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State of Ohio Politicians: Archives

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    from State of Ohio Archives (number of quotes indicated):
  • Al Gore (5) Democrat
  • Asa Hutchinson (1) Arkansas Republican Governor
  • Bob Taft (10) Ohio Former Republican Governor (1999-2006)
  • Charlie Wilson (8) Democrat (until 2010) U.S. Rep Ohio-6
  • Connie Pillich (3) Ohio Democratic candidate for Governor
  • Dennis Kucinich (1) Democrat
  • Eric Deaton (8) 2010 Constitution Party challenger Ohio
  • Eric Fingerhut (11) 2004 former Democratic challenger; previously US Rep Ohio
  • Jim Renacci (14) Ohio Republican candidate for Governor (switched to Senate race)
  • Joe Biden (2) Democrat
  • Joe Schiavoni (15) Ohio Democratic candidate for Ohio Governor
  • John Kasich (23) Ohio Republican presidential candidate
  • Jon Husted (10) Ohio Republican candidate for Ohio Governor
  • Josh Mandel (19) Former Republican Nominee (withdrew 2018) Ohio
  • Joyce Beatty (8) Democrat U.S. Rep Ohio-3
  • Lee Fisher (39) 2010 Democratic Senate Challenger; currently Lt. Gov. Ohio
  • Mary Taylor (4) Ohio Republican candidate for Governor
  • Michael Pryce (15) Republican Challenger (lost 2012 primary) Ohio
  • Mike DeWine (10) Ohio Republican
  • Mike Gibbons (9) Republican candidate for Ohio U.S. Senator Ohio
  • Nan Whaley (5) Ohio Democratic candidate for Ohio Governor
  • P.G. Sittenfeld (18) Democratic Senate challenger Ohio
  • Paul Hackett (1) Democratic challenger (2006) Ohio
  • Rob Portman (18) Republican 2016 Primary Challenger
  • Ron Wyden (1) Democratic Sr Senator Oregon
  • Sherrod Brown (14) Democratic Sr Senator Ohio
  • Steven Driehaus (6) Democrat (until 2010) U.S. Rep Ohio-1
  • Ted Strickland (17) Ohio Former Democratic Governor (2006-2010)
  • Warren Davidson (4) Republican U.S. Rep Ohio-8
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Mike Gibbons: We need to end abortion in America.
    Joe Schiavoni: Restore Planned Parenthood funding.
    Jon Husted: Unwavering supporting for the unborn.
    Jim Renacci: Opposes abortion and gay marriage.
    John Kasich: Ban abortions after 20 weeks; but no "heartbeat bill".
    John Kasich: Require abortion clinics to have nearby hospital & doctor.
    Warren Davidson: Life begins at conception.
    Ted Strickland: Supports some restrictions but Planned Parenthood ok.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Unwavering supporter of a woman's right to choose.
    Josh Mandel: Signed pledge to oppose abortion on demand without exception.
    Josh Mandel: I believe in protecting life.
    Sherrod Brown: Women should make their own health care decisions.
    Michael Pryce: ObamaCare makes doctors commit abortions against their will.
    Josh Mandel: Endorsed by Ohio Right to Life PAC.
    Josh Mandel: Umbilical blood is ethical source of stem cells.
    Michael Pryce: Completely against abortion as a form of birth control.
    Michael Pryce: No funding for embryonic stem cell research.
    Lee Fisher: Committed to upholding the rights guaranteed in Roe v. Wade.
    Steven Driehaus: Prohibit partial-birth abortion; and illegalize all abortion.
    Eric Fingerhut: I support Roe vs. Wade.
    Charlie Wilson: Legal abortion only for incest, rape, or life of woman.
Budget & Economy
    Mike Gibbons: Government should get out of the way.
    Joe Schiavoni: Targeted tax credits for jobs and upgrades.
    Jon Husted: Most conservative state budget in 40 years.
    Jon Husted: Liberation from Feds can reduce other problems.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Make big banks split their commercial & investment practices.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Trickle-down economics has not worked for vast majority.
    Rob Portman: Budget director for President George W. Bush.
    Lee Fisher: Reduce deficit with pay-as-you-go budget rules.
    Ted Strickland: Turnaround Ohio: invest in innovation and entrepreneurship.
    Bob Taft: Keep budget balanced without new taxes; hold spending.
Civil Rights
    Nan Whaley: Presided over one of first Ohio gay marriages.
    Joe Schiavoni: LGBT students are like everyone else.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Saying "black lives matter" recognizes institutional racism.
    Michael Pryce: End affirmative action programs.
    Michael Pryce: Marriage only between one man and one woman.
