Jack Ryan on Homeland Security

Provide $ resources to win war on terror

I will be a consistent vote to give Pres. Bush the resources he needs to keep America safe.

In FY 2003, Pres. Bush requested a budget of $37.7 billion for Homeland Security. This money was used to support first responders and aviation security measures defend against biological attacks, and provide for information sharing.

Homeland Security is the networking and partnership of resources and intelligence between federal, state, and local governments. Because of the effective work and coordination among agencies, there is no doubt within intelligence communities that America has prevented terrorist actions from occurring on our soil. We must support the President and Secretary Tom Ridge to avoid future disasters.

The freedoms and ideals of America make it the greatest country in the world. Winning the war on terrorism and protecting our homeland have to be top priorities. I look forward to having the opportunity to support Pres. Bush in the war on terrorism as a member of the US Senate.

Source: Campaign website, JackRyan2004.com, "On The Issues" Jun 25, 2004

Missile defense needed against terrorist WMDs

There is no greater responsibility for the federal government than to provide for the defense of the nation against attack from enemies foreign and domestic-and that includes attacks of all kinds, but especially attacks using weapons of mass destruction. Today's release of information by the 9/11 Commission-that al-Queda considered taking over a Russian launcher and forcing Russian scientists to fire a nuclear missile at the US- highlights the need for our government to move as quickly as possible to build and deploy a ballistic missile defense for the US.

For too long, obstructionists have fought to prevent the development and deployment of such a system. First they said it would never work; then they said it would be too expensive; then they said it would be moot.I pledge full support for the development and deployment, as soon as possible, of a working ballistic missile defense

Source: Press Release, "9/11 Commission & missile defense" Jun 16, 2004

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