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State of Wyoming Politicians: Archives

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    from State of Wyoming Archives (number of quotes indicated):
  • Charlie Hardy (26) Democratic Senate Challenger Wyoming
  • Dave Freudenthal (17) Wyoming Former Democratic Governor (2002-2010)
  • Dick Cheney (3) Former Republican Vice President
  • Jim Geringer (10) Wyoming Former Republican Governor (1995-2002)
  • Keith Goodenough (6) Former Democratic Senate Challenger (2008) Wyoming
  • Liz Cheney (23) Republican Challenger Wyoming
  • Mary Throne (4) Wyoming Democratic candidate for Wyoming Governor
  • Matt Mead (32) Wyoming Republican Governor
  • Michael Enzi (8) Republican Sr Senator Wyoming
  • Tim Chesnut (13) Democratic challenger Wyoming
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Mary Throne: Keep the government out of pregnancy decisions.
    Charlie Hardy: Men need to shut up about abortion.
    Michael Enzi: 100% rating from the National Right to Life Committee.
    Liz Cheney: I am strongly pro-life.
    Keith Goodenough: Comprehensive sex education, especially for females.
    Tim Chesnut: Abortions should always be legal.
    Keith Goodenough: Rated 100% by NARAL for three years running.
    Dick Cheney: Exemptions for rape, incest or woman’s life now OK.
Budget & Economy
    Matt Mead: We used rainy day fund for rainy days; now make guidelines.
    Charlie Hardy: Cut wasteful spending but increase other spending.
    Michael Enzi: Penny plan: cut spending 1% a year; balanced budget by 2017.
    Matt Mead: Navigated recession while shrinking state government.
    Liz Cheney: Fighting Smart: focus on getting results to roll back feds.
    Matt Mead: Reduce the budget & build up the rainy-day account.
    Dave Freudenthal: Remain fiscally conservative without dipping into savings.
    Michael Enzi: Voted for a one-year moratorium on Congressional earmarks.
    Keith Goodenough: More fiscal conservatism needed in the legislature.
    Jim Geringer: Spend one-time revenue on one-time expenditures.
    Dick Cheney: Budget surplus softens opposition to spending.
Civil Rights
    Michael Enzi: We need civility for gays; not more laws.
    Mary Throne: Gender wage gap must be addressed.
    Charlie Hardy: Supports same-sex marriage and all sexual identities.
    Keith Goodenough: Wyoming is worst state in terms of pay equity for women.
    Tim Chesnut: Civil unions ok; same-sex marriage ok.
    Tim Chesnut: No Affirmative Action in state-based decisions.
    Dave Freudenthal: No civil unions; define one-man-one-woman marriage.
    Dave Freudenthal: No affirmative action in state contracts nor colleges.
    Matt Mead: Continue the manufacturing sales tax exemption.
    Tim Chesnut: Maintain capital gains tax & corporate tax rates.
    Charlie Hardy: Reform the injustice of the criminal justice system.
    Matt Mead: Wyoming has 4th lowest rate of violent crimes.
    Dave Freudenthal: $50M for separate facilities for juveniles.
    Tim Chesnut: No parole for repeat offenders; but at-risk programs too.
    Dave Freudenthal: Provide prisoner job rehabilitation & alternative sentencing.
    Dave Freudenthal: Support the death penalty.
    Mary Throne: Voted NO on allowing property forfeiture in drug cases.
    Matt Mead: Allow property forfeiture in drug cases.
    Charlie Hardy: Legalize marijuana.
    Matt Mead: Narcotic prescriptions abused more than illegal drugs.
    Keith Goodenough: DARE-style programs to educate kids about drugs and violence.
    Tim Chesnut: Decriminalize marijuana possession & medical marijuana.
    Jim Geringer: Supports drug courts & breaking the drug cycle.
    Charlie Hardy: Substitute teacher in high schools to maintain youth contact.
    Matt Mead: No federal curriculum standards; keep Wyoming standards.
    Matt Mead: Charter schools provide new ideas for traditional schools.
    Dave Freudenthal: Base cuts on valuation of projects, & keep building schools.
    Tim Chesnut: More teachers; more capital funding; and higher salaries.
    Dave Freudenthal: Increase teacher salaries & school infrastructure spending.
    Dave Freudenthal: Teach both abstinence AND contraceptives in sex ed.
    Jim Geringer: $10M per year for college merit scholarships.
    Jim Geringer: $26M for professional and vocational skills training.
    Jim Geringer: Reform Charter School law to allow real parental choice.
Energy & Oil
    Matt Mead: $10M prize for making a useful product from captured CO2.
    Liz Cheney: What should be done about climate change? Nothing!
    Liz Cheney: Fight back against President Obama's war on coal.
    Matt Mead: Export wind energy, build wind turbines here.
    Matt Mead: Skeptical about man-made global warming; support oil & gas.
    Dave Freudenthal: We have doubled the take-away capacity of natural gas.
    Tim Chesnut: Promote increased use of alternative fuels.
    Jim Geringer: Expand energy infrastructure & exploration.
    Matt Mead: Improve Endangered Species Act: only 1% ever got delisted.
    Charlie Hardy: Invest in environmentally-responsible infrastructure.
    Liz Cheney: Oppose intrusive practices of the EPA.
    Matt Mead: Mineral production resources equate to tremendous value.
    Matt Mead: With courts wolf management, winners are lawyers & wolves.
    Dave Freudenthal: One year moratorium on eminent domain for wind power-lines.
