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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
Fire and Fury,
by Michael Wolff (2018)
Trump Revealed,
by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher (2016)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2016)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
by Cory Booker (2016)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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2024 Governor's State of the State speeches

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    from 2024 Governor's State of the State speeches (number of quotes indicated):
  • Andy Beshear (6) Kentucky Democratic Gubernatorial Challenger
  • Bill Lee (3) Tennessee Republican Governor of Tennessee
  • Brad Little (6) Idaho Republican
  • Brian Kemp (3) Georgia Republican candidate for Governor
  • Dan McKee (4) Rhode Island Democratic candidate for governor
  • Eric Holcomb (5) Indiana Republican candidate for Governor
  • Glenn Youngkin (3) Virginia Republican challenger for Governor
  • Gretchen Whitmer (3) Michigan Democratic Governor
  • Henry McMaster (3) South Carolina Republican
  • Janet Mills (3) Maine Democratic Maine Governor
  • Jared Polis (9) Colorado Democratic candidate for Colorado Governor
  • Jim Justice (4) West Virginia Democratic governor
  • Jim Pillen (4) Nebraska Republican Gubernatorial Challenger
  • Josh Green (5) Hawaii Democratic challenger for Governor
  • Josh Shapiro (10) Pennsylvania Democratic Gubernatorial Challenger
  • Kathy Hochul (6) New York Democratic Lt. Governor
  • Katie Hobbs (9) Arizona Democratic Challenger
  • Kay Ivey (3) Alabama Republican Alabama Governor
  • Kevin Stitt (4) Oklahoma Republican Governor of Oklahoma
  • Kim Reynolds (8) Iowa Republican
  • Kristi Noem (8) South Dakota Republican
  • Laura Kelly (7) Kansas Democratic candidate for governor of Kansas
  • Maura Healey (8) Massachusetts Democratic candidate for Governor
  • Michelle Lujan-Grisham (3) New Mexico Democrat
  • Mike Dunleavey (3)
  • Phil Murphy (9) New Jersey Democratic 2021 Gubernatorial contender
  • Phil Scott (10) Vermont Republican challenger for Governor
  • Ron DeSantis (4) Florida Republican presidential contender; FL governor
  • Spencer Cox (3) Utah Republican Gubernatorial Challenger
  • Tate Reeves (2) Mississippi Republican candidate for governor
  • Tony Evers (4) Wisconsin Democratic Governor of Wisconsin
  • Wes Moore (4) Maryland Democratic Gubernatorial Challenger
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  • IL: "State of the State and Budget Address," by Governor JB Pritzker, ​February​ 21, 2024, (Link)
  • NH: "Governor Chris Sununu's 2024 State of the State Address," by Governor Chris Sununu, ​February​ 13, 2024, (Link)
  • WY: "State of the State Address," by Governor Mark Gordon's, ​February​ 12, 2024, (Link)
  • CT: "2024 State of the State Address," by Governor Ned Lamont, ​February​ 7, 2024, (Link)
  • MD: "2024 State of the State," by Wes Moore, ​February​ 7, 2024, (Link)
  • AL: "State of the State," by Kay Ivey, February 6, 2024, (Link)
  • PA: "Governor Shapiro's 2024-25 Budget Address," February 06, 2024, (Link)
  • OK: "2024 State of the State Address," by Governor Kevin Stitt, February 05, 2024, (Link)
  • TN: "2024 State of the State Address," by Bill Lee, February 5, 2024, , (Link)
  • AK: "State of the State Address," by Mike Dunleavey, 1/30/24, (Link)
  • ME: "State of the State Address," by Governor Janet T. Mills, January 30, 2024, (Link)
  • MI: "State of the State Address," by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, January 24, 2024, (Link)
  • SC: "2024 State of the State," by Gov. McMaster, January 24, 2024, (Link)
  • MO: "2024 State of the State Address: Putting People First," by Governor Mike Parson, ​January 24, 2024, (Link)
  • ND: "2024 State of the State Address," by Governor Doug Burgum, ​January 23, 2024, (Link)
  • WI: "State of the State Address," by Governor Tony Evers, January 23, 2024, (Link)
  • HI: "2024 State of the State Address: Coming Together to Heal," by Josh Green, Jan. 22, 2024, (Link)
  • NE: "2024 State of State Address," by Governor Pillen, 1/18/24, (Link)
  • UT: "2024 State of the State Address," by Utah Gov. Spencer J. Cox, Jan. 18, 2024, (Link)
  • MA: "State of the Commonwealth Address," by Governor Maura T. Healey, January 17, 2024, (Link)
  • RI: "Governor Dan McKee's 2024 State of the State Address," January 17, 2024, (Link)
  • NM: "New Mexico is Made to Lead: Governor delivers second State of the State address, announces legislative agenda," by Michelle Lujan-Grisham, Jan 16, 2024, (Link)
