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State of Montana Politicians: Archives

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    from State of Montana Archives (number of quotes indicated):
  • Bob Kelleher (9) Republican challenger (2008) Montana
  • Brian Schweitzer (8) Montana Previously Democratic Governor
  • Champ Edmunds (7) Democrat Challenger Montana
  • Conrad Burns (9) Former Republican Senator (MT, 1989-2007) Montana
  • Corey Stapleton (8) Republican Challenger Montana
  • Dennis Rehberg (15) Republican Challenger Montana
  • John Bohlinger (20) Democratic Senate Challenger Montana
  • John Walsh (10) Democratic Senate Challenger Montana
  • Jon Tester (24) Democratic Jr Senator Montana
  • Judy Martz (16) Montana Former Republican Governor (2001-2005)
  • Michael Lange (12) Republican Senate challenger (2008) Montana
  • Stan Jones (9) Libertarian Challenger (2006) Montana
  • Steve Bullock (18) Montana Democratic Governor
  • Steve Daines (2) Republican U.S. Rep Montana-0
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    John Bohlinger: 2001: Supported Fetal Protection Act & partial-birth ban.
    John Bohlinger: Supreme Court decided the issue; state cannot overturn it.
    Michael Lange: No federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.
    Bob Kelleher: Abortions should always be illegal, including funding.
    Corey Stapleton: Prohibit public funding & partial-birth abortion.
    John Bohlinger: Prohibit partial-birth abortion & funding abortion clinics.
Budget & Economy
    Steve Bullock: Be responsible, because our children are watching.
    Dennis Rehberg: $787B stimulus package did not create jobs.
    Jon Tester: $787B in stimulus spending was step in the right direction.
    Dennis Rehberg: Refused to toe the party line on CAFTA.
    Conrad Burns: Grow economy & control spending to reduce deficit.
    Jon Tester: Montana suffered from Burns’ cuts in discretionary funding.
    Stan Jones: Eliminate numerous unconstitutional federal departments.
    Judy Martz: Diversify the economy; expand job market.
    Judy Martz: Teach businesses about venture capital, to create jobs.
    John Bohlinger: Loans for businesses; funds for job training & rural roads.
Civil Rights
    Champ Edmunds: Marriage between one man and one woman.
    Michael Lange: No same-sex marriage.
    Michael Lange: No race and gender in federal contracting decisions.
    Stan Jones: Patriot Act cost us our Fourth Amendment rights.
    Judy Martz: Return human remains to Indian nations.
    Corey Stapleton: No affirmative action in state hiring or colleges.
    Corey Stapleton: No civil unions; no gay marriage.
    John Bohlinger: No anti-gay discrimination, but no same-sex marriage.
    John Bohlinger: Undecided on affirmative action at state institutions.
    Steve Bullock: State colleges will offer certificates for needed job skills.
    Jon Tester: Prevent abuses by "too-big-to-fail" banks on Wall Street.
    Jon Tester: Citizens United puts democracy at risk.
    Conrad Burns: Marketplace will force us into conservation and renewables.
    Jon Tester: Energy plan was written by oil companies, so no renewables.
    Steve Bullock: Arrest and prosecute sex predators and scam artists.
    Champ Edmunds: Capital punishment , but not for juveniles.
    Michael Lange: Supports the death penalty.
    Michael Lange: Reduce prison sentences for non-violent crimes.
    Bob Kelleher: Alternative sentencing for non-violent offenders.
    Brian Schweitzer: Supports the death penalty.
    Brian Schweitzer: End parole for repeat violent offenders.
    Judy Martz: After 100 years, we have enough prison cells, for now.
    Corey Stapleton: Support death penalty; private prisons; sex offense registry.
    John Bohlinger: Supports stricter sentencing, including death penalty.
    Steve Bullock: Confront the invisible epidemic of prescription drug abuse.
    Champ Edmunds: Decriminalize marijuana; support substance abuse treatment.
    Conrad Burns: Repealing Patriot Act would cost us the Meth Control Act.
    Brian Schweitzer: Stricter penalties for drug criminals.
    Bob Kelleher: The war on drugs has been lost.
    John Bohlinger: Decriminalize medicinal marijuana.
    Steve Bullock: Invest in higher ed for 21st Century workforce, like Diesel.
    Steve Bullock: Increase from 40% to 60% those with some college.
