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Excerpts from Books by Political Leaders

Dick Armey
United We Stand America Conference

Bill Bradley
Time Present, Time Past

Harry Browne
The Great Libertarian Offer

Pat Buchanan
A Republic, Not an Empire

George Bush Sr.
All the Best

George W. Bush
A Charge to Keep

Jeb Bush
Profiles in Character

Jimmy Carter
As Good As Its People

Dick Cheney
Vice Presidential debate

Noam Chomsky
The Common Good

Bill Clinton
Between Hope and History

Hillary Clinton
Hillary's Choice

Mario Cuomo
Reason to Believe

Steve Forbes
A New Birth of Freedom

Dick Gephardt
An Even Better Place

Newt Gingrich
To Renew America

Al Gore
Earth in the Balance

John Hagelin
Third Party Debate on Meet the Press

Arianna Huffington
How to Overthrow the Government

Rev. Jesse Jackson
The Search for Common Ground

Jesse Jackson, Jr.
It’s About the Money!

Alan Keyes
Our Character, Our Future

Joe Lieberman
In Praise of Public Life

Rush Limbaugh
The Way Things Ought To Be

John McCain
Faith of My Fathers

Ralph Nader
Cutting Corporate Welfare

Richard Nixon
Ten Commandments of Statecraft

Ross Perot
Save Your Job, Save Our Country

Howard Phillips
Third Party Debate on Meet the Press

Colin Powell
My American Journey

Dan Quayle
Standing Firm

Ronald Reagan

Robert Reich
Locked in the Cabinet

Janet Reno
Doing the Right Thing

Paul Simon
The Dollar Crisis

Donald Trump
The America We Deserve

Jesse Ventura
I Ain't Got Time to Bleed


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2006 Senate debates
Minnesota Senate debate Rep. Mark Kennedy (R), Amy Klobuchar (D), and Robert Fitzgerald (I) Oct. 30, 2006
Maryland Senate debate Rep. Ben Cardin (D) vs. Lt. Gov. Michael Steele (R) Oct. 29, 2006
Maryland Senate debate Rep. Ben Cardin (D) vs. Lt. Gov. Michael Steele (R) vs. Kevin Zeese (I) Oct. 25, 2006
Connecticut Senate debate Joe Lieberman (I) vs. Ned Lamont (D) vs. Alan Schlesinger (R) Oct. 23, 2006
Florida Senate debate Katherine Harris (R) vs. Bill Nelson (D) Oct. 23, 2006
New York Senate debate John Spencer (R) vs. Hillary Clinton (D) Oct. 22, 2006
Delaware Senate debate Tom Carper (D) vs. Jan Ting (R) Oct. 20, 2006
Texas Senate debate Scott Jameson (L) vs. Kay Hutchison (R) vs. Barbara Radnofsky (D) Oct. 19, 2006
Washington Senate debate Sen. Maria Cantwell (D) vs. Mike McGavick (R) vs. Bruce Guthrie (L) Oct. 17, 2006
Nevada Senate debate Sen. John Ensign (R) vs. Jack Carter (D) Oct. 15, 2006
Arizona Senate debate Sen. Jon Kyl (R) vs. Jim Pederson (D) Oct. 15, 2006
Michigan Senate debate Mike Bouchard (R) vs. Debbie Stabenow (D) Oct. 15, 2006
Minnesota Senate debate Mark Kennedy (R) vs. Amy Klobuchar (D) Oct. 15, 2006
Tennessee Senate debate Bob Corker (R) vs. Harold Ford (D) Oct. 10, 2006
Montana Senate debate Jon Tester (D) vs. Conrad Burns (R) vs. Stan Jones (L) Oct. 9, 2006
Missouri Senate debate Jim Talent (R) vs. Claire McCaskill (D) Oct. 8, 2006
Ohio Senate debate Mike DeWine (R) vs. Sherrod Brown (D) Oct. 1, 2006
Montana Senate debate Conrad Burns (R) vs. Jon Tester (D) Sept. 24, 2006
Virginia Senate debate Jim Webb (D) vs. George Allen (R) Sept. 17, 2006
Rhode Island Senate debate Sen. Lincoln Chafee (R) vs. Sheldon Whitehouse (D) Sept. 13, 2006
2006 Pennsylvania Senate debate Sen. Rick Santorum (R) vs. Bob Casey (D) Sept. 3, 2006
N.J. Senate virtual debate Tom Kean (R) vs. Bob Menendez (D) Aug.-Sept., 2006

Hegemony or Survival
by Noam Chomsky

Iraq Study Group
Excerpts of Official Report

State of Denial
by Bob Woodward
2006 Senate primary debates
2006 Hawaii Senate debate Daniel Akaka vs. Ed Case in the Democratic primary Aug. 31, 2006
2006 Rhode Island Senate debate Linc Chafee vs. Steve Laffey in the Republican primary Aug. 24, 2006
2006 Connecticut Senate debate Joe Lieberman vs. Ned Lamont in the Democratic primary July 6, 2006
Virginia Democratic primary debate Jim Webb (D) vs. Harris Miller (D) June 9, 2006
Minnesota Senate primary debates MPR interviews January-March, 2006
2006 books & events
2008 Presidential speculation News reports on potential candidates May-June, 2006
Massachusetts Gubernatorial debate Kerry Healey (R) vs. Deval Patrick (D) vs. Christy Mihos (I) vs. Grace Ross (G) Sept. 25, 2006
Hegemony or Survival Excerpts from Noam Chomsky's book Sept. 20, 2006
Massachusetts Democratic Gubernatorial debate Deval Patrick, Tom Reilly, and Chris Gabrieli in the Democratic primary Sept. 13, 2006
Take Back America Conference Sponsored by Campaign for America’s Future June 13-15, 2006
Letter from Iran's president to Pres. Bush Complete text of letter plus outline May 15, 2006
State of the Union Speech Plus the Democratic Response Jan. 31, 2006
The Alito Hearings Senate Confirmation hearings on the Supreme Court nomination of Samuel Alito Jan. 9-13, 2006
Take Back America Conference Sponsored by Campaign for America’s Future June 2-3, 2005
The WMD Commission Report The Commission on the Intelligence Capabilities Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction March 31, 2005
State of the Union Speech Plus the Democratic Response Feb. 2, 2005

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