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2007 presidential primary
Republican primary debates
Dec.22 -Dec.12 -Dec.9 -Nov.28 -Oct.21 -Oct.9 -Sep.27 -Sep.17 -Sep.5 -Aug.5 -Jun.5 -May 15 -May 3

Democratic primary debates
Dec.22 -Dec.13 -Dec.4 -Dec.1 -Nov.15 -Oct.30 -Sep.26 -Sep.20 -Sep.13 -Sep.9 -Aug.19 -Aug.9 -Aug.7 -Jul.23 -Jun.28 -Jun.3 -Apr.26 -Apr.10

Excerpts from Books by and about 2008 candidates
Sen. Joe Biden
Promises to Keep
Sen. Sam Brownback
From Power to Purpose
Sen. Hillary Clinton
Living History
Pres. Bill Clinton
My Life
Sen. Chris Dodd
Letters from Nuremberg
Sen. John Edwards
Ending Poverty in America
Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Sen. Mike Gravel
Citizen Power
Gov. Mike Huckabee
From Hope to Higher Ground
Amb. Alan Keyes
Our Character, Our Future
Rep. Dennis Kucinich
A Prayer for America
Sen. John McCain
Why Courage Matters
Sen. Barack Obama
The Audacity of Hope
Rep. Ron Paul
A Foreign Policy of Freedom
Gov. Bill Richardson
Between Worlds
Gov. Mitt Romney
Rep. Tom Tancredo
Mortal Danger
Sen. Fred Thompson
Government at the Brink

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2008 Presidential Elections
Sunday Morning Talk Show Bipartisan Debates
Presidential candidate Fact Checking

& Presidential Ad Watch
The Annenberg Political Fact Check is a non-partisan project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania
Presidential interview series (throughout 2007)

Democrats and Republicans on "Fox news Sunday," with Chris Wallace

  • Dec. 30: Sen. Fred Thompson (R, TN)
  • Dec. 9: Gov. Mike Huckabee (R, AR) & Sen. John McCain (R, NM)
  • Nov. 25: Sen. Fred Thompson (R, TN)
  • Nov. 18: Gov. Mike Huckabee (R, AR)
  • Nov. 11: Gov. Bill Richardson (D, NM) & Sen. John McCain (R, NM)
  • Oct. 21: Sen. John McCain (R, NM) & Gov. Mike Huckabee (R, AR)
  • Sep. 23: Sen. Hillary Clinton (D, NY)
  • Aug. 26: Gov. Mike Huckabee (R, AR)
  • Aug. 12: Gov. Mitt Romney (R, MA)
  • May 27: Gov. Mike Huckabee (R, AR)
  • May 13: Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R, NYC)
  • May 6: Sen. Chris Dodd (D, CT)
  • Apr. 2: Sen. John McCain (R, NM)
  • Apr. 1: Sen. Joe Biden (D, DE)
  • Mar. 11: Sen. Fred Thompson (R, TN)
CNN Presidential interview series (throughout 2007)

Democrats and Republicans on "Late Edition," with Wolf Blitzer

  • Dec. 30: Sen. Barack Obama (R, IL), Sen. Joe Biden (D, DE), Sen. Chris Dodd (D, CT), Sen. Fred Thompson (R, TN), & Sen. Hillary Clinton (D, NY)
  • Dec. 16: Gov. Mike Huckabee (R, AR), Sen. Joe Biden (D, DE) & Sen. John Edwards (D, NC)
  • Dec. 2: Rep. Ron Paul (R, TX) & Sen. Chris Dodd (D, CT)
  • Nov. 25: Gov. Mike Huckabee (R, AR)
  • Nov. 18: Sen. John Edwards (D, NC)
  • Nov. 11: Sen. Joe Biden (D, DE)
  • Nov. 4: Sen. Chris Dodd (D, CT) & Sen. John McCain (R, NM)
  • Sep.23: Sen. Hillary Clinton (D, NY) & Chuck Hagel (R, NE)
  • Aug.26: Gov. Bill Richardson (D, NM) & Sen. Sam Brownback (R, KS)
  • Jul.15: Sen. Joe Biden (D, DE)
  • Jun.10: Gov. Mike Huckabee (R, AR) & Gov. Bill Richardson (D, NM) &
  • Apr.22: Sen. Sam Brownback (R, KS)
  • Mar.4: Rep. Tom Tancredo (R, CO)
  • Feb.25: Sen. Sam Brownback (R, KS)
  • Feb.11: Rep. Duncan Hunter (R, CA)
  • Jan.7: Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D, OH)
Meet the Candidates series (throughout 2007)

