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Books by and about 2012 presidential nominees
Do Not Ask What Good We Do
about Rep. Paul Ryan (2012)
The Path to Prosperity
by Rep. Paul Ryan (2012)
Ten Letters
about Pres. Barack Obama (2011)
A Life of Trial and Redemption
about V.P. Joe Biden (2010)
No Apology
by Gov. Mitt Romney (2010)
Young Guns
by Rep. Paul Ryan et al (2010)
The Path to Prosperity
by Rep. Paul Ryan (2012)
Promises to Keep
by Vice Pres. Joe Biden (2007)
The Audacity of Hope
by Pres. Barack Obama (2006)
by Gov. Mitt Romney (2004)
Dreams from My Father
by Pres. Barack Obama (1996)

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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Newt Gingrich: Don't discard excess embryos from in vitro fertilization.
    Newt Gingrich: Don't discard excess embryos from in vitro fertilization.
    Newt Gingrich: Embryonic stem-cell research desensitizes us to kill babies.
    Newt Gingrich: Embryonic stem-cell research desensitizes us to kill babies.
    George Pataki: Favors abortion rights.
    John Kerry: Life begins at conception, but we can’t legislate that.
    Tom Vilsack: A Catholic who supports abortion rights.
    Wesley Clark: Partial birth ban ok if exceptions made for woman’s health.
    Duke Cunningham: Both pro-life and pro-stem cell research.
    Gordon Harold Smith: Both pro-life and pro-stem cell research.
    Orrin Hatch: Both pro-life and pro-stem cell research.
    Strom Thurmond: Both pro-life and pro-stem cell research.
    Tommy Thompson: Both pro-life and pro-stem cell research.
    Zell Miller: Both pro-life and pro-stem cell research.
    Al Gore: Next president’s Supreme Court nominees will decide abortion.
    George W. Bush: Supreme Court is wrong: leave abortion to the states.
    Elizabeth Dole: For federal funding only in cases of incest, rape, health.
    Al Gore: Always, always defend a woman’s right to choose.
    Hillary Clinton: Keep abortion safe, legal and rare.
Budget & Economy
    Paul Ryan: Bishops deny Ryan's "use of Catholic faith" as budget guide.
    Gary Johnson: Cut federal budget by 43% to bring it into balance.
    Jim Gilmore: I delivered a balanced budget; no deficit when I ended term.
    Jim Gilmore: More banking oversight, even if it means bigger government.
    Mark Warner: Gilmore’s budgets “full of gimmicks” created $6B deficit.
    Mark Warner: Banking crisis caused by too many asleep at the switch in DC.
    John McCain: GovWatch: Specified cuts are $10B, not $100B.
    Paul O`Neill: Bush team not pushing Reaganite supply-side arguments.
    Paul O`Neill: Committed to maintaining strong dollar.
    Al Gore: Prosperity itself is on the ballot; keep “new-economy”.
    Al Gore: Voters in key states do not credit Gore for prosperity.
    Ralph Nader: High gas prices are the fruit of corporate power.
    Al Gore: Broad solutions to national debt & maintaining prosperity.
    George W. Bush: Make budget biennial; reinstate line-item veto; target pork.
    George W. Bush: $46B in new spending on health, education, & defense.
    George W. Bush: Simplify tax code to stimulate economic growth.
Civil Rights
    George Allen: Gay judges ok; activist judges not ok.
    Bob McDonnell: Objects to anti-gay discrimination in principle.
    Donald Rumsfield: Give gays right to serve in the military.
    Mike Bloomberg: Backs same-sex marriage.
    George Allen: Tunisian mother did not teach him Tunisian slur “macaca”.
    Rudy Giuliani: Pro gay rights.
    Benjamin Cardin: Supports civil unions, no comment on gay marriage.
    Kevin Zeese: Supports full marriage rights for gay couples.
    Kweisi Mfume: Supports full benefits & rights of gay marriage.
    Kweisi Mfume: No constitutional Amendment defining traditional marriage.
    Lise Van Susteren: Supports full marriage rights for gay couples.