Families & Children
    Matt Mead: Fund Boys' School; elderly-at-home; & Life Resource Center.
    Charlie Hardy: Many parents worry about not providing for their children.
Foreign Policy
    Charlie Hardy: Goal of foreign policy should be to make friends.
    Charlie Hardy: Served as Catholic missionary in South America.
    Liz Cheney: 1988: Nobody listens to divestment protests on apartheid.
    Liz Cheney: 1988: Help South African blacks, but not by empty protests.
    Liz Cheney: Isolationism is a mistake; ignoring threats is dangerous.
Free Trade
    Matt Mead: Our state is not an island; compete in global market.
Government Reform
    Matt Mead: 6% reduction for most agencies; 10% for Governor's Office.
    Tim Chesnut: Spending limits on state level political campaigns.
    Dave Freudenthal: Limit campaign contributions but not campaign spending.
Gun Control
    Mary Throne: Pro-gun but not unrestricted access.
    Matt Mead: New initiative for public shooting ranges.
    Charlie Hardy: Don't arm felons nor teachers, but all others ok.
    Tim Chesnut: Enforce existing laws; require child-safety locks.
    Dave Freudenthal: Ease state gun restrictions.
    Dick Cheney: Trigger locks OK, and tougher enforcement.
Health Care
    Charlie Hardy: I am in favor of single-payer health insurance.
    Charlie Hardy: Health care is an inalienable right.
    Charlie Hardy: ObamaCare is a step in the right direction.
    Charlie Hardy: There are sick people unable to get medical attention.
    Liz Cheney: Can't salvage any of ObamaCare, but costs are out of control.
    Liz Cheney: Republicans who compromised on ObamaCare got used by Obama.
    Liz Cheney: Urge the repeal of ObamaCare.
    Matt Mead: ObamaCare is law of the land; let's decide on an Exchange.
    Matt Mead: ObamaCare is not good policy; but we must act on it.
    Matt Mead: Establish litigation fund to join lawsuit against ObamaCare.
    Dave Freudenthal: Health reform is not creeping socialism; let's try a pilot.
    Michael Enzi: Support mental health parity legislation.
    Keith Goodenough: Responsibility to deal with the chronically mentally ill.
    Tim Chesnut: State-funded access to basic health care.
    Jim Geringer: More funding for prescription drugs & senior care.
Homeland Security
    Matt Mead: Long-term commitment for veteran's tuition waiver.
    Charlie Hardy: Establish "peace bases" with a smaller military.
    Matt Mead: Pay tribute to all people in uniform.
    Liz Cheney: Radical Islamic terrorism threat grows if we do nothing.
    Liz Cheney: Obama doesn't believe in American exceptionalism; I do.
    Liz Cheney: Balance liberty & security, but don't shut down NSA spying.
    Liz Cheney: Strengthen our national security.
    Dave Freudenthal: $1.9M for Military Assistance Trust Fund.
    Michael Enzi: Abandon comprehensive reform; focus on guest workers.
    Charlie Hardy: Current deportation policy wastes money & does no real good.
    Michael Enzi: Voted in favor of the Secure Fence Act.
    Charlie Hardy: Raise the minimum wage.
    Charlie Hardy: Raising the minimum wage reduces need for welfare.
    Matt Mead: Wyoming unemployment at 5.8% while nation over 8%.
    Tim Chesnut: Increase the state minimum wage.
Local Issues
    Matt Mead: Wyoming is rated in top ten states in many economic rankings.
    Dave Freudenthal: Supports term limits for state legislators.
Principles & Values
    Charlie Hardy: Served as priest in South America for 25 years.
    Charlie Hardy: Run with Charlie: challenges Enzi to debate & road race.
    Charlie Hardy: Take to DC the Wyoming tradition of cooperation & compassion.
    Charlie Hardy: Finished 10K road race in 28,580th place.
    Matt Mead: First Lady Carol works on literacy via Eat.Read.Grow program.
    Liz Cheney: Next election decides social democracy vs. fighting back.
    Liz Cheney: NRSC, Enzi, & "Old Guard" are 100% for incumbent-protection.
    Liz Cheney: Carpetbagger from D.C.? No, experienced at cutting agencies.
    Liz Cheney: It's time for a new generation of people willing to lead.
    Michael Enzi: FactCheck: Gets higher percent from PACs than any Senator.
    Jim Geringer: Focus on building Wyoming’s capacity to grow.
Social Security
    Dave Freudenthal: $48M for state retirement fund, but employees must pay more.
Tax Reform
    Matt Mead: Wyoming is #1 state for good tax climate.
    Jim Geringer: One-year 1/2% reduction in sales tax.
    Charlie Hardy: Invest in public transit.
    Liz Cheney: Internet sales tax is just another way to tax people more.
    Matt Mead: Diversify Wyoming economy with petaflop supercomputer.
    Matt Mead: Expand state teleconferencing & state cloud computing.
    Matt Mead: Additional $52 M in highway funding.
    Matt Mead: Recruit mega data centers: we have the weather & the land.
War & Peace
    Liz Cheney: ISIS: Rarely has a president been so wrong.
    Liz Cheney: Iran & North Korea understand nothing but power & strength.
    Liz Cheney: Liberate nations that have been havens for terror.
Welfare & Poverty
    Charlie Hardy: Minimum wage increase will help lift people out of poverty.
    Charlie Hardy: 30,000 children in Wyoming won't eat three meals today.
    Tim Chesnut: Training, transport, & subsidies for welfare recipients.
    Jim Geringer: Work First: move families to self-sufficiency.

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