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2004 Election
Senate Debates
IL, NY, FL, and others
Presidential Debates
Three debates plus one for V.P.'s
RNC 2004
Speeches at the 2004 Republican National Convention
DNC 2004
Speeches at the 2004 Democratic National Convention
Republican Party Platform
Released Aug 31 2004
Democratic Party Platform
Released July 10 2004
9/11 Commission Report
Excerpts released July 2004
A Matter of Character
Bush's campaign biography
Kerry Biography
"By The Boston Globe Reporters who Know Him Best"
Four Trials
by John Edwards
My Life
by Bill Clinton
The Good Fight
by Ralph Nader
Excerpts from Books by Political Leaders

Dick Armey
United We Stand America Conference

Gary Bauer
GOP debate, N.H., Jan. 2000

Bill Bradley
Time Present, Time Past

Harry Browne
The Great Libertarian Offer

Pat Buchanan
A Republic, Not an Empire

George Bush Sr.
All the Best

George W. Bush
A Charge to Keep

Jeb Bush
Profiles in Character

Jimmy Carter
As Good As Its People

Dick Cheney
Vice Presidential debate

Noam Chomsky
The Common Good

Bill Clinton
Between Hope and History

Hillary Clinton
Hillary's Choice

Mario Cuomo
Reason to Believe

Steve Forbes
A New Birth of Freedom

Dick Gephardt
An Even Better Place

Newt Gingrich
To Renew America

Al Gore
Earth in the Balance

John Hagelin
Third Party Debate on Meet the Press

Katherine Harris
The Florida Recount of the 2000 Presidential Election

Orrin Hatch
GOP debate, Iowa, Jan. 2000

Arianna Huffington
How to Overthrow the Government

Rev. Jesse Jackson
The Search for Common Ground

Jesse Jackson, Jr.
Itís About the Money!

Alan Keyes
Our Character, Our Future

Rick Lazio
NY Senate debate, 2000

Joe Lieberman
In Praise of Public Life

Rush Limbaugh
The Way Things Ought To Be

John McCain
Faith of My Fathers

Ralph Nader
Cutting Corporate Welfare

Richard Nixon
Ten Commandments of Statecraft

Ross Perot
Save Your Job, Save Our Country

Howard Phillips
Third Party Debate on Meet the Press

Colin Powell
My American Journey

Dan Quayle
Standing Firm

Ronald Reagan

Robert Reich
Locked in the Cabinet

Janet Reno
Doing the Right Thing

Paul Simon
The Dollar Crisis

Donald Trump
The America We Deserve

Jesse Ventura
I Ain't Got Time to Bleed


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2004 Presidential Debates
Third and final Bush-Kerry debate, in Tempe Arizona Topic: Domestic Policy Oct. 12, 2004
Second Bush-Kerry debate, in St. Louis Missouri Town Hall Debate Oct. 8, 2004
Vice Presidential debate Edwards vs. Cheney Oct. 5, 2004
First Bush-Kerry debate, in Miami Florida Topic: Foreign Policy and Homeland Security Sept. 30, 2004
Senate Debates Florida, New York, Illinois -- every state with Senate debates! Sept. to Oct., 2004
Fact Check Analysis of the presidential contenders' misstatements Throughout 2004
Ad Watch TV ads, plus analysis, from the presidential contenders Throughout 2004

A Matter of Character
,by Ron Kessler

A Call To Service
by Sen. John Kerry (D, MA)

Four Trials
by Sen. John Edwards

The Good Fight
by Ralph Nader
Previous Debates
Dean-Nader debate Howard Dean debates Ralph Nader Sponsored by NPR, July 9 2004
Kerry-Weld debates of 1996 Series of debates between Senate candidates John Kerry and Gov. William Weld April-October 1996
Cheney-Lieberman debates of 2000 Cheney's previous vice-presidential debate October 2000
Bush-Gore debates of 2000 Bush's previous presidential debates 3 debates in October 2000

Where the Right Went Wrong
,by Pat Buchanan

Tour of Duty
by Douglas Brinkley

Our Plan for America
, Kerry-Edwards campaign book

Dreams From My Father
by Barack Obama
War Reports
Iraq Survey Group Report Official report on Iraqi WMDs (the Duelfer Reoprt, group led by Charles Duelfer and previously by David Kay) Oct. 6, 2004
Abu Ghraib Reports Investigations on prisoner abuse July - August 2004
9/11 Commission Report Excerpts from Recommendations on the events of Sept. 11, 2001 July 22 2004
Senate Intelligence Committee Report On Pre-war Iraq July 7 2004
Party Events
The Republican Party Platform Outline of the GOP planks Sept. 1, 2004
The Republican Convention Speech excerpts Aug. 30 - Sept. 2, 2004
Democratic National Convention Speeches at the DNC Convention July 24-29, 2004
The Democratic Platform for America Democratic Party Platform July 10 2004