  • CO: "Final 2024 State of the State Address as Prepared for Delivery," by Jared Polis, 1/11/24, (Link)
  • GA: "2024 State of the State Address", by Governor Brian P. Kemp, January 11, 2024, (Link)
  • TN: Governor press release, "Tennessee First in the Nation to Address AI Impact on Music Industry," January 10, 2024, (Link)
  • VA: "State of the Commonwealth," by Governor Glenn Youngkin, January 10, 2024, (Link)
  • WV: "State of the State Address," by Gov. Justice, 1/10/2024, (Link)
  • NY: "State of the State Address ," by New York Governor Kathy Hochul, January 10, 2024, (Link)
  • KS: "State of the State Address ," by Governor Laura Kelly, January 10, 2024, (Link)
  • IA: "Condition of the State Address ," by Governor Kim Reynolds, January 9, 2024, (Link)
  • FL: "Governor Ron DeSantis Delivers the State of the State Address," January 9, 2024, (Link)
  • NJ: "State of the State Address," by NJ Gov. Phil Murphy, January 9, 2024, (Link)
  • SD: "Noem's 2024 State of the State address," January 9, 2024, (Link)
  • WA: "2024 State of the State Address: Run Through the Tape," by Jay Inslee, January 9, 2024, (Link)
  • IN: "2024 State of the State address," by Governor Eric J. Holcomb, January 9, 2024, (Link)
  • MS: "Inaugural Speech Transcript," by Governor Tate Reeves, January 9, 2024, (Link)
  • MA: Mass.gov EOHLC: Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities, "Multi-Family Zoning Requirement for MBTA Communities", downloaded 2/8/24, (Link)
  • AZ: "2024 State of the State Address," by Governor Katie Hobbs, January 8, 2024, (Link)
  • ID: "2024 State of the State and Budget Address," by Governor Brad Little, January 8, 2024, (Link)
  • VT: "2024 State of the State Address," by Governor Phil Scott, January 4, 2024, (Link)
  • KY: "State of the Commonwealth Address," by Governor Andy Beshear, January 3, 2024, (Link)
 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Katie Hobbs: Outlawing abortion not happening on my watch.
    Kristi Noem: I will proclaim that 2024 will be "Freedom for Life Year".
    Phil Murphy: Women's health care in America is in a state of crisis.
    Josh Shapiro: Women deserve to make their own choices about their bodies.
    Glenn Youngkin: Support mothers so they'll choose to bring life into world.
    Jim Pillen: Launch a yearlong "Culture of Life and Love Initiative".
    Tony Evers: I will veto any bill that takes away reproductive freedom.
Budget & Economy
    Andy Beshear: Clean drinking water is a basic human right.
    Phil Scott: We need to keep our spending within existing revenue.
    Phil Scott: We need to keep our spending within existing revenue.
    Brad Little: We put $1 billion to improve water quality and quantity.
    Brad Little: Working for a Balance Budget Amendment to U.S. Constitution.
    Katie Hobbs: Rein in wasteful spending without sacrificing public safety.
    Laura Kelly: $35M/year over five years to deal with water issues.
    Phil Murphy: Hard to support economy with last century's infrastructure.
    Ron DeSantis: We've reduced debt by embracing smaller government.
    Dan McKee: $100M housing production bond, largest in state history.
    Gretchen Whitmer: $1.4 billion to build or rehabilitate nearly 10,000 homes.
    Jared Polis: Help local governments build housing infrastructure.
    Jim Justice: My administration does not believe in growing government.
    Josh Shapiro: $1.5B investment in mass transit over the next five years.
    Josh Shapiro: More state contracts for companies that have been shut out.
    Maura Healey: Dealing with a housing shortage that's decades in the making.
    Mike Dunleavey: State dollars should stay in Alaska; support local producers.
    Wes Moore: Create new financial tools to drive housing development.
Civil Rights
    Kathy Hochul: Expand eligibility for prosecution as hate crimes.
    Kristi Noem: Strengthen anti-discrimination laws by defining antisemitism.
    Ron DeSantis: We've eliminated so-called DEI from our public universities.
    Jim Pillen: I don't want my granddaughter competing against a boy.
    Josh Shapiro: Once led the nation on LGBTQ rights now we're falling behind.
    Spencer Cox: Paused transgender surgeries for minors, funded talk therapy.
    Gretchen Whitmer: Set up an Innovation Fund to invest in high-growth startups.
    Andy Beshear: Requests $35M for body armor for police, first responders.
    Phil Scott: Consider strategies to fight crime besides justice reform.
    Phil Scott: Consider strategies to fight crime besides justice reform.
    Kathy Hochul: Strengthen penalties for assaulting a retail worker.