    Michael Steele: Affirms marriage is between one man and one woman.
    Russell Feingold: Shouldn’t change the Constitution to ban gay marriage.
    George W. Bush: Race-neutral admissions first; race factor ok if that fails.
    John Kerry: Personally believes marriage is between a man & a woman.
    Wesley Clark: Homosexuality is not a sin.
    George W. Bush: Offices on AIDS and race will remain open.
    Ezola Foster: Homosexuality is biologically & psychologically damaging.
    Ezola Foster: Racism is out of govt; now focus on people.
    Ezola Foster: Supports display of Confederate flag in southern states.
    Ezola Foster: Against racial preferences.
    Al Gore: Need more opportunities for women-owned businesses.
    Al Gore: Fight against domestic violence and for safe streets.
    Janet Reno: Infrastructure protection no threat to civil rights.
    Gary Johnson: Visited Occupy Wall Street; we need radical surgery.
    Jim Gilmore: Washington “asleep at the switch” at financial oversight.
    Mark Warner: Financial crisis stems from companies over-borrowing.
    Hillary Clinton: Companies get rewarded with hard-working people left hanging.
    John Snow: Consistent ethical standard for corporate America.
    Howard Dean: AdWatch: “Hold corporations accountable”-but gave incentives.
    Ezola Foster: Defends police action in Rodney King beating.
    Barack Obama: Admitted marijuana use in high school & college.
    Dick Cheney: Was twice convicted of drunk driving charges.
    George W. Bush: Never disclosed DUI arrest out of concern for his daughters.
    Al Gore: Science doesn’t say medical marijuana is proper.
    Jay Inslee: $1.2B for automatic COLA adjustments for teachers.
    Mark Warner: Home-schooling is ok; my sister home-schools her kids.
    Rick Santorum: Expose kids to legitimate debate of evolution & creationism.
    Ezola Foster: Focus on Constitution: feds out of school funding & control.
    Ezola Foster: Government intervention to blame for school problems.
    Al Gore: Increase the federal role in education.
    George W. Bush: $5B reading program; mixing phonics & literature.
    George W. Bush: $2B for teachers; mandates are optional.
    George W. Bush: Apply Texas Reading Initiative to US: all 3rd graders read.
    George W. Bush: $400 deductible when teachers spend own money on classrooms.
    Elizabeth Dole: Supports CA Prop 187 barring illegal aliens from schools.
    Al Gore: Reduce class sizes; make college savings plans.
    George W. Bush: Establish standards, then let school districts meet them.
    George W. Bush: Results-oriented systems: OK to link funding to performance.
    George W. Bush: Teachers’ unions obstacle to school innovation.
    George W. Bush: Vouchers a priority; encourage their spread.
    Hillary Clinton: Charters meet needs of failing public school students.
    Hillary Clinton: Vouchers siphon off much-needed resources.
Energy & Oil
    Dave Freudenthal: Nation's first state excise tax on wind energy production.
    Jim Gilmore: Favors drilling ANWR and also drilling offshore.
    Mark Warner: Opposes drilling ANWR; but OK to drill offshore.
    Barack Obama: GovWatch: $150B for electric car batteries & new technology.
    Barack Obama: GovWatch: Supports nuclear power if it’s clean & safe.
    Barack Obama: GovWatch: Opposes Yucca Mountain for nuclear waste storage.
    John McCain: GovWatch: No, Obama supported $150B in energy innovation.
    John McCain: GovWatch: Build 45 new nuclear power plants by 2030.
    John McCain: End moratorium on offshore oil drilling.
    John McCain: GovWatch: Yes, his cap-and-trade bill is mandatory.
    John McCain: GovWatch: Favors wind & solar in ad; favors nuclear in bills.
    John McCain: GovWatch: Gas tax cut goes to oil companies, not consumers.
    Hillary Clinton: GovWatch: Gas tax holiday saves $8B; but that’s 64 cents/day.
    Barack Obama: Stop sending $800M a day to Mideast dictators for oil.
    Jim Gilmore: Energy independence nuclear, additional drilling & biomass.
    George W. Bush: Use ANWR fees for alternative energy and home oil help.