9/11 Commission Report

Why Courage Matters
by John McCain

Fanatics and Fools
,by Arianna Huffington

A National Party No More
, by Sen. Zell Miller (D, GA)
Where the Right Went Wrong by Pat Buchanan Sept. 1, 2004
The Death of the West by Pat Buchanan Oct. 15, 2002
A Matter of Character Campaign biography of Pres. Bush by Ronald Kessler Aug. 5, 2004
Why Courage Matters by John McCain April 13, 2004
The Good Fight by Ralph Nader July 6, 2004
Crashing the Party by Ralph Nader (in progress)
Fanatics and Fools by Arianna Huffington April 14, 2004
Our Plan for America Kerry-Edwards campaign book Sept. 7, 2004
A National Party No More by Sen. Zell Miller (D, GA) Oct. 1, 2003
The Avocado Declaration by Peter Miguel Camejo (Reform VP nominee) Jan. 1, 2004
The Concord Principles by Ralph Nader Feb 21, 2000

Plan of Attack
,by Bob Woodward

The Right Man
,by David Frum

Kerry's Biography
,by Boston Globe Reporters

by Richard Clarke (in progress)
Barack Obama's book "Dreams From My father", by the keynote speaker at the Democratic Convention Published August 1996
John F. Kerry: A Biography "By the Boston Globe Reporters Who Know Him Best" April 2004
Bush At War by Bob Woodward Published 2002
Speeches on Iraq Speeches by candidates and pundits on the eve of sovereignty transition May-June 2004
In the Public Interest Weekly columns by Ralph Nader Throughout 2003-2004
Nader: Crusader, Spoiler, Icon Biography of Ralph Nader (Sept. 2002)
Living History by Hillary Clinton (coming soon - excerpting in progress)
Worse Than Watergate by Watergate aide John Dean (2004)
In Pursuit of Justice Collected writings of Ralph Nader, 2000-2003 (coming soon - not yet released by publisher)

Winning Back America
by Gov. Howard Dean

The Price of Loyalty
by Paul O'Neill

My Life
by Bill Clinton

Al On America
by Rev. Al Sharpton
Real Solutions by Sen. John Edwards 2004 Primary Campaign book
Democratic debate in California Moderated by Larry King, at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles Feb. 26, 2004
Democratic debate in South Carolina In Greenville, SC - Lieberman's last debate Jan. 29, 2004
Democratic Debate at St. Anselm College in Manchester, N.H. Prior to N.H. primary, after Rep. Dick Gephardt withdrew Jan. 22, 2004
Iowa Brown and Black Presidential Forum Iowa Democratic debate Jan. 11, 2004
State of the Union Speech The president's address and the Democratic response Jan. 20, 2004
Democratic Debate in Des Moines, Iowa Prior to Iowa caucuses, Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun's last debate Jan. 4, 2004
Associated Press policy Q & A Periodic written questions to the candidates January, 2004

A Citizen's Guide
biography of Gov. Howard Dean (D, VT)

Why Courage Matters
by Sen. John McCain

Winning Modern Wars
by Gen. Wesley Clark

A Prayer for America
by Rep. Dennis Kucinich
Democratic Debate in Durham NH Nine candidates competing in NH primary Dec. 9, 2003
On-line question-and-answer session with Democratic candidates Q&A by Concord Monitor / WashingtonPost.com Nov. 3-7, 2003
Rock-The-Vote Democratic Debate, Boston, Mass. Targeted at young voters Nov. 5, 2003
Democratic Debate in Detroit, Michigan Sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus Institute Oct. 27, 2003
Democratic debate at Pace University in Lower Manhattan First appearance by Gen. Wesley Clark, last appearance by Sen. Bob Graham Sept. 25, 2003
MoveOn.org interviews Written questionnaire from progressive group June 17, 2003
Take Back America Conference Sponsored by Campaign for Americaís Future June 4-6, 2003
First Democratic presidential primary debate At the University of South Carolina in Columbia May 3, 2003

In Praise of Public Life
,by Sen. Joe Lieberman (D, CT)

An Even Better Place
by Rep. Dick Gephardt (withdrew Jan. 2004)

A Charge To Keep
by Pres. George W. Bush

Cutting Corporate Welfare
by Ralph Nader

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