Democrats and Republicans on "Meet the Press," with Tim Russert

  • Dec. 30: Sen. Barack Obama (R, IL) & Gov. Mike Huckabee (R, AR)
  • Dec. 16: Gov. Mitt Romney (R, MA)
  • Dec. 9: Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R, NYC)
  • Nov. 4: Sen. Fred Thompson (R, TN)
  • Oct. 28: Sen. Chris Dodd (D, CT)
  • Oct. 7: Sen. John Edwards (D, NC)
  • Sep.30: Pres. Bill Clinton (D, AR)
  • Sep.23: Sen. Hillary Clinton (D, NY)
  • Sep.16: Sen. John McCain (R, NM) & Sen. John Kerry (D, MA)
  • Sep.9: Sen. Joe Biden (D, DE)
  • Jul.8: Sen. Chuck Hagel (R, NE)
  • May 27: Gov. Bill Richardson (D, NM)
  • May 20: Sen. Chris Dodd (D, CT) & Rep. Newt Gingrich (R, GA)
  • May 13: Sen. John McCain (R, NM)
  • Apr.29: Sen. Joe Biden (D, DE)
  • Feb.4: Sen. John Edwards (D, NC)
  • Jan.28: Gov. Mike Huckabee (R, AR)
  • Jan.21: Sen. John McCain (R, NM)
  • Jan.14: Sen. Chris Dodd (D, CT)
Boston Globe interviews on Executive Power

Dec. 20-22, 2007
Interviews of 3 leading Democrats & 4 leading Republicans.
NAACP Presidential Forum

July 12, 2007
8 Democrats and 1 Republican; at the NAACP annual convention
IAFF Presidential Forum

March 14, 2007
6 Democrats and 5 Republicans; sponsored by the International Association of Fire Fighters
2007 Republican Primary
Des Moines Register (Iowa) debate Resulting in DMR's endorsement of John McCain Dec. 12, 2007
Debate in Spanish (with translators) Republicans debate on Univision Spanish TV Dec. 9, 2007
GOP YouTube debate Hosted by YouTube.com and CNNNov. 28, 2007
GOP debate in Orlando, Florida Hosted by Fox News, moderated by Brit Hume & Chris Wallace Oct. 21, 2007
GOP debate in Michigan Hosted by the Wall Street Journal; Sen. Sam Brownback's last debateOct. 9, 2007
GOP debate at Morgan State University Tavis Smiley hosts candidates in Baltimore, Maryland (Alan Keyes announced & appeared; several frontrunners absent) Sept. 27, 2007
Values Voter Presidential Debate GOP debate in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, moderated by Joseph Farah (John Cox's first appearance, and several frontrunners absent) Sept. 17, 2007
Republican primary debate at UNH-Durham Fred Thompson advertisement, announcing his candidacy, played on Fox news at the beginning of the debate. Sept. 5, 2007
Republican Iowa primary debate In preparation for the Iowa Straw Poll Aug. 5, 2007
CNN debate: Third Republican primary debate Ten candidates at St. Anselms College in Manchester NH, sponsored by CNN June 5, 2007
Fox News debate: Second Republican primary debate Ten candidates at the University of South Carolina, sponsored by Fox News May 15, 2007
Reagan Library debate: First Republican primary debate Ten candidates at the Ronald Reagan presidential library, sponsored by MSNBC and politico.com May 3, 2007

Giuliani: Flawed or Flawless?
The Oral Biography
by Deborah Hart Strober & Gerald S. Strober

by Rudy Giuliani

Crisis, Leadership, and the Olympic Games
by Mitt Romney

A Mormon in the White House?
10 Things Every American Should Know about Mitt Romney
by Hugh Hewitt

Gold, Peace, and Prosperity
The Birth of a New Currency
by Ron Paul

Freedom Under Siege: The US Constitution After 200-Plus Years
by Ron Paul

A Foreign Policy of Freedom
by Ron Paul

The Fred Factor
: How Fred Thompson May Change The Face Of The '08 Campaign
by Steve Gill

Government at the Brink: The Root Causes of Government Waste and Mismanagement
by Fred Thompson

John McCain
Faith of My Fathers

Why Courage Matters
by John McCain

Our Character, Our Future
by Alan Keyes

Mortal Danger
by Tom Tancredo

From Power to Purpose
by Sam Brownback

Building a Healthy Culture
introduced by Sen. Sam Brownback

Character Makes a Difference
Where I'm From, Where I've Been, and What I Believe
by Mike Huckabee

Living Beyond Your Lifetime
How to be Intentional About the Legacy You Leave
by Mike Huckabee