    Katie Hobbs: Increase penalties for violations by care facilities .
    Kristi Noem: Criminals should also have the opportunity to rehabilitate.
    Phil Murphy: Reject notion that compassion comes at the cost of vigilance.
    Henry McMaster: Expand operations against animal fighting with new agents.
    Jared Polis: Acted to make criminal penalties for auto theft tougher.
    Wes Moore: We take an all-of-the-above approach to public safety.
    Josh Shapiro: It's time to catch up, legalize, regulate and tax marijuana.
    Andy Beshear: It's time to pass universal pre-K for all our 4-year-olds.
    Phil Scott: Our education infrastructure is too large for number served.
    Phil Scott: Our education infrastructure is too large for number served.
    Brad Little: I will continue to expand school choice in Idaho.
    Kim Reynolds: A rising tide of competition and choice lifts all boats.
    Kim Reynolds: Put Iowa in top-five states for starting pay for teachers.
    Laura Kelly: I'll continue to reject vouchers; they crush rural schools.
    Phil Murphy: Let's bring universal pre-K to all of New Jersey.
    Bill Lee: We can support choice and public schools at the same time.
    Brian Kemp: We can take an all-of-the-above approach to education.
    Gretchen Whitmer: Sending a message LOUD and CLEAR: we support our teachers.
    Henry McMaster: Freeze college tuition for in-state students .
    Kay Ivey: Become the most school-choice friendly state in the nation.
    Maura Healey: Literacy Launch: make Massachusetts first in literacy.
Energy & Oil
    Andy Beshear: Kentucky is the EV battery production capital of the US .
    Phil Murphy: Renewable energy can create a generation of good-paying jobs.
    Dan McKee: Rhode Island is industry leader for offshore wind projects.
    Glenn Youngkin: Our "All of the Above" energy plan embraces everything.
    Janet Mills: We must, and we will, continue to address climate change.
    Jared Polis: Cut red tape holding back investment in renewable energy.
    Maura Healey: Make Massachusetts the climate innovation lab for the world.
    Michelle Lujan-Grisham: A healthy environment and a strong economy not in conflict.
    Mike Dunleavey: We need to ensure the lowest-cost power from any source.
    Josh Green: Impose a Climate Impact Fee on visitors to the islands.
    Tony Evers: Republicans should release $125M funding to combat PFAS.
Families & Children
    Kathy Hochul: Make New York the first state to offer prenatal leave.
    Kim Reynolds: Thrive Iowa will connect families with faith-based support.
    Laura Kelly: Shortage of child care is stressful; slows down our economy.
    Ron DeSantis: We lead the nation in protecting the rights of parents.
    Jared Polis: Allow homeowners to build of Accessory Dwelling Units.
    Kay Ivey: Early onset medical care necessary for mothers and children.
    Maura Healey: Gateway to Pre-K: universal preschool in Gateway Cities.
    Maura Healey: Most generous child and dependent tax credit of any state.
    Spencer Cox: Build 35,000 single-family affordable starter homes.
    Tony Evers: Paid leave is the right thing to do for kids and families.
    Wes Moore: Largest increase in funding for child care in state history.
Foreign Policy
    Eric Holcomb: Proud of our long-standing relationships with Japan & Israel.
    Kim Reynolds: We must further protect our farmland from foreign interests.
    Kristi Noem: Freedom to farm and ranch should not extend to our enemies.
    Jim Pillen: Keep enemies of our country from owning land in our state.
Government Reform
    Katie Hobbs: Stood up to federal plan to slash Arizona's water supply.
    Kim Reynolds: We've cut 21 agencies & 620 open positions; saved millions.
    Phil Murphy: I support same-day voter registration in New Jersey.
    Bill Lee: Cutting red tape is a green light for job creators.
    Jim Justice: We cut the red tape; businesses are absolutely booming.
    Jim Pillen: Get government out of the way; reduce regulations.
    Josh Green: Cut through red tape to quickly approve new housing projects.
    Kay Ivey: Supports legislation that prohibits ballot harvesting.
    Kevin Stitt: Set up courts designed to address business disputes.
    Mike Dunleavey: Federal actions would turn Alaska into a giant snow globe.
Gun Control
    Kim Reynolds: It's impossible to understand why school shootings happen.
    Kristi Noem: We're able to market our state as a 2nd Amendment haven.
    Janet Mills: Close private sale loophole on background checks.
    Jared Polis: Prevent convicted felons from illegally purchasing firearms.
    Josh Green: Gun buyback event took almost 500 guns off the streets.
    Josh Shapiro: Let's strengthen our gun laws and bring about more order.
    Michelle Lujan-Grisham: Ban assault weapons; raise purchase age for all guns to 21.
Health Care
    Andy Beshear: Continue to expand access to quality health care for all.