    George W. Bush: Drill ANWR and leave only footprints.
    George W. Bush: Bush questions Gore’s tax break for oil interests.
    Al Gore: Gore calls for elimination of combustion engine.
    Dan Quayle: More research before we act on global warming.
    Dan Quayle: Reducing greenhouse emissions hurts economy too much.
    Dan Quayle: CAFE standards cost lives by shrinking cars.
    Creigh Deeds: Bring high-speed rail & bus rapid transit to Virginia.
    John McCain: GovWatch: Voted for one Congressional Katrina investigation.
    George W. Bush: Restrict wetland development, but not arsenic or CO2.
    George W. Bush: More lead emission reporting requirements.
    Ezola Foster: Eliminate EPA; businesses can take care of themselves.
    George W. Bush: Can’t sue our way to clean air & water--work with industry.
    Dan Quayle: Supports marketable pollution credits for over-compliance.
    Dan Quayle: Against restricting property use under ESA.
    Dan Quayle: Healthy economy best guarantees healthy ecology.
    Dan Quayle: Supports full compensation for regulatory takings.
    Dan Quayle: Define wetlands as land that is wet.
    Dan Quayle: Local, not federal, solutions for suburban sprawl.
Families & Children
    George W. Bush: Fathers’ registry will promote involvement, responsibility.
    Al Gore: Elian’s father should decide Elian’s fate; maybe with courts.
    Hillary Clinton: Decide Elian’s fate via ongoing INS legal process.
    Rudy Giuliani: Give Elian citizenship; decide fate in family court.
    Al Gore: Elian’s interests paramount over diplomatic interests.
    Al Gore: Move Elian’s case from INS to Florida courts.
    Al Gore: Pre-school available to every child in every community.
Foreign Policy
    John Bolton: Help Egyptian Army over Muslim Brotherhood, even if elected.
    Gary Johnson: We can no longer afford to shell out billions in foreign aid.
    Jim Gilmore: Pursue terrorists into Pakistan, but maintain secrecy.
    Mark Warner: Pakistan could emerge as world’s most dangerous nation.
    Dick Cheney: Reach out to allies-but advisory role only.
    George W. Bush: Bush Doctrine: pre-emptive strikes for US defense.
    Howard Dean: Intertwine into alliances, to create international stability.
    Joe Moakley: Greatest accomplishment was cutting off aid to El Salvador.
    Donald Rumsfeld: Sometimes leaders have to act without public consensus.
    George W. Bush: US troops will never be under UN command.
    Maria Cantwell: Opposes linking Human Rights to trade with China.
    Ezola Foster: American sovereignty is extremely important.
    Al Gore: Russia’s transition is accomplishment, if over-optimistic.
    Dick Cheney: Aiding Contras good; using money from Iran bad.
Free Trade
    Duncan Hunter: China is cheating on trade; junk our bad China trade deals.
    George W. Bush: Repeals steel tariffs he imposed in 2002.
    Ezola Foster: Bush & Gore both favor free trade; Buchanan/Foster don’t.
    George W. Bush: China in WTO supports freedom, security and economics.
Government Reform
    Hillary Clinton: Voter suppression revives old demons of discrimination.
    Hillary Clinton: Fight obstacles to voting disguised as election fraud claims.
    Jamie Radtke: Country's biggest problem is activist judges.
    Christine Gregoire: Transform to 21st-century government that can't do it all.
    Joe Biden: Transparency on earmarks: $250B earmarked for Del. In 2009.
    Barack Obama: GovWatch: Promised public financing, and then retreated.
    Barack Obama: GovWatch: No, McCain & RNC don’t get much money from PACs.
    Samuel Alito: Courts play limited role in Constitutional system.
    Howard Dean: Opts out of campaign finance system.
    John McCain: Differentiate “electioneering” from real issue ads.
    Ralph Nader: Don’t waste your vote: Gore & Bush only marginally differ.
    Ezola Foster: Government should stop meddling in people’s lives.
    George W. Bush: Streamline government with cuts and competition.
    Al Gore: Decentralization builds faith in government.