    Lee Fisher: Same rights regardless of sexual orientation.
    Lee Fisher: Equal Pay for Equal Work: fair pay for women.
    Steven Driehaus: No civil unions; no same-sex marriage.
    Sherrod Brown: Voted against the Patriot Act because it is unpatriotic.
    Eric Fingerhut: Affirmative action is a good outreach strategy.
    Eric Fingerhut: Recognize same-sex civil unions and marriage.
    Joyce Beatty: Supports affirmative action in state hiring & college.
    Charlie Wilson: Supports affirmative action for state agencies & colleges.
    Jim Renacci: Reduce the corporate tax rate to 25%, and individuals too.
    John Kasich: Businesses are job creators, the engines of job growth.
    Mary Taylor: Common Sense Initiative: reform Ohio's regulatory policies.
    John Kasich: No income taxes on small businesses up to $2M.
    Josh Mandel: Auto bailout was un-American; I won't be the bailout Senator.
    Sherrod Brown: Supported auto industry bailout as fighting for middle class.
    Josh Mandel: Businesses hurt by complicated taxes & aggressive regulation.
    Joe Biden: We bet on the auto industry; 400,000 new jobs means we won.
    Lee Fisher: Experienced negotiating with companies to stay in Ohio.
    Rob Portman: More than 70 company tours & plant visits, to stay in touch.
    Rob Portman: More favorable policy: encourage business development.
    Connie Pillich: Worked as public defender, and challenged predatory lenders.
    Jim Renacci: Opposes capital punishment.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Mandatory minimum sentencing causes black mass incarceration.
    Michael Pryce: Supports capital punishment.
    Michael Pryce: No reduced prison sentences for non-violent offenders.
    Eric Deaton: Being pro-life, I believe in very limited capital punishment.
    Lee Fisher: Created Ohio's first DNA database.
    Steven Driehaus: Moratorium on the death penalty.
    Josh Mandel: Voted YES on lethal force against home intruders.
    Eric Fingerhut: Support death penalty; ban racial profiling.
    Eric Fingerhut: No parole for repeat offenders.
    Joyce Beatty: Moratorium on the death penalty.
    Joyce Beatty: End parole for repeat violent offenders.
    Charlie Wilson: Supports alternative sentencing & rehabilitation.
    Lee Fisher: Expand the use of the death penalty.
    Lee Fisher: More prisons; less parole for repeat violent felons.
    Mike Gibbons: Solutions are more medical than criminal.
    Joe Schiavoni: Can't arrest our way out of opioid crisis.
    Nan Whaley: Ohio's heroin epidemic caused by drug companies.
    Jon Husted: If #1 in jobs & education, Ohio wouldn't be #1 in opioids.
    John Kasich: Shut down the pill mills; put crooked doctors in jail.
    John Kasich: StartTalking! Talk to kids to say no to opiates.
    Mike DeWine: Age-appropriate discussions in Kindergarten thru 12th grade.
    Rob Portman: No legalization; focus instead on drug prevention.
    Ted Strickland: Decriminalize and/or legalize marijuana.
    Ted Strickland: Medical cannabis is a "no-brainer"; decriminalize now.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Reform outdated marijuana laws that penalize possession.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Marijuana legalization & tight regulation.
    John Kasich: 50% lower chance of drug use if kids hear "don't do drugs".
    Michael Pryce: Mandatory prison sentences for selling illegal drugs.
    Eric Deaton: Rehabilitate drug sellers rather than just locking them up.
    Lee Fisher: Rid our streets of violence and illegal drugs.
    Lee Fisher: Created the award-winning Operation Crackdown program.
    Steven Driehaus: Strengthen penalties and sentences for drug-related crimes.
    Eric Fingerhut: Decriminalize medical marijuana.
    Bob Taft: Enact more laws to fight methamphetamines.
    Joyce Beatty: Strengthen penalties for drug-related crimes.
    Charlie Wilson: Strengthen penalties for drug-related crimes.
    Joe Schiavoni: Stop waste in charters, invest in public schools.
    Joe Schiavoni: Make public higher education affordable.
    Jim Renacci: Top-down, one-size-fits-all approach has proven ineffective.
    Dennis Kucinich: Charter schools are a multi-billion dollar boondoogle.
    Joe Schiavoni: Protect students from failing online charter schools.
    Ted Strickland: Criticizes $71M in charter school funding for rigged report.
    John Kasich: $120 million student debt relief fund; plus online college.
    Josh Mandel: Expand school choice to public, charter, & private schools.
    Jim Renacci: I strongly support school voucher programs.