    Steve Bullock: MT is dead last in investment in early childhood education.
    Champ Edmunds: State funding for charters and vouchers.
    Jon Tester: More tuition tax credits, low-interest loans, & Pell grants.
    Bob Kelleher: Supports voluntary prayer in public schools.
    Bob Kelleher: State-funded vouchers for private or religious school.
    Brian Schweitzer: Invest in K-12 by creating public-private partnerships.
    Judy Martz: More spending; more accountability via testing.
    Judy Martz: 3-Rs of education: recruit, retain, & reward teachers.
    John Bohlinger: More finds for hiring teachers & professional development.
    John Bohlinger: Endorses teacher-led voluntary prayer in public schools.
Energy & Oil
    John Walsh: Energy boom in Montana instead of foreign oil dependence.
    Steve Bullock: Develop our resources for American energy independence.
    Dennis Rehberg: Help avoid closure of Billings coal-fired power plant.
    Dennis Rehberg: Cap-and-trade policy is an energy tax.
    Michael Lange: Develop oil, coal, & nuclear production.
    Conrad Burns: Agricultural oil sources reduce foreign energy dependence.
    Conrad Burns: Global warming has occurred since the Ice Age.
    Conrad Burns: Kyoto Accord hurts economy; focus on alternative fuels.
    Jon Tester: Agricultural oil sources are profitable and renewable.
    Jon Tester: Kyoto Accord needs worldwide communication & US leadership.
    Jon Tester: Global warming is much more rapid now than historically.
    Stan Jones: More nuclear plants and more liquefied coal.
    Stan Jones: Global warming is a natural occurrence since 1000AD.
    Bob Kelleher: Use coal, oil & gas in an environmental manner.
    Brian Schweitzer: Develop renewable energy: ethanol, wind and hydrogen.
    Judy Martz: Protected transition to competitive energy prices in 2002.
    Judy Martz: More energy plants; diversify sources; include renewables.
    John Bohlinger: Require clean-burning fuels; repeal electricity deregulation.
    John Walsh: More regulations to develop natural resources responsibly.
    Dennis Rehberg: EPA is heavy-handed; don't pick winners and losers.
    Jon Tester: Sought removal of wolves from the endangered list.
    Bob Kelleher: Return rail passenger in southern Montana.
    Judy Martz: Stewardship belongs with the states.
    Judy Martz: Government duty to protect species & water.
    Corey Stapleton: Stricter environmental regulations with federal flexibility.
    John Bohlinger: Control SO2 emissions; fund recycling; no cyanide in mining.
Foreign Policy
    Steve Daines: Congressional support for Israel is bipartisan & strong.
Free Trade
    John Walsh: On trade mission: Montana is open for business.
    Stan Jones: NAFTA leads to American Union as part of one-world Communism.
    Judy Martz: Trade as “sister-states” in Japan, China, & Taiwan.
Government Reform
    Steve Bullock: Dark money makes our elections into auctions.
    Champ Edmunds: No limits on political contributions.
    Dennis Rehberg: It's not about campaign spending; it's government spending.
    Jon Tester: Citizens United is scary for democracy.
    Dennis Rehberg: Citizens United ok: political free speech is most important.
    Dennis Rehberg: Supports cutting Public Broadcasting Service & Americorps.
    Jon Tester: Oppose Citizens United: limit corporate political spending.
    Dennis Rehberg: There should be nothing more free than political free speech.
    Jon Tester: Citizens United ruling puts democracy at risk.
    Dennis Rehberg: Citizens United: nothing more free than political speech.
    Michael Lange: Limit PAC donations, and full public disclosure.
    Conrad Burns: Earmarks let me bring Montana a share of federal money.
    Jon Tester: Earmarks without transparency are wrong for democracy.
    Jon Tester: K-Street cronies control Congressional spending decisions.
    Stan Jones: Earmarks are unconstitutional incumbency protection.
    Bob Kelleher: Limit all types of political contributions, and spending.
    Brian Schweitzer: Refuses special interest & PAC money for his campaign.
    Corey Stapleton: Limit political contributions; plus full disclosure.
    John Bohlinger: Supports term limits & campaign contribution limits.
Gun Control
    Steve Bullock: Forever preserve access to public land for hunting & fishing.
    Dennis Rehberg: No Supreme Court Justices who are hostile to 2nd Amendment.