    Al Gore: Customer Satisfaction Survey for feds.
    Al Gore: Performance-based pay for civil servants.
    Al Gore: No controlling legal authority“ for White House calls.
Gun Control
    Mark Warner: Strong defender of the Second Amendment.
    Mike Bloomberg: Sued New York City gun dealers to control guns.
    John Kerry: Supports 2nd Amendment, but wants to ban assault weapons.
    Dick Gephardt: Leading Dems distance themselves from divisive gun debate.
    Dick Gephardt: No additional authority for federal gun agency.
    Howard Dean: Leading Dems distance themselves from divisive gun debate.
    John Edwards: Leading Dems distance themselves from divisive gun debate.
    John Edwards: Guns are about independence-don’t mess with that.
    Wesley Clark: Supports ban on assault weapons.
    Wesley Clark: Supports the Second Amendment and uses guns himself.
    John Ashcroft: Unequivocal individual gun rights, but restrictions ok.
    Charles Schumer: Cutting record-keeping limits fosters gun sale fraud & abuse.
    John Ashcroft: Cut record-keeping to one day for background checks.
    Ezola Foster: Focus on Constitution: No infringement of gun rights.
    George W. Bush: Assault weapon OK; waiting period not OK.
    George W. Bush: Concealed Carry needed in our dangerous society.
Health Care
    Christine Gregoire: 10-year goal: Save $26B and increase quality of care.
    Barbara Mikulski: Oppose a prescription plan that subsidies the drug companies.
    Dick Gephardt: AdWatch: Criticizes Dean for 11-year-old outdated stances.
    Wesley Clark: Supports universal health coverage.
    Anthony Kennedy: States cannot ban cigarette ads near schools.
    Antonin Scalia: States cannot ban cigarette ads near schools.
    Clarence Thomas: States cannot ban cigarette ads near schools.
    David Souter: Allow states to restrict cigarette ads beyond federal rules.
    John Paul Stevens: Allow states to restrict cigarette ads beyond federal rules.
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Allow states to restrict cigarette ads beyond federal rules.
    Sandra Day O`Connor: States cannot ban cigarette ads near schools.
    Stephen Breyer: Allow states to restrict cigarette ads beyond federal rules.
    William Rehnquist: States cannot ban cigarette ads near schools.
    George W. Bush: Senior Rx: “Immediate Helping Hand” now; more later.
    Ezola Foster: Portable and private affordable Medicare solutions.
    Al Gore: Base drug plan on people, not power.
    Al Gore: Use Medicare surplus to pay federal debt, not to cut taxes.
    Al Gore: Require insurance coverage of experimental cancer trials.
    Al Gore: Mental health care & disabled care for all who need it.
    George W. Bush: Supports subsidized Medicare menu with means testing.
    Hillary Clinton: Medicare is biased against nursing home alternatives.
Homeland Security
    Bob Marshall: Against "don't ask, don't tell" as Navy officer in 1990s.
    George Allen: Military readiness more important than congressional consent.
    John McCain: Applying habeas to Guantanamo let 30 terrorists attack US.
    John McCain: GovWatch: Only 13 Gitmo recidivists & none attacked US.
    Barack Obama: Get first responders the healthcare and equipment they need.
    Barack Obama: Comprehensive plan for our veterans healthcare.
    Chris Dodd: Give troops & first responders everything they need.
    Chuck Hagel: Pay attention to 2B people in poverty, or terrorists will.
    Duncan Hunter: Arsenal of democracy is leaving our shores.
    Hillary Clinton: Fund first responders with extra $1.7 billion.
    John Edwards: End $250 registration fee for veterans getting healthcare.
    Mike McGavick: We must stand tall for liberty here and abroad.
    Russell Feingold: Al-Qaeda is a priority, not Iraq.
    Howard Dean: No SDI deployment until it’s proven to work.
    Wesley Clark: Consider cutting defense spending.
    Donald Rumsfeld: Abandon the “two major war” basis for size of military.
    Donald Rumsfeld: Agrees with Bush on 21st century military reforms.
