Wayne Sowell on Homeland Security

More $ for troops, less $ for weapons

Source: 2004 Congressional National Political Awareness Aug 16, 2004

Continue with National missile defense

Source: 2004 Congressional National Political Awareness Aug 16, 2004

Reinstitute military draft to prepare for evildoers

Our Military is not at the strength level required to accomplish the missions that it is being ordered to do! Now is the time for a new era of Military service, which will help to carry on this great tradition of freedom for all Americans. One cannot wait until the problem is at hand. We have no choice but to plan for the future, and that plan must begin with mandatory selective service, better known as the draft. Never again shall America be caught asleep at the wheel, as we were on that sad September morning of 2001. We need this draft not only because of September 11, 2001, but because we also have very dangerous enemies on both the domestic and foreign fronts. My planned usage of this manpower is to detour our aggressors and to protect America, not to be the aggressor in world conflicts. Never again will America be unprepared for the evildoers of the world. We shall defend our right to live fearing only God Almighty.
Source: Campaign website, waynesowell2004.org Aug 12, 2004

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