Maggie Hassan on Government Reform



Create commission on Government Innovation & Accountability

We need to think bigger in terms of how we best position state government for the demands of the 21st century. We must always be looking for new ways to innovate in state government in order to cut red tape and save taxpayer dollars. And we should harness the expertise of the private sector to come up with new ideas and approaches.

To encourage this process, I will soon be issuing an executive order to create a Commission on Government Innovation, Efficiency and Accountability. The commission will be charged with making recommendations to modernize state government for the 21st century, and it will include members from the business community and non-profit sector to determine how we can improve services by working together.

In addition, this budget creates the Office of Innovation and Efficiency at the Department of Administrative Services, which will lead the effort to implement commission recommendations and work with state agencies on developing transparent performance measurements.

Source: 2013 State of the State N.H. Budget Address , Feb 14, 2013

Opposed Photo ID for Voting

Hassan voted NO on HB 345:

This bill requires a voter to present photographic identification or a voter affidavit to obtain a ballot. The bill establishes an exception to the identification requirement for persons personally known to certain election officials.

(Bill vetoed by Governor; veto sustained).
Source: New Hampshire state legislature voting records: Bill HB345 , Apr 13, 2006

Sponsored bill for election holiday & easier voting access.

Hassan co-sponsored For the People Act of 2019