    Ezola Foster: Sovereignty of nation is a primary concern.
    George W. Bush: SDI plan like Bush Sr.’s $63B GPALS & “Brilliant Pebbles”.
    Janet Reno: Advocates broad partnership to protect US infrastructure.
    Dan Quayle: Spend more on advanced weapons R&D.
    Dan Quayle: Modify Aegis for missile defense; withdraw from ABM Treaty.
    Dan Quayle: Coordinate intelligence agencies to fight terrorism.
    Al Gore: Nuclear plan: no SDI; fewer missiles; less production.
    Al Gore: Nuclear plan: no SDI; fewer missiles; less production.
    Al Gore: Opposed SDI because USSR would build counter-measures.
    Al Gore: Continue SDI research within ABM treaty.
    Al Gore: Abandon ABM Treaty only when conditions change.
    Al Gore: Deterrence works-replace it only when SDI works as well.
    Dick Cheney: Americans support force when appropriate & clear objective.
    Dick Cheney: Gulf War: No, we should not have gone to Baghdad.
    Dick Cheney: Gulf War: We did it right to avoid a quagmire.
    Donald Trump: Citizenship for illegal immigrants is a GOP suicide mission.
    Rob Sobhani: Make English the official language of the United States.
    Rob Sobhani: 5-year moratorium on immigration & 75,000 work visas.
    Barack Obama: GovWatch: Anti-immigrants fuel xenophobia, but 45% increase.
    Sam Brownback: Increase legal immigrants & build a fence on Mexican border.
    Kathleen Sebelius: Focus on employers who hire illegal workers.
    George W. Bush: New temporary worker program includes illegal aliens.
    Howard Dean: Poor treatment of Muslim immigrants is ethnic profiling.
    Ezola Foster: Immigration policies should protect Americans.
    Elizabeth Dole: Supports CA Prop 187 barring illegal aliens from schools.
    George W. Bush: Against the spirit of CA Proposition 187.
    Lyndon Johnson: Abolish country-specific discriminatory quotas.
    John Walsh: My dad was a union man, and my roots are in unions.
    Gary Johnson: Governments don't create jobs--businesses do.
    Jim Gilmore: Oppose making it easier to organize labor unions.
    Bill Richardson: Tax credit for creating jobs paying over the prevailing wage.
    Bill Richardson: Increase the minimum wage to $7.50.
    Chris Dodd: Vibrant labor movement built the American middle class.
    Joe Biden: Bush tries to strip away 100 years of labor progress.
    John Edwards: Grow the union movement; unions made great jobs great.
    Orrin Hatch: Ethanol subsidies OK, but no federal gasohol requirements.
    Orrin Hatch: Alternative fuels important to our energy security.
Principles & Values
    John Walsh: Washington incumbents are part of a broken system.
    Jim Gilmore: Will be conservative voice in Democratic-controlled Congress.
    Mark Warner: End partisan gridlock; embrace common ground.
    Jim Gilmore: Warner is ducking debates; doesn’t want his positions known.
    Barack Obama: GovWatch: “Worked his way thru college” meant 2 summer jobs.
    Barack Obama: GovWatch: Wears flag pin to deflect anti-patriotism critics.
    Barack Obama: GovWatch: never a Muslim, but school listed him as Muslim.
    Hillary Clinton: GovWatch: Maybe won popular vote, but only delegates count.
    Mike Bloomberg: Will decide in early ‘08 on run as self-financed independent.
    Barack Obama: Washington can change if we say: Yes we can.
    George Allen: Recently discovered he has Jewish heritage.
    George Allen: Raised Christian with Jewish ancestry; religion not relevant.
    Rudy Giuliani: Socially liberal stances: weak in primary; strong in general.
    Harriet Miers: Served one term on Dallas City Council and then bowed out.
    Harriet Miers: Low-key but high-precision style.
    Joe Biden: Plans to seek presidential nomination in 2008.
    Condoleezza Rice: Faith & prayer guide me on difficult matters.
    Barack Obama: Ryan quits Senate race amid sex scandal allegations.
    Jack Ryan: Ryan quits Senate race amid sex scandal allegations.