From Hope to Higher Ground
by Gov. Mike Huckabee
2007 Democratic Primary
Des Moines Register (Iowa) debate Resulting in DMR's endorsement of Hillary Clinton Dec. 13, 2007
NPR Debate Sponsored by Iowa Public Radio; in Iowa via radio Dec. 4, 2007
Iowa Brown & Black Forum Sponsored by HDNet; in Des Moines, Iowa Dec. 1, 2007
Debate in Las Vegas Sponsored by CNN; moderated by Wolf Blitzer; in Las Vegas, Nevada Nov. 15, 2007
Debate at Drexel University Sponsored by MSNBC; moderated by Tim Russert; in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Oct. 30, 2007
Debate at Dartmouth College Sponsored by MSNBC; moderated by Tim Russert; in Hanover, New Hampshire Sept. 26, 2007
Debate on Iowa Public Television Democrats On Health Care and Financial Security, moderated by PBS' Judy Woodruff Sept. 20, 2007
Debate in Spanish (with translators) Eight Democrats debate on Univision Spanish TV Sept. 9, 2007
George Stephanopoulos debate Eight Democrats debate on ABC's "This Week" Aug. 19, 2007
HRC/LOGO debate Debate on GLBT issues, sponsorder by gay rights organizations Aug. 9, 2007
AFL-CIO debate Debate sponsored by AFL-CIO Aug. 7, 2007
YouTube debate Debate sponsored by YouTube & CNN, with video questions from YouTube.com viewers July 23, 2007
Howard University debate: Third Democratic primary debate Eight candidates at Howard University, sponsored by PBS, hosted by Tavis Smiley June 28, 2007
Take Back America conference Sponsored by the Campaign for America's Future June 18-20, 2007
CNN debate in New Hampshire: Second Democratic primary debate Eight candidates at St. Anselms College in Manchester NH, sponsored by CNN June 3, 2007
MSNBC debate in S.C.: First Democratic primary debate Eight candidates in South Carolina, sponsored by MSNBC April 26, 2007
Virtual Town Hall Democratic forum sponsored by MoveOn.org April 10, 2007
Democratic Health Care forum Sponsored by SEIU and CAP in Las Vegas, Nevada March 24, 2007
Democratic primary forum Sponsored by AFSMCE in Carson City, Nevada Feb.21, 2007

Living History
by Sen. Hillary Clinton (D, NY)

It Takes A Village,
by Hillary Clinton

The Unique Voice of Hillary Clinton
, by Hillary Clinton

The Extreme Makeover of Hillary (Rodham) Clinton
by Bay Buchanan

Condi vs. Hillary
The Next Great Presidential Race

by Dick Morris & Eileen McGann

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy's Dossier on Hillary Clinton
, by Amanda Carpenter

Her Way
The Hopes and Ambitions of Hillary Rodham Clinton
by Jeff Gerth & Don Van Natta Jr.

A Woman in Charge
The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton
by Carl Bernstein

For Love of Politics
Bill and Hillary Clinton: The White House Years

by Sally Bedell Smith

God and Hillary Clinton
A Spiritual Life

by Paul Kengor

Dreams From My Father
by Barack Obama

Should Barack Obama Be President?

by Fred Zimmerman, Nimble Books

Hopes and Dreams:
The Story of Barack Obama
by Steve Dougherty

The Audacity of Hope
by Sen. Barack Obama (D, IL)

Barack Obama: This Improbable Quest
by John K. Wilson

Letters from Nuremberg

My Father's Narrative of a Quest for Justice
by Christopher Dodd & Larry Bloom

Promises to Keep
On Life and Politics
by Joe Biden

Four Trials
by Sen. John Edwards

Ending Poverty in America
How to Restore the American Dream
edited by John Edwards, Marion Crain, and Arne Kalleberg

Citizen Power
A People's Platform
by Mike Gravel

Between Worlds

by Gov. Bill Richardson (D, NM)

Leading by Example
How We Can Inspire an Energy and Security Revolution
by Bill Richardson

A Prayer for America
by Rep. Dennis Kucinich
Background material on Presidential Primaries, & possible candidates
State of the Union Address Pres. Bush's speech and the Democratic Response Jan. 23, 2007
Iraq Study Group Recommendations from the bipartisan report on the Iraq war Dec. 6, 2006
"Talking It Over" Hillary Clinton's column as First Lady 1998-1999
Candidates who did not run in 2008

Rediscovering God in America
Reflections on the Role of Faith in Our Nation's History
by Newt Gingrich

Winning the Future
by Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich

Saving Lives and Saving Money
: Transforming Health and Healthcare
by Newt Gingrich, with Dana Pavey and Anne Woodbury

Lessons Learned the Hard Way
: A Personal Report
by Newt Gingrich

The Assault on Reason
by Al Gore

An Inconvenient Truth
by Former Vice President Al Gore

Al Gore
Earth in the Balance

This Moment on Earth
by Teresa Heinz & John Kerry

The New War
The Web of Crime That Threatens America's Security
by John Kerry

A Call To Service
by Sen. John Kerry (D, MA)

Kerry's Biography
,by Boston Globe Reporters

My Life
by Bill Clinton

Clinton on Clinton

Between Hope and History, by Bill Clinton

Hegemony or Survival
by Noam Chomsky

Iraq Study Group
Excerpts of Official Report

State of Denial
by Bob Woodward

Profiles in Character
by Jeb Bush & B.Yablonski

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