    Michael Pryce: Federal funding for K-12 school vouchers.
    Lee Fisher: Where you grow up should not determine where you end up.
    Eric Fingerhut: Teach abstinence; require exit exams in high schools.
    Eric Fingerhut: Better teacher pay; expanded early education.
    Bob Taft: Implement system of standards, assessments & accountability.
    Bob Taft: Ohioís success depends on keeping education as #1 priority.
    Bob Taft: Called for 20,000 reading tutors; program is succeeding.
    Joyce Beatty: Adequately fund Ohio public schools.
    Charlie Wilson: More funding for teachers.
    Lee Fisher: Encourage charters & corporate investment.
Energy & Oil
    Jim Renacci: We cannot afford to halt or discourage domestic exploration.
    Joe Schiavoni: Continue oil, gas exploration, but safer fracking.
    Rob Portman: Human activity contributes to climate change; but no laws.
    Ted Strickland: Tackle the challenge of catastrophic climate change.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: I'm strongly opposed to the Keystone XL pipeline.
    Ted Strickland: Stay out of Keystone XL discussions; it doesn't involve Ohio.
    John Kasich: Balanced use of green energy & low-cost energy.
    John Kasich: Raise severance tax on oil & gas from 20 cents upward.
    Josh Mandel: Use responsibly the natural resources we're blessed to have.
    Eric Deaton: Produce oil from the easy state-side locations.
    Lee Fisher: 25% advanced and alternative energy by 2025.
    Bob Taft: Project THAW: $250 for home heating oil costs.
    Joyce Beatty: Develop alternative fuels.
    Jim Renacci: Reduce Washington's adversarial red tape on farms.
    John Kasich: $2.5B invested in cleaning Lake Erie, and keep it clean.
    Joe Schiavoni: $100M to address water quality with sewer improvements.
    Ted Strickland: Safeguard clean air and water for future generations.
    Eric Fingerhut: Aggressive effort to increase clean air.
Families & Children
    Jon Husted: American family is broken without two loving parents.
    John Kasich: CATCH court: prostitutes are victims of human trafficking.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Fight for the right to paid sick days.
    Lee Fisher: Wrote Ohio's Missing Children law & Clearinghouse.
Foreign Policy
    Asa Hutchinson: Eradicate North Korean leadership, but no assassinations.
    Ted Strickland: Support Iran nuke treaty; opposes ground troops against ISIS.
    Lee Fisher: Deploy all tools: diplomacy, strength, intel, & military.
    Al Gore: Nation-building: preferable to WWIII, and a stunning success.
    Al Gore: Cuba: Hard-liner on Castro; keep sanctions.
    Al Gore: North Korea: Continue exploring rapprochement.
    Al Gore: Russia: USís abiding interest, but troubled by Putin.
Free Trade
    Rob Portman: Push TPP to remove limits on US poultry exports.
    Rob Portman: Negotiated fast-track under Bush; but slowing it under Obama.
    Ron Wyden: Key supporter of fast-track trade-promotion authority.
    Sherrod Brown: Trade agreements have sold out the middle class.
    Josh Mandel: Criticizes opponent for helping move jobs to China.
    Lee Fisher: Trade agreements should be fair and enforced.
    Rob Portman: Pass more trade agreements to increase Ohio exports.
    Rob Portman: Served as trade representative under Pres. George W. Bush.
    Lee Fisher: More stringent policy: discourage companies moving overseas.
    Eric Deaton: Free trade agreements have destroyed our economy.
    Lee Fisher: Make sure trade agreements export Ohio goods, not Ohio jobs.
    Mike DeWine: Tariffs against dumping steel, & give fines to US companies.
    Sherrod Brown: Supports fair trade; opposes exporting jobs.
Government Reform
    Mike Gibbons: Signed term limit pledge.
    Jon Husted: States should police elections, not Feds.
    Jim Renacci: End campaign contributions that lead to government contracts.
    Ted Strickland: Overturn Citizens United with constitutional amendment.
    Ted Strickland: Citizens United lets billionaires' dark money buy elections.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: The right to cast a ballot is under assault.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.
    Josh Mandel: No government bailout that I would ever support.
    Josh Mandel: Does not accept gifts in public office.
    Josh Mandel: Public officials should disclose more than is required.
    John Kasich: Skinny-down bureaucracy & kick out special interests.
    Michael Pryce: Remove all contribution & spending limits on campaigns.
    Eric Deaton: Limit & regulate campaign contributions.
    Eric Deaton: No line item veto; limit "signing statements".
    Joyce Beatty: Limit campaign contributions & campaigm spending.