    Joseph Lieberman: AdWatch: Fighting extremes of both parties.
    Howard Dean: A committed follower of Jesus Christ.
    Howard Dean: Building a grassroots movement, like a liberal Goldwater.
    Wesley Clark: Different kind of Democrat-without strong partisanship.
    Wesley Clark: Would not rule out vice presidency.
    Wesley Clark: Bush abuses executive power as much as Nixon did.
    Howard Dean: Let’s say what we think and get away from being poll-driven.
    Janet Reno: Justice supports democracy & economic opportunity.
    Jim Jeffords: Party switch gives control of Senate to Democrats.
    George W. Bush: Communitarianism: Society over unfettered individualism.
    John Ashcroft: Common-sense conservative.
    John Ashcroft: Law is supreme, above his personal beliefs.
    Al Gore: Disagrees with Supreme Court, but accepts its finality.
    Al Gore: Concedes to Bush; now it’s time for reconciliation.
    Al Gore: Gore will never stop fighting for the people.
    Al Gore: Again offers statewide recount; Bush again rejects it.
    Ralph Nader: Gore has only himself to blame for defeat and a bad campaign.
    Ralph Nader: Gore needed to run on more than not being George W. Bush.
    Ralph Nader: Gore has only himself to blame for defeat and a bad campaign.
    George W. Bush: Bush ended news conferences in Sept.; Gore now accessible.
    Ralph Nader: Nader-Trader: Swap Gore vote with friend in non-swing state.
    Ralph Nader: Hold Your Vote: check late polls; vote Nader if not close.
    Ralph Nader: Tactical voting: if Gore leads your state by 9%, vote Nader.
    Ezola Foster: Left Democrats & GOP because of differences of belief.
    Ezola Foster: In the race to win.
    Ezola Foster: Encourages attending John Birch chapter meetings.
    Ezola Foster: No rift in Reform Party; no change in platform.
    Ezola Foster: Calls black leaders “snake-oil peddlers”.
    Ezola Foster: Foster denies reports of divorce filing.
    Dick Cheney: Praises Bush for decency, integrity, and honor.
    Dick Cheney: Opportunity to serve led to acceptance of nomination.
    Dick Cheney: Voting record in Congress consistently conservative.
    George W. Bush: Bush cultivates a religious language acceptable to most.
    Pat Buchanan: Far right support for Buchanan has transformed Reform Party.
    Ralph Nader: Spoiled political system spawns spoiled candidates.
    Ralph Nader: Uses personal income as societal change agent.
    George W. Bush: Theme: change how Washington works & restore moral purpose.
    George W. Bush: “Bully Pulpit” should spur societal change.
    Janet Reno: In contempt of Congress over Clinton-Gore fund-raising.
    Janet Reno: Dislikes publicity; devoid of affect.
Social Security
    Donald Trump: Cannot change Medicare or Soc.Sec. and still win elections.
    Gary Johnson: Replace the payroll tax with FairTax.
    Christine Gregoire: End automatic benefit increases in state retirement programs.
    Chuck Hagel: Do not alter government workers’ pension plans.
    Walter Mondale: Chaired commission on privatization, but opposed privatizing.
    Ezola Foster: Help people without dependency: transition to IRAs.
    Al Gore: Protect Social Security from privacy & ID theft.
    Al Gore: More benefits to 8 million mothers and 3 million widows.
    Al Gore: Privatization is “stock market roulette”.
    George W. Bush: Use political capital to implement private savings accounts.
    George W. Bush: Supports subsidized Medicare menu with means testing.
    George W. Bush: Lock-box yes; tax increase no; bipartisanship yes.
    George W. Bush: Tax-funded private IRA’s under federal guidelines.
Tax Reform
    Gary Johnson: Get rid of income tax and capital-gains tax.
    Gary Johnson: FairTax on all new goods & services, with prebates for poor.
    Bob McDonnell: Use general funds for transportation bill, not new taxes.
    Creigh Deeds: Dedicated funding for transportation, including new taxes.
    Jim Gilmore: In times of economic stress, don’t raise taxes.