    Kathy Hochul: Require hospitals to screen for mental health conditions.
    Katie Hobbs: Offer communities badly needed access to healthcare.
    Kim Reynolds: Expand postpartum Medicaid coverage to 12 months.
    Kristi Noem: Use telemedicine to connect with EMS personnel in the field.
    Laura Kelly: Medicaid expansion comes at no additional cost to taxpayers.
    Phil Murphy: Pulling people out from crushing medical debt is vital.
    Brian Kemp: Expand services for those struggling with mental illness.
    Janet Mills: I want to expand behavioral health services across Maine.
    Josh Green: $30M for loans to keep healthcare professionals in Hawai'i.
    Michelle Lujan-Grisham: Requests additional Medicaid funding & Hospital Provider Tax.
    Tony Evers: We're going to develop a statewide Mental Health Action Plan.
Homeland Security
    Maura Healey: Named first cabinet-level Secretary of Veterans Services.
    Brad Little: Send more Idaho troopers to our lawless southern border.
    Katie Hobbs: Seeking funding to better coordinate our border response.
    Ron DeSantis: Every state now a border state--Florida is fighting back! .
    Kevin Stitt: Without a secure border, every state is a border state.
    Brad Little: We banned diversity statements in university hiring.
    Phil Murphy: State minimum wage now $15/hour, will adjust for inflation.
    Dan McKee: Jobs in the life science sector are good-paying jobs.
    Henry McMaster: One thing we do not need is more labor unions.
    Jared Polis: Increase the number of state government apprenticeships.
    Josh Shapiro: Treat career paths with the same respect as choosing college.
    Josh Shapiro: Minimum wage stuck at $7.25/hr for 15 years--It's a shanda!
Principles & Values
    Andy Beshear: My faith teaches me to love my neighbor as myself.
    Phil Scott: Our decency to one another is our greatest strength .
    Phil Scott: Our decency to one another is our greatest strength .
    Eric Holcomb: Indiana Model rejects notion of Midwestern vowel state.
    Kristi Noem: We're doing better than every other state in the nation.
    Kristi Noem: Our tribes are part of who we are as South Dakotans.
    Laura Kelly: Kansas is, at its heart, a small-town kind of state.
    Brian Kemp: Character of the American people makes our nation great.
    Jared Polis: The rise in hate in all forms is unacceptable in Colorado.
    Jared Polis: We may not agree on every issue, but we disagree better.
    Jim Justice: We fought for our faith, our families, our freedoms.
    Kevin Stitt: The Oklahoma Dream: free enterprise and individual liberties.
    Kevin Stitt: As for me and my state, we will serve the Lord!
    Spencer Cox: Utah ranked best state; interested in keeping it that way.
    Tate Reeves: Mississippians aren't bashful about our reliance on the Lord.
    Tate Reeves: Our goal must be what I call Mississippi Forever.
    Wes Moore: ENOUGH Act more than an acronym, it's a governing philosophy.
Tax Reform
    Brad Little: We are on pace to deliver $3.7 billion in tax relief .
    Eric Holcomb: Cut personal income taxes to 3.05% on the way to 2.9%.
    Kim Reynolds: Cut income tax rate this year to flat 3.65%; next year 3.5%.
    Laura Kelly: Before we know it the state food tax won't exist at all.
    Laura Kelly: A flat tax benefits the super wealthy & threatens progress.
    Dan McKee: Reduce the corporate minimum tax from $400 to $350.
    Glenn Youngkin: Only interested in a plan that reduces taxes for Virginians.
    Jared Polis: Tax relief is the best mechanism to relieve cost of living .
    Jim Justice: The faster we drop taxes on individuals the better we'll be.
    Josh Green: Index the state's tax code to provide relief from inflation.
    Eric Holcomb: Launch $800M program for fast, affordable internet access.
    Eric Holcomb: Require Computer Science to graduate from high school.
    Kathy Hochul: Tackle the scourge of social media that has harmed so many.
    Kathy Hochul: Create consortium to purchase and share AI computing power.
    Katie Hobbs: Expand high-speed internet to every community.
    Phil Murphy: Establish NJ as the home-base for AI-powered game-changers.
    Bill Lee: ELVIS Act: prohibit AI from stealing singers' voices.
    Josh Shapiro: Develop a toolkit on digital literacy and critical thinking.
    Maura Healey: Build a transit system that is worthy of our economy.
Welfare & Poverty
    Phil Scott: Housing is key; remove impediments to growth.
    Phil Scott: Housing is key; remove impediments to growth.
    Katie Hobbs: Help working-class families with down payment assistance.
    Josh Shapiro: We're funding the summer food program so no kid goes hungry.
    Maura Healey: MBTA Communities Law: multi-family zoning near transit hubs.

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