundering.
    Everett Stern: Take care of our troops--here and abroad.
    Jason Kander: Served as military intelligence officer in Afghanistan.
    Rocky Chavez: Strengthen national security; increase veterans' benefits.
    Ray Metcalfe: F-35 fighter: the defense project too big to kill.
    Conner Eldridge: Pathway to legal status but no amnesty.
    Joe Miller: End Barack Obama's illegal amnesty.
    Patrick Wiesner: Hispanics are hard workers--but no amnesty.
    Wendy Long: Support physical walls, virtual walls, and official English.
    Jim Barksdale: Pass comprehensive reform & bring 11M out of shadows.
    Misty Snow: Treat undocumented people as human beings.
    Ron Crumpton: In reality, immigrants are good for America.
    Darryl Glenn: End federal funding for sanctuary cities; no amnesty.
    August Wolf: Build a wall & aggressively enforce immigration laws.
    Jay Williams: Welcome Syrian refugees fleeing religious intolerance.
    Jay Williams: Get ten million undocumented immigrants out of the shadows.
    Jim Rubens: No amnesty; no birthright citizenship; no sanctuary cities.
    John Fetterman: Wife's family came to Americas as illegal immigrants.
    John Fetterman: If illegals lead an exemplary life, create a path.
    Greg Brannon: Secure our borders; a clear threat to our nation's security.
    Jon Keyser: First step needs to be securing our border.
    Peg Littleton: Welcome those who provide a net gain to society.
    Tom Del Beccaro: Immigration is a national security issue; ports are a danger.
    Curtis Coleman: 100% opposed to amnesty in any form or by any mechanism.
    Chris Vance: A path to legality for those already here.
    Mark Callahan: No driver's licenses for illegal immigrants.
    Tim Neville: No discussion of reform until border is completely secured.
    Catherine Cortez Masto: Comprehensive reform with earned path to citizenship.
    Kelli Ward: Secure the border first; then no amnesty after that.
    Darryl Glenn: Push immigration reform without abusing separation of powers.
    Derrick Grayson: Secure the border; no amnesty; no subsidies.
    Everett Stern: Pennsylvania is seriously harmed by illegal immigration.
    Pam Keith: Come to terms with 11M illegals as part of our society.
    Jerry Sturgill: Wage inequality is unforgivable.
    Thomas Dixon: Raise minimum wage to $15 per hour.
    Mike Workman: Raise minimum wage to $10.10 now & $15 later.
    Patty Judge: Take action to increase the minimum wage.
    Scott Milne: Focus on creating new jobs by changing Vermont's reputation.
    Jay Williams: Time for the entire nation to get a raise.
    Jim Rubens: Enforce that all employers use E-Verify system.
    John Fetterman: Support raising the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour.
    Ron Crumpton: Raise the minimum wage to a living wage & save $7.6B.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Raise minimum wage and close unfair loopholes.
    Pam Keith: Raise the minimum wage, but also address income stagnation.
Principles & Values
    Jerry Sturgill: LDS missionary in French Canada; then NYC financial lawyer.
    Jim Barksdale: Against Georgia adopting "religious liberty" legislation.
    Kelli Ward: Pro-life; pro-family; pro-freedom.
    Robert Marquette: Only Libertarians can repair damage to the Supreme Court.
    Marvin Pro-Life Richardson: Better if Ten Commandments were in our Constitution.
    Marvin Pro-Life Richardson: Member of IAP party, but follows Constitution Party platform.
    Jay Williams Iowa: Truth, Life and Love--my values & American values.
    Jay Williams Iowa: Ordained ULC minister and United Methodist Lay Servant.
    Ryan Frazier: Raised with conservative values, and a faith in God.
    Mark Callahan: Religious freedom is under attack by political correctness.
    Tim Neville: There is a war on religious liberty & Christian schools.
    Tim Neville: Read bills and decide if it passes "First do no harm".
    August Wolf: Represented America at 1984 Olympics.
    John Bel Edwards: Four generations of sheriffs in family lineage.
    Bob Beers: Served in Nevada Assembly & Senate, & Las Vegas City Council.
    Rocky Chavez: Picked grapes & almonds before joining Marines.
    Rocky Chavez: Served on city council; state assembly; and state cabinet.
    Ray Metcalfe: Don't use religion to justify discrimination.
Social Security
    Conner Eldridge: Protect seniors from privatization and Wall Street gambling.
    Kamala Harris: Oppose entitlement cuts; strengthen these safety nets.
    Patrick Wiesner: Raise $180B for Trust Fund by mandated bond interest rates.
    Jim Barksdale: No privatized "everyone on their own" scheme.
    Jim Gray: Fight any measure to cut or privatize Social Security.
    Misty Snow: Remove cap on Social Security withholdings.
    Patty Judge: Vital to protect program; increase cap but don't privatize.
    Jay Williams: Eliminate taxable maximum of $118,500.
    Greg Brannon: Private, free-market alternatives for future generations.
