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State of South Carolina Politicians: Archives

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    from State of South Carolina Archives (number of quotes indicated):
  • Alvin Greene (11) 2010 Democratic Challenger South Carolina
  • Brad Hutto (14) Democratic Challenger South Carolina
  • Elizabeth Colbert-Busch (5) Democrat U.S. Rep South Carolina-1
  • Fred Thompson (2) Republican
  • Jim DeMint (4) Republican Jr Senator; previously Representative South Carolina
  • John McCain (3) Republican
  • Joyce Dickerson (9) Democratic Senate Challenger South Carolina
  • Lee Bright (2) Republican Challenger South Carolina
  • Mark Sanford (12) South Carolina Former Republican Governor (2002-2010)
  • Mike Huckabee (1) Arkansas Republican Presidential candidate
  • Mitt Romney (2) Massachusetts Former GOP Governor (2003-2006); Pres. candidate (2008)
  • Nikki Haley (16) South Carolina Republican Governor
  • Ron Paul (3) Republican (Libertarian 1988)
  • Rudy Giuliani (1) New York Former Mayor of NYC
  • Sharron Angle (1) Republican Challenger (2010) Nevada
  • Thomas Ravenel (11) Republican Senate challenger South Carolina
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Joyce Dickerson: Women should have the right to family planning.
    Brad Hutto: Empower women to make reproductive health decisions.
    Elizabeth Colbert-Busch: Pro-choice.
    Alvin Greene: Pro-choice; but no federal subsidies.
    Alvin Greene: Federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.
Budget & Economy
    Thomas Ravenel: Government over-reacted to Great Recession: enough is enough.
    Brad Hutto: It's time for Congress to spend less and cut waste.
    Mark Sanford: Tipping point as civilization if we don't get spending right.
    Nikki Haley: It's time for truth in budgeting; & government spending cap.
    Jim DeMint: $13T in debt shows both parties are out of control.
    Fred Thompson: Consider stimulus package targeted to low-income people.
    John McCain: To avoid recession, stop out-of-control spending.
    Mike Huckabee: Fuel prices & subprime mortgages possibly cause recession.
    Mitt Romney: To avoid recession, deal with housing crisis & gas prices.
    Ron Paul: Lower interest rates CAUSED housing bubble & can’t solve it.
    Ron Paul: The longer the Fed delays recession, the worse the recession.
Civil Rights
    Brad Hutto: Liberty to share love and life is an inherent right.
    Joyce Dickerson: All South Carolinians should honor MLK Day.
    Alvin Greene: End affirmative action programs.
    Alvin Greene: Marriage for one-man-one-woman; no gays in military.
    Mark Sanford: No civil unions; define one-man-one-woman marriage.
    Mark Sanford: Affirmative action in state contracts, but not colleges.
    Thomas Ravenel: Crony capitalism is not true free market capitalism.
    Brad Hutto: Supports capital punishment.
    Nikki Haley: Restore funding for Law Enforcement DNA lab.
    Alvin Greene: Supports capital punishment.
    Mark Sanford: End parole for repeat violent offenders.
    Thomas Ravenel: Mexican border problems come from failed War on Drugs.
    Alvin Greene: No mandatory drug sentences.
    Brad Hutto: Keep state leaders focused like a laser beam on our schools.
    Joyce Dickerson: Invest in quality public education.
    Nikki Haley: Make a real investment in our charter schools.
    Jim DeMint: Devolve education to states without abolishing Department.
    Mark Sanford: Endorses teacher-led prayer & displaying Ten Commandments.
Energy & Oil
    Thomas Ravenel: Don't divert resources for folly of global warming.
    Brad Hutto: Invest in alternative forms of energy like solar, wind & gas.
    Alvin Greene: National & international regulations for climate change.
    Alvin Greene: Domestic oil exploration, nuclear power, & alternatives.
    Brad Hutto: We must do more to protect our natural resources.
    Elizabeth Colbert-Busch: Dredge the port of Charleston, with federal funding.
    Nikki Haley: Charleston is now US's top tourism spot; sell South Carolina.
Free Trade
    Thomas Ravenel: Tariffs & other protectionist policies cost Americans jobs.