    Jim Gilmore: Signature achievement: effort to eliminate Virginia car tax.
    Mark Warner: Roll back top-tier tax breaks.
    Mark Warner: Pushed $1.4B tax increase to close $6B budget shortfall.
    Barack Obama: GovWatch: didn’t vote to raise taxes 94 times; at most 54.
    Mike Bloomberg: Raised property taxes 18% to pay off budget deficit.
    Duncan Hunter: Alternative minimum tax is creeping up & must be reformed.
    Hillary Clinton: Cut alternative minimum tax, not billionaire tax cuts.
    Joe Biden: Eliminate the tax cut just for those people in the top 1%.
    Joseph Lieberman: Fresh Start on tax cuts for 98% of all taxpayers.
    Wesley Clark: Freeze Bush tax cuts which haven’t yet taken effect.
    George W. Bush: Gore’s targeted tax cuts apply to too few people.
    Al Gore: $500B to people earning under $100K; via 30 targeted cuts.
    George W. Bush: $500B to people earning under $100K; $800B to those richer.
    Ezola Foster: End taxes on income, capital gains, gifts, & inheritance.
    Al Gore: Don’t eliminate gas tax; ask oil interests to charge less.
    George W. Bush: Don’t eliminate gas tax; ask OPEC to increase supply.
    George W. Bush: Add targeted cuts to comprehensive tax cut.
    George W. Bush: Use the marketplace to encourage people to save and invest.
    George W. Bush: $8B tax incentives for charitable contributions.
    George W. Bush: Allow IRA withdrawals for charitable contributions.
    George W. Bush: Simplify tax code to stimulate economic growth.
    Al Gore: “Reinvention” cuts taxes while improving services.
    Ronald Reagan: Success should not be penalized by high taxes.
    Creigh Deeds: Commission to craft a comprehensive transportation package.
    Hillary Clinton: Fight for interoperable communications for first responders.
    John McCain: Provide unused spectrum to emergency officials.
    Dick Gephardt: Using raw census numbers disenfranchises minorities.
    Donald Evans: Census redistricting will be based on Evan’s (GOP) figures.
    George W. Bush: No “virtual people” in census; use raw numbers.
    Al Gore: $33B for new R&D tax credit; more privacy protection on-line.
    Joseph Lieberman: Overcome organizational barriers to e-Government.
    George W. Bush: Fewer strings to obtain technology for schools.
    Al Gore: Tighten privacy protections over medical information.
    George W. Bush: Census long form is intrusive; not sure he’d fill it out.
War & Peace
    Donald Trump: Take $1.5T in oil from Iraq to pay for US victims.
    Bob Marshall: No US military in Libyan war without congressional consent.
    Jamie Radtke: No US military in Libyan war without congressional consent.
    Rob Sobhani: Decouple Iran from Palestine; free Iran then Palestine state.
    Jim Gilmore: No timeline for withdrawal from Iraq.
    Jim Gilmore: Any kind of timetable in Iraq is not responsible.
    Mark Warner: Withdraw from Iraq but no arbitrary timeline.
    Mark Warner: Redeploy troops to Afghanistan; focus on Pakistan & Iran.
    Mark Warner: No timetable to end war in Iraq.
    Barack Obama: Withdraw gradually and keep some troops in Iraq region.
    Chuck Hagel: Soldiers in Iraq deserve a policy worthy of their sacrifice.
    Hillary Clinton: If Bush doesn’t end Iraq war, when I’m president, I will.
    Jim Gilmore: No pullout on a date certain; support the surge.
    John McCain: War in Iraq has not gone well: dire but not hopeless.
    John McCain: Al Qaeda may take over Iraqi oilwells.
    Sam Brownback: Islamic fascists want US out and caliphate in.
    John Edwards: On voting for Iraq War: “I was wrong”.
    Dirk Kempthorne: Participate in military funerals for soldiers killed in Iraq.
    E.J. Pipkin: Give the President the benefit of the doubt to fight terror.
    Chuck Hagel: US in “deep trouble” in Iraq.