    Charlie Wilson: Supports public funding for political camapigns.
    Lee Fisher: Campaign spending limits, but no state funding.
Gun Control
    Mike Gibbons: God-given right to keep and bear arms.
    Jon Husted: Spearheaded comprehensive reform to concealed carry law.
    Jon Husted: Endorsed by gun group, supports "right to protect".
    Ted Strickland: Supports background checks; close terror watchlist loophole.
    Ted Strickland: 2010: Pro-gun & NRA endorsed; 2016: end gun epidemic.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: We need Senators who'll stand up to extreme gun lobby.
    Ted Strickland: OpEd: Worked for anti-gun group, but never renounced NRA.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: We have more mass murders because we have more guns.
    Steven Driehaus: More enforcement; more safety locks; more background checks.
    Eric Fingerhut: Supports safety locks, background checks, semi-auto ban.
    Charlie Wilson: Require child-safety locks.
    Lee Fisher: Waiting periods; child safety locks; other restrictions ok.
Health Care
    Mike Gibbons: Replace ObamaCare with competition.
    Joe Schiavoni: Protect Medicaid expansion; oppose ObamaCare repeal.
    Nan Whaley: Medicaid crucial to helping addicts; don't throw people off.
    Jim Renacci: Competition & tort reform instead of ObamaCare.
    John Kasich: Medicaid expansion brought health care to 700,000 people.
    Ted Strickland: Improve ObamaCare: repeal Cadillac Tax; negotiate Rx drugs.
    Mary Taylor: ObamaCare saddles Ohio with higher costs.
    Michael Pryce: ObamaCare intimidates doctors to withhold treatment.
    Lee Fisher: Supports new healthcare reform law.
    Rob Portman: Repeal new health reform; it's a job killer.
    Lee Fisher: Health care reform is both a moral and economic imperative.
    Lee Fisher: Lower cost; ensure choice; expand coverage; no taxes.
    Eric Fingerhut: Fund basic health care for all citizens.
    Bob Taft: Golden Buckeye Card for senior Rx discounts.
Homeland Security
    Mike Gibbons: Must have the best weapons.
    Joe Schiavoni: Against military transgender ban.
    Connie Pillich: Advocate for veterans, financially and community.
    Jim Renacci: Ensure Armed Forces have resources they need; end sequester.
    Warren Davidson: Equip our military for victory, and fix the VA.
    Josh Mandel: AdWatch: served as Marine in Iraq; grandson of a soldier.
    Lee Fisher: Let anyone serve who is willing; end don't-ask-don't-tell.
    Rob Portman: Let the military decide on don't-ask-don't-tell.
    Eric Deaton: More spending on military R&D and hardware.
    Lee Fisher: If you serve your country, your country must serve you.
    Mike DeWine: Brown voted 10 times to cut intelligence spending.
    Mike DeWine: I donít have confidence in Rumsfeld.
    Sherrod Brown: Voted every time in favor of final intelligence budgets.
    Mike Gibbons: We must control our borders.
    Jim Renacci: Supports border wall for Mexico plus temporary travel ban.
    Warren Davidson: Securing our borders is a top national security issue.
    Ted Strickland: Fix broken system with comprehensive immigration reform.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Common-sense pathway to citizenship but not amnesty.
    Jim Renacci: No pathway to citizenship; yes official English.
    Joe Schiavoni: Protect collective bargaining rights.
    Joe Schiavoni: Raise minimum wage.
    John Kasich: No strikes allowed for public employees.
    Joe Biden: We value working class; Republicans value privileged class.
    Lee Fisher: Incentive for Ohio jobs rather than breaks for jobs overseas.
    Rob Portman: High unemployment rate creates Ohio brain drain.
    Lee Fisher: OpEd: In charge of job creation when Ohio lost 400,000 jobs.
    Lee Fisher: Enforce collective bargaining and prevailing wage laws.
Principles & Values
    Connie Pillich: Announced candidacy on route of Cincinnati Women's March.
    Mary Taylor: Served as Director of Insurance, while Lt. Governor.
    Jim Renacci: OhioFirst: the day of the career politicians needs to change.
    Warren Davidson: Political left has maintained a progressive attack on faith.
    Sherrod Brown: AdWatch: nepotistic hiring practices at the state treasury.
    Josh Mandel: OpEd: Missed 14 monthly meetings as Ohio Treasurer.
    John Kasich: Kasich rhymes with Basic.
    John Kasich: Host of weekly news show, "Heartland with John Kasich".
    Jon Husted: Public prayer in Legislature is free speech.
    Lee Fisher: I'm just as angry at Washington insiders as you are.