    Elizabeth Colbert-Busch: Build higher bridges for new generation of container ships.
Government Reform
    Elizabeth Colbert-Busch: Will return 10% of congressional salary to the government.
    Mark Sanford: I was against earmarks before being anti-earmark was cool.
    Brad Hutto: Limit corporate and PAC campaign contributions.
    Nikki Haley: We capped lawsuit damages; next tort reform is loser-pays.
    Lee Bright: Require photo ID, and inspection of ID, in order to vote.
    Alvin Greene: Keep campaign donation limits; no voluntary spending limits.
    Jim DeMint: Earmarks are how lobbyists grease the skids.
    John McCain: I’m “the sheriff”, not Miss Congeniality, about pork bills.
    Mark Sanford: Limit campaign contributions but not campaign spending.
Gun Control
    Thomas Ravenel: Second Amendment is the only gun law needed.
    Brad Hutto: Supports only current gun laws.
Health Care
    Thomas Ravenel: We can't afford any more socialized medicine.
    Brad Hutto: Fix ObamaCare, but don't put insurance companies in charge.
    Joyce Dickerson: Support ObamaCare to expand quality affordable care.
    Nikki Haley: Medicaid is a broken system; federal mandates cause problems.
    Nikki Haley: No government-run health exchanges; transparency instead.
    Mark Sanford: Transfer more Medicaid recipients into managed care programs.
Homeland Security
    Joyce Dickerson: Take action against neglect of our veterans.
    Nikki Haley: We are a patriotic people; we love those in uniform.
    Thomas Ravenel: Finding bad guys among 11M illegals is needles in a haystack.
    Joyce Dickerson: Supports comprehensive immigration reform.
    Lee Bright: Charge 1% foreign wire fee;& police check immigration status.
    Alvin Greene: Pathway to citizenship, with official English.
    Joyce Dickerson: Raise the minimum wage.
    Brad Hutto: Raise the minimum wage to $10.10.
    Elizabeth Colbert-Busch: Proud to live in a right-to-work state; keep NLRB away.
    Nikki Haley: Pledge that every citizen who wants a job, has a job.
    Nikki Haley: We pushed back & NLRB dropped its frivolous Boeing lawsuit.
    Nikki Haley: ReadySC: work force training; vocational & technical college.
    Nikki Haley: I love that we are one of the least unionized states.
    Nikki Haley: No unemployment benefits for workers on strike.
    John McCain: Straight talk: some jobs aren’t coming back.
    Mitt Romney: MA had 3rd worst job growth; I turned around declining rates.
Local Issues
    Mark Sanford: Supports term limits for state legislators.
Principles & Values
    Mark Sanford: Voted to impeach Clinton for affair, but should be forgiven.
    Mark Sanford: Now engaged to woman from 2009 extramarital affair.
    Sharron Angle: Don't let Sharia law take hold anywhere in our United States.
    Jim DeMint: I'd prefer conservative principles than a Senate majority.
Social Security
    Thomas Ravenel: Opt out of Medicare without forfeiting Social Security.
    Brad Hutto: Opposes any attempt to harm Medicare and Social Security.
    Joyce Dickerson: Make sure seniors receive the benefits they have earned.
    Nikki Haley: Public service retirees: no COLA; no spiking; no double-dip.
    Alvin Greene: Privatize elements of Social Security.
Tax Reform
    Joyce Dickerson: Fight for America's declining middle class.
    Thomas Ravenel: Cut wage taxes, death taxes, & corporate taxes.
    Brad Hutto: Maintain current tax levels, except gas tax to improve roads.
    Nikki Haley: Flatten individual income tax from six brackets to three.
    Fred Thompson: Tax cuts raise revenues; so much for the experts.
    Ron Paul: Spending money doesn’t stimulate economy; reduced taxes do.
    Rudy Giuliani: Cutting anti-competitive taxes raises more revenue.
    Nikki Haley: Deepen the port of Charleston; return to greatness.
War & Peace
    Brad Hutto: United States should not be the policeman for the world.
Welfare & Poverty
    Thomas Ravenel: No welfare benefits for illegal immigrants.
    Mark Sanford: Redirect welfare funding to faith-based organizations.

The above quotations are from State of South Carolina Politicians: Archives.

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