Val Demings on Principles & Values



Being unified nation doesn't mean giving up beliefs

Do we want to be the America that the founders dreamed of, the place where every person can live the American dream, where we respect our neighbors and those who are different from us, where diversity is really our greatest strength, that beacon of hope around the world? Or do we want an America where people who believe in ridiculous theories, who are racist, who think that discrimination is okay, in the government? I'm going to fight that kind of America every step of the way.

When we think about unity and unifying our nation, I see that as coming together, respecting each other's spaces and places, beliefs, values, working together in a respectful and cordial way. But it does not mean giving up your principles, your values, your beliefs, and what you stand for. The United States of America, we should be a unified nation. What we bring are different talents and backgrounds and experiences to the table, and working as one nation, building consensus.

Source: Washington Post on 2022 Florida Senate race , Feb 2, 2021

Would be first Black woman elected as FL Governor or Senator

Democrats are happy that Demings' name is growing so that even if she is passed over by Biden [for Vice President], she will be well positioned to take on Republican Florida Senator Marco Rubio in 2022. Rubio is a close ally of Trump.

Demings is also mentioned as a possible gubernatorial candidate in Florida in 2022 as well, although Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried seems well positioned to take on Governor Ron Desantis, a Trump acolyte, in 2022.

Florida has never elected a Black woman as Governor or U.S. Senator. Jennifer Carroll, a Black, Clay county conservative Republican, served as Lt. Governor before she was forced to step down after she was caught up in a scandal over local gaming.

Source: WMBT 90.1 on 2022 Florida Senate race , Jun 10, 2020

Trump failed to bribe Ukraine, but still accountable

Q: The president was ultimately unsuccessful in the quid pro quo.,p>DEMINGS: I had an opportunity in 27 years to deal with a lot of people who attempted to rob a bank, attempted to burglarize a house, attempted to carjack an individual, we didn't say since you weren't successful, we just let you go and forget it. The fact that the president got caught in the act does not relieve him of being held accountable for the wrongdoing that he has engaged in.
Source: ABC This Week 2019 interview on impeaching Trump , Dec 1, 2019

Seeing VP Harris sworn in demonstrated American promise

Demings knows something about making history. She had the opportunity to witness it when Vice President Kamala Harris was inaugurated. "You know we talk a lot about America being the greatest country in the world and with the best democracy. We talk a lot about America being the land of opportunity and seeing her sworn in really demonstrated that America can live up to its promise," she said.
Source: ClickOrlando.com e-zine on 2022 Florida Senate race , Jun 14, 2016

Certify 2020 Presidential election as fully & fairly counted.

Demings voted NAY blocking certification of the Electoral vote

Explanation of 1/6/21 Electoral Certification, by Emily Brooks, Washington Examiner:Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Paul Gosar led an objection to counting Electoral College votes from the state of Arizona, the first formal objection to state results in a series of moves that will delay the certification of Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 presidential election over President Trump. Cruz is advocating for an `emergency 10-day audit` of election returns in disputed states. The usually ceremonial joint session of Congress that convenes to count and accept Electoral College votes will be put on hold as the House and Senate separately debate the objection.