    Rob Portman: If you like the way things are going, support my opponent.
    Lee Fisher: Ohio voters are mad as hell over Republican policies.
    Rob Portman: A top adviser to President George W. Bush.
    Mike DeWine: Worked in a bi-partisan manner to get things done.
    Mike DeWine: Brown does not represent the mainstream of Ohio.
    Sherrod Brown: Endorsed by conservative group that cares about tax fairness.
    Paul Hackett: Ohio Democrats need an 88-county strategy to win elections.
Social Security
    Rob Portman: Supported Bush's privatization, but no longer supports it.
    Ted Strickland: No Social Security privatization.
    Josh Mandel: Raise retirement age, but not for Baby Boomers or older.
    Sherrod Brown: Don't raise retirement age; system has been reliable.
    Lee Fisher: No benefit cuts; don't raise retirement age.
    Rob Portman: Bush's proposal was sound, but I'm not for privatization.
    Lee Fisher: Strengthen, preserve and protect Social Security.
Tax Reform
    Mike Gibbons: Cut taxes, flatten tax rates.
    Joe Schiavoni: End tax cuts for rich to support schools.
    Nan Whaley: Shift tax burden to rich.
    Jim Renacci: Our tax code is broken; comprehensive reform needed.
    Mary Taylor: Reduce personal income tax; eliminate franchise tax.
    John Kasich: $3 billion in tax cuts for job creators.
    Josh Mandel: I'm proud to pledge for lower taxes.
    Sherrod Brown: Anti-tax pledges handcuff budget decisions.
    Josh Mandel: Eliminate the death tax; it's an unjust double taxation.
    Michael Pryce: Consumption tax gets government off our backs.
    John Kasich: Lower taxes to create competitive climate.
    Lee Fisher: Let Bush tax cuts expire for millionaires.
    Rob Portman: Any tax increase would hurt the fragile economy.
    Lee Fisher: 2005 tax cut reduced Ohio taxes by 16.8%.
    Lee Fisher: Let tax cuts on wealthy expire, to pay for health reform.
    Mike DeWine: Some ads had mistakes, but say Brown votes against tax cuts.
    Sherrod Brown: DeWineís ads doctor WTC photos to distort my record on taxes.
    Bob Taft: 3-year tax holiday for high-tech start-ups.
    Charlie Wilson: Supports progressive state income tax.
    Joe Schiavoni: Infrasructure investment creates jobs.
    Jon Husted: States must focus on high tech future.
    John Kasich: Replace "Rust Belt" with Cloud computing and 3-D printing.
    Bob Taft: New programs for high-tech skills training.
    Bob Taft: $52M to support high-tech research.
War & Peace
    Nan Whaley: U.S. should take in Syrian refugees.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Keep the conversation going with ISIS, including nukes.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Trust but verify with Iran; the alternative is war.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Supports targeted airstrikes against ISIS.
    Josh Mandel: Two tours of duty in Iraq as a U.S. Marine.
    Michael Pryce: We are world police; Iran likely already has a nuclear bomb.
    Michael Pryce: No military nor development funding for Afghanistan.
    Michael Pryce: Withdraw from Iraq; but sanctions on Iran.
    Lee Fisher: Set a deadline for withdrawal from Afghanistan.
    Rob Portman: Arbitrary deadline for withdrawal lets enemy wait it out.
    Eric Deaton: Withdraw from Iraq; increase sanctions on Iran.
    Lee Fisher: Responsibly end the war in Iraq; train Afghan troops & exit.
    Lee Fisher: Stop Iran & North Korea from developing or acquiring nukes.
    Mike DeWine: Cannot set an artificial timetable for withdrawal from Iraq.
    Mike DeWine: Iraq has become a cause celebre for the jihadists.
    Mike DeWine: Would not have voted to go into Iraq with what we now know.
    Sherrod Brown: Instruct the military to come up with a withdrawal plan.
    Sherrod Brown: Iraq has distracted the War on Terror and made us less safe.
    Sherrod Brown: Voted against $87 billion that went to Halliburton.
    Al Gore: Bosnia: Be proud that we stopped ethnic cleansing.
Welfare & Poverty
    John Kasich: Welfare without a path to work doesn't work.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Wealth inequality is worst since the Gilded Age.
    John Kasich: People who played by the rules suffered; act decisively now.
    John Kasich: Chaired committee which overhauled the welfare system.
    Steven Driehaus: Fund faith-based and community-based private organizations.
    Joyce Beatty: Expand state services to include the working poor.
    Lee Fisher: Fund state social programs for teens; pre-K; at-risk youth.

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