    Brian Schweitzer: Protect our 2nd Amendment rights.
Health Care
    John Bohlinger: Strong advocate of a single-payer system like Medicare.
    John Bohlinger: Expand Medicaid to cover 70,000 low-income Montanans.
    Steve Bullock: Access Health Montana: increase coverage and access.
    Jon Tester: Protect people with pre-existing medical conditions.
    Michael Lange: No nationalized health care system.
    Jon Tester: Families can’t afford to get sick; that’s not health care.
    Judy Martz: Insured 10,000 kids under CHIPs; aim for 20,000.
    Corey Stapleton: Government not responsible for medical care.
    John Bohlinger: Ensure healthcare for uninsured children.
Homeland Security
    Champ Edmunds: Allow easier driver licensing for military service members.
    John Walsh: OpEd: Walsh was fair about National Guard Association dues.
    John Walsh: Commanded Montana Infantry Battalion in combat in Iraq.
    John Walsh: Commanded Montana Infantry Battalion in combat in Iraq.
    Steve Bullock: Wrap-around services to reintegrate heroes to civilian life.
    Jon Tester: Irresponsible to put two wars on credit card.
    Michael Lange: No terrorist military tribunals; no domestic spying.
    Conrad Burns: Patriot Act only affects your freedoms if you’re a terrorist.
    Jon Tester: Build forces to fight terror cells; not take away our rights.
    Stan Jones: Patriot Act is terrorism of the worst kind.
    Stan Jones: Nobody read the Patriot Act before it was corruptly passed.
    Jon Tester: Touts bipartisanship; voted against DREAM Act.
    Steve Bullock: J.O.B.S. Bill: Jobs and Opportunity by Building Schools.
    Steve Bullock: Enforce that construction projects hire Montana residents.
    Judy Martz: Invest in Agricultural Product Promotion.
Local Issues
    Steve Bullock: Full funding for Indian Country Economic Development.
Principles & Values
    John Walsh: AdWatch: "Where's Walsh-o" website: "Walsh is hard to find".
    John Walsh: Appointed to Senate while running in Senate primary.
    John Walsh: AdWatch: "Big Sky buyoff" to appoint Walsh to Senate early.
    Brian Schweitzer: Considered Senate run; now supports both Dem. candidates.
    John Bohlinger: An outsider supported by the people & not the establishment.
    John Bohlinger: Elected as Republican; then ran on Democrat governor ticket.
    Steve Bullock: I teach my kids the same Montana values I was taught.
    Jon Tester: Premature to call for impeachment proceedings against Bush.
    Stan Jones: Bush has committed many impeachable offenses.
Social Security
    Michael Lange: Allow investment in private accounts.
    Bob Kelleher: Outlaw tax cuts until Trust Fund can guarantee coverage.
Tax Reform
    Steve Bullock: $400 personal rebate instead of $100M property tax cut.
    Champ Edmunds: Eliminate income taxes and corporate taxes.
    Dennis Rehberg: End the inheritance tax completely.
    Jon Tester: Extend Bush exemption for inheritance tax up to $10M.
    Dennis Rehberg: We need tax certainty ; make Bush tax cuts permanent.
    Dennis Rehberg: Eliminate the death tax entirely.
    Jon Tester: Limit inheritance tax to estates over $5 million.
    Michael Lange: Permanently repeal the federal estate tax.
    Conrad Burns: Bush tax cuts actually more progressive Clinton tax hikes.
    Judy Martz: No tax increase without voter referendum.
    Corey Stapleton: No flat tax; no super-majority; yes to sales tax.
    John Bohlinger: Replace property taxes with a 4% retail sales tax.
    John Bohlinger: Digital privacy threatened by warrantless NSA invasions.
    John Walsh: Digital privacy threatened by warrantless NSA invasions.
    Steve Bullock: Put state government spending online, in searchable database.
    Jon Tester: Stimulus for Going-to-the-Sun National Park roads.
    Dennis Rehberg: Montana solutions: rural transportation infrastructure.
    Judy Martz: Eliminate geography as a business issue, via E-Government.
War & Peace
    Steve Daines: The best way to ensure Mideast peace is Israeli strength.
    Michael Lange: Withdraw US troops from Iraq.
Welfare & Poverty
    Judy Martz: Sell used state vehicles to welfare families.

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