    Kevin Stine: Raise caps to keep Social Security viable now & in future.
    Carlos Lopez-Cantera: Preserve and protect Social Security and Medicare.
    Chris Vance: Raise taxable wage limit to $190,000 by 2020.
    Chris Vance: No privatizing and no voucher program.
    Jonathan Swinton: Reduce Social Security taxes on entrepreneurs.
    Tom Fiegen: Expand it rather than cut it.
    Catherine Cortez Masto: Privatizing subjects Nevada seniors to whims of stock market.
    Ron Crumpton: Eliminate the cap on the social security tax.
    Catherine Cortez Masto: Created a senior protection unit as Attorney General.
    Ray Metcalfe: Eliminate the cap to pay for expanding program.
Tax Reform
    Conner Eldridge: Lower taxes for families and small businesses.
    Kamala Harris: Expand EITC, Child Tax Credit, and R&D Tax Credit.
    Mark Callahan: Implement a Flat Tax to replace 74,000-page tax system.
    John Carroll: The current Federal tax code is out of control.
    Dan Carter: Common sense tax policies to unleash power of entrepreneurs.
    Scott Milne: Cap the state-wide property tax in first two weeks.
    Darryl Glenn: Simplicity & neutrality: lower capital gains & dividends tax.
    Greg Brannon: Make taxes simpler & lower; eliminate the IRS.
    Jon Keyser: Reform our tax code so it is simple and fair.
    Curtis Coleman: Simple Flat Tax plan: 10% for all personal income tax.
    Chris Vance: Lower tax rates across the board including corporations.
    Duf Sundheim: Ease the squeeze on hard-working Americans.
    Tim Neville: Hard work should be rewarded, not taxed and regulated.
    Tom Del Beccaro: Tax system is divisive because only half pay income tax.
    Tom Del Beccaro: A flat tax for the Nation and California.
    Tom Fiegen: Since 1980s, we've transferred wealth to the very rich.
    Catherine Cortez Masto: Lower tax burden & higher wages for the middle class.
    Eric Holcomb: Stop funneling Hoosier tax money through federal czars.
    August Wolf: Tax reform to allow private industry to create jobs.
    Kelli Ward: Lower taxes are key to economic growth and job creation.
    Bob Beers: Fight against tax-and-spend hikes; reduce tax revenue.
    Darryl Glenn: Reduce regulations, plus pro-business tax reform.
    Derrick Grayson: Fight for the FairTax; fight against the Fed.
    Jason Kander: Balance the budget each year without raising taxes.
    Pam Keith: Cutting income taxes doesn't help middle class.
    Foster Campbell: Eliminate the personal and corporate income taxes.
    Deborah Ross: Grow economy by rebuilding key infrastructure & mass transit.
    Misty Snow: Tax gasoline to support public transportation.
    Jay Williams: Degree in Computer Science; founded high-tech company.
    Chris Vance: National Infrastructure Bank to build roads and bridges.
    Rob Hogg: Invest in flood protection & soil conservation.
    Tom Del Beccaro: Instead of high-speed rail, foster water technology.
War & Peace
    Catherine Cortez Masto: Declare war on ISIS; arm and train the Iraqi Kurds.
    Conner Eldridge: Provide resources to keep military strongest in the world.
    Darryl Glenn: Iran nuclear deal has made America less safe.
    Dan Carter: ISIS threat is very real both at home and abroad.
    Jim Barksdale: No wars of choice without clear purpose & exit strategy.
    Jim Gray: We must destroy ISIS where they are.
    Kathy Szeliga: Iran backroom nuclear deal just kicks the can down the road.
    Robert Marquette: We have spent $6T on unlawful & immoral wars in Middle East.
    Peg Littleton: Oppose irresponsible and dangerous nuclear deal with Iran.
    Andrea Zopp: Support Iran nuclear deal.
    Chris Vance: Iran and North Korea must not be allowed to develop nukes.
    Derrick Grayson: Non-intervention: Bring our troops home immediately.
    Mark Callahan: Iran nuclear deal endangers U.S. and our allies.
    Tim Neville: Iranian nuke deal betrays our strong ally Israel.
    Tom Del Beccaro: Terrorist regimes make jihad against America no matter what.
    Rocky Chavez: ISIS is growing bolder every day.
    Ray Metcalfe: Bush's Iraq invasion was catalyst that made ISIS possible.
Welfare & Poverty
    Jay Williams: Address the growing problem of income inequality.
    Patrick Wiesner: Change housing policy to avoid taking on more debt.
    Greg Brannon: Government regulations & incentives ultimately hurt the poor.
    Margaret Flowers: Guaranteed basic income of $1,000 per month per person.
    Tom Fiegen: Address childhood hunger & childhood poverty.
    Ron Crumpton: Increase SNAP & unemployment benefits by 25%.
    Ron Crumpton: Stop fighting war on people in poverty: Fight poverty!
    Pam Keith: Pay private businesses to train welfare recipients.

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