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State of West Virginia Politicians: Archives

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    from State of West Virginia Archives (number of quotes indicated):
  • Alex Mooney (12) Republican House Member U.S. Rep West Virginia- 2
  • Earl Ray Tomblin (20) West Virginia Democratic Governor (term-limited 2016)
  • Evan Jenkins (9) Republican House Member U.S. Rep West Virginia- 3
  • Jeff Kessler (11) West Virginia Democratic 2016 Gubernatorial candidate
  • Jim Justice (9) West Virginia Democratic nominee for governor
  • Joe Manchin III (22) West Virginia Former Democratic Governor (Until 2010)
  • John Buckley (20) Libertarian Senate challenger West Virginia
  • John Raese (20) Republican Senate Challenger West Virginia
  • Natalie Tennant (5) Democratic Senate Challenger West Virginia
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Jeff Kessler: Prohibit abortions after 20 weeks.
    Alex Mooney: Fight to stop federal taxpayer funding of abortion.
    Evan Jenkins: Life begins at conception.
    John Buckley: Protections of law apply to the unborn child.
    Jeff Kessler: Stem cell research ok, but not embryonic research.
Budget & Economy
    Jim Justice: Limit lawmaker pay to 5 work days for any special session.
    Alex Mooney: Cut wasteful spending & entitlements so kids aren't burdened.
    John Buckley: Government "stimulus" is illusory.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: Deficit borrowing just kicks the can down the road.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: 2011 budget: balanced; no new taxes; no new fees.
    Joe Manchin III: Constitutional amendment requiring balanced budget.
    John Raese: Constitutional amendment requiring balanced budget.
    Joe Manchin III: Balanced budget amendment except in national emergency.
Civil Rights
    Alex Mooney: Defines marriage as one man and one woman.
    Evan Jenkins: Marriage is between one man and woman.
    John Buckley: Marriage equality for same-gender couples.
    Jeff Kessler: No civil unions between same-sex couples.
    Jeff Kessler: Affirmative action for state college but not in state hiring.
    Natalie Tennant: Maintain health & retirement benefits during bankruptcies.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: Relax rules on paying terminated employees within 3 days.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: Sales tax credit for new business; & tax increment financing.
    Joe Manchin III: Endorsed by U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
    John Buckley: Neutral on whether stricter enforcement is effective.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: Texting while driving now illegal; add phoning & drugs.
    Jeff Kessler: More state prisons; also penalties other than incarceration.
    Jim Justice: Three-pronged attack to go after the drug runners.
    Jim Justice: Support the expansion of drug courts.
    John Buckley: Supports the legalization of marijuana.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: If you get high, you won't get hired--Drugs aren't working.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: Substance abuse re-offenders cause prison overcrowding.
    Jim Justice: Pay our teachers what they're worth, to attract the best.
    Alex Mooney: I support school choice programs & home-schooling.
    John Buckley: Federal government has no Constitutional role in education.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: All children should read by the end of the 3rd grade.
    Joe Manchin III: More accountability & more audits in the education system.
    Joe Manchin III: Keep public education infrastructure strong.
    John Raese: Competition is what's good for education.
    John Raese: Allow families a voucher to send kids to private schools.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: One-time $800 enhancement now; teacher raise later.
    Jeff Kessler: More funding for K-12 testing, but also teacher salaries.
    Jeff Kessler: Prayer in public schools is ok; so is sex ed.
Energy & Oil
    Jim Justice: Promote new uses for central Appalachian coal.
    Alex Mooney: No cap-&-trade; no war on coal; no job-destroying EPA burden.
    Evan Jenkins: Fight tooth & nail against the War on Coal.
    John Buckley: Let market decide about green energy.
    Natalie Tennant: Coal will play vital role in West Virginia's bright future.
    Joe Manchin III: I fought for coal in past & will fight for coal in future.
    Joe Manchin III: EPA regulatory practices unfairly hurt Appalachian coal.
    John Raese: Obama administration has caused decline of coal.
    Joe Manchin III: 2010 ad: Shot a hole in the cap and trade bill.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: We should be looking for more ways to use coal, not less.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: Develop natural gas from the Marcellus Shale.
    John Raese: Global warming is a myth.
    Joe Manchin III: Obama's greenhouse gas plan won't solve the problem.
    John Raese: Hands-off approach to energy production.
    John Buckley: People should be able to legally enforce clean air & water.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: Identify and remediate land available for development.
    John Raese: Abolish the EPA & the Department of Energy.
    Jeff Kessler: Fund open space & industrial site cleanup.
Foreign Policy
    John Buckley: The United Nations is a joke.
Free Trade
    Evan Jenkins: Help keep jobs here in America.