    John McCain: Looting, terrorism in Iraq a result of US mistakes.
    Lindsey Graham: We need more troops for long haul, Iraq is like WWII.
    Colin Powell: Rejects Kofi Annan’s assertion that Iraq war is illegal.
    George W. Bush: Request of $25 billion for war just the beginning.
    Colin Powell: Contradicted Cheney and sought more UN involvement.
    Dick Cheney: Biggest threat comes from WMD and from Saddam.
    Dick Cheney: UN inspections would not reduce WMD threat.
    Dick Cheney: Contradicted Powell and sought to connect Saddam and 9/11.
    George W. Bush: $389M in 2002-2003 for CIA to overthrow Saddam.
    George W. Bush: CIA report hedged on whether Saddam had WMD.
    George W. Bush: CIA chief told Bush “slam dunk” that Saddam had WMD.
    Colin Powell: Invading Iraq means “owning” it, for better or worse.
    Condoleezza Rice: War stops Saddam from beating international community.
    Dick Cheney: Pre-war planning: once the war starts, Saddam is “toast”.
    George W. Bush: US could not maintain Iraq inspection regime indefinitely.
    John Kerry: Karl Rove: “Kerry gave green light to Bush on Iraq”.
    Dick Cheney: Saddam had intent to create WMD.
    George W. Bush: Saddam a “madman” who could make WMDs.
    Howard Dean: AdWatch: “My opponents voted for war”-negative but true.
    Hillary Clinton: Agrees with Newt Gingrich that Iraq policy is a mess.
    Newt Gingrich: Iraq policy is a mess.
    Howard Dean: Israeli security fence cannot be permanent.
    Wesley Clark: Would probably have voted yes on Iraq war authorization.
    Wesley Clark: Yes to Iraqi $87B if Bush makes exit strategy.
    George W. Bush: Afghanistan was a “different type of war”.
    George W. Bush: Afghanistan model-successful plan first-used for Iraq.
    Colin Powell: Favored containment over invasion in both Iraq wars.
    Colin Powell: War cabinet split: Rumsfeld & Cheney hawks; Powell dove.
    Colin Powell: Predicted Iraq war would suck the oxygen from War on Terror.
    Dick Cheney: UN made itself irrelevant by irresoluteness on Iraq.
    Barney Frank: Avoid using anti-terrorism power for political purposes.
    Bob Barr: Don’t rush to make new anti-terrorism laws.
    John Ashcroft: Push anti-terrorism laws despite Congressional skepticism.
    Patrick Leahy: Caution about applying anti-terrorism laws to others.
    Bill Clinton: Legal ban on assassinations doesn’t apply to bin Laden.
    Donald Rumsfeld: Legal ban on assassinations limits pursuit of bin Laden.
    Colin Powell: Support Iraqi opposition while maintaining sanctions.
    George W. Bush: $4M for Iraqi opposition to work inside Iraq.
    John Hagelin: “Coherence-creation” via meditation would reduce stress.
    Dick Cheney: Gulf War results: stable Arabs; secure Israel; confident US.
    Dick Cheney: Critical of Israeli policy which opposes US interests.
    Dick Cheney: Supports balance in supplying arms to both Israel & Arabs.
    Dick Cheney: Supported 1986 Libya bombing.
    Dick Cheney: Israel: Displeased with 1982 invasion of Lebanon.
    Dick Cheney: Outraged that Israel spied on US in 1980s.
    Dick Cheney: Mideast peace process must include Palestinian statehood.
    Walter Mondale: Israe's "Land for Peace" needs Arab "Peace for Land".
    Walter Mondale: Israel is a strategic ally and committed friend.
Welfare & Poverty
    Paul Ryan: Remove anti-poverty programs that dishonor human dignity.
    Barack Obama: GovWatch: Welfare laws he “passed” were federally mandated.
    George W. Bush: Fund faith-based social services, not worship services.
    George W. Bush: Invigorate “a Civil Society” to protect vulnerable citizens.
    Al Gore: Set goals & provide tools to reach goals locally.
    Hillary Clinton: Microcredit is an invaluable tool in alleviating poverty.

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