    John Buckley: Expand free trade.
Government Reform
    Jim Justice: Ban fundraising while the legislature is in session.
    Jim Justice: No contributions to legislators during legislative sessions.
    John Buckley: Require photo identification for voting.
    Natalie Tennant: Supports electronic voter registration and vote-by-mail.
    Natalie Tennant: Voter photo ID laws place unrealistic barriers.
    Joe Manchin III: Not more government, but easier government.
    John Raese: I think we need less government.
    John Raese: End the coalition of taking & government control.
    John Raese: Federal earmarks create career politicians.
    Joe Manchin III: Suspended state earmarking as governor; do same federally.
    John Raese: Supports line-item veto & balanced budget amendment.
    John Raese: Earmarks are taxation without representation.
    Jeff Kessler: Limit campaign contributions from PACs and corporations.
Gun Control
    Jeff Kessler: Don't require permit and training for concealed carry.
    Alex Mooney: Misguided gun laws only punish law-abiding gun owners.
    Evan Jenkins: Defend the Second Amendment.
    John Buckley: Supports right to gun ownership.
Health Care
    Jeff Kessler: ObamaCare gets thousands of the poor onto Medicaid.
    Alex Mooney: Replace ObamaCare with free-market reforms.
    Evan Jenkins: ObamaCare is a boondoggle; repeal and replace.
    John Buckley: Repeal ObamaCare.
    Joe Manchin III: ObamaCare makes healthcare more affordable for everyone.
    Joe Manchin III: Reform & repair ObamaCare, not repeal.
    John Raese: ObamaCare is the problem, not the solution.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: WV Connect: access for 10,000 working uninsured & spouses.
    Joe Manchin III: I'm behind reform; but a lot of ObamaCare needs repeal.
    Joe Manchin III: Opposes requiring individuals or businesses to buy insurance.
    Joe Manchin III: Prohibit denying coverage for pre-existing conditions.
    John Raese: ObamaCare is worst bill to ever come out of Congress.
    John Raese: ObamaCare is pure, unadulterated socialism.
Homeland Security
    Jim Justice: Exempt military retirees from the state income tax.
    John Buckley: Supports smaller & less expensive military.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: Our troops safeguard us from terrorism and protect freedom.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: State cabinet-level Department of Veterans Affairs.
    Alex Mooney: Secure the borders first; then reform without amnesty.
    John Buckley: Pathway to residency but only after welfare is reformed.
    Evan Jenkins: Raise the state minimum wage & federal minimum wage.
    John Buckley: No affirmative action; hire based on merit alone.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: $20M for Unemployment Compensation Fund.
    John Raese: Abolish the minimum wage.
    John Raese: My forte is creating jobs.
Local Issues
    Earl Ray Tomblin: Update pipeline safety statutes with $200,000 per violation.
Principles & Values
    John Buckley: Smaller state means less separation-of-church issue.
    Joe Manchin III: We can only fix things by coming together.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: Priorities: business climate; education; reinvent government.
    Joe Manchin III: My forte is creating jobs; I'll bring spirit of capitalism.
    Joe Manchin III: To Raese: Mr. Obama's name will not be on the ballot!
    John Raese: OpEd: TV ad with hick actors hilites part-time WV residency.
    Joe Manchin III: Duty as governor to work with the president.
    John Raese: No rubber stamp for the Obama administration.
Social Security
    Evan Jenkins: Oppose privatizing Social Security or Medicare.
    John Buckley: Allow investing retirement dollars in private accounts.
Tax Reform
    Jim Justice: Don't tax people to death; rein in government by attrition.
    Alex Mooney: Signed "No New Taxes Pledge".
    Evan Jenkins: Tax relief instead of tax increases.
    John Buckley: Lower taxes for everyone.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: Reduce, then remove, regressive & unfair sales tax on food.
    Joe Manchin III: Don't mess with or increase taxes during a time of turmoil.
    John Raese: Make tax cuts permanent, even for earners over $250K.
    Alex Mooney: End federal obsession with big city public transportation.
    Alex Mooney: End overreach of NSA's surveillance program.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: Foster public private partnerships to develop our roads.
    Natalie Tennant: Expand R&D, broadband, tourism, & energy sectors.
    Joe Manchin III: States depend on federal government for key infrastructure.
War & Peace
    Alex Mooney: Cooperate & support Israel; it makes both countries stronger.
    John Buckley: Stay out or Iran but be a friend of freedom.

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  • Alex Mooney Republican House Member U.S. Rep West Virginia- 2
  • Earl Ray Tomblin West Virginia Democratic Governor (term-limited 2016)
  • Evan Jenkins Republican House Member U.S. Rep West Virginia- 3
  • Jeff Kessler West Virginia Democratic 2016 Gubernatorial candidate
  • Jim Justice West Virginia Democratic nominee for governor
  • Joe Manchin III West Virginia Former Democratic Governor (Until 2010)
  • John Buckley Libertarian Senate challenger West Virginia
  • John Raese Republican Senate Challenger West Virginia
  • Natalie Tennant Democratic Senate Challenger West Virginia

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