KT McFarland on Homeland Security

Republican Challenger

Challenging Clinton on a national security platform

In an interview this week, Ms. McFarland said for the first time that she would challenge Mrs. Clinton and run on a platform of national security and military issues, given her background. She also said she is forswearing mudslinging, saying her party erred by calling Mrs. Clinton angry. At the same time, both she and her advisers said the Senate battle provided a crucial chance before the presidential election to test Mrs. Clinton and expose what they see as her liberal voting record.
Source: Patrick Healy, New York Times, p. A1 Mar 3, 2006

War on terror is more difficult than the Cold War

The war on terror is not going to be easy, and in a lot of ways, it's much more difficult than the cold war, McFarland said. "It's not a time to play politics, to play gotcha, to only talk to Republicans or to Democrats. It's a time to say, what do we agree on? What common ground can we find? My objective in running for office is I want to keep my children and my grandchildren as safe as I can," said McFarland, who has five children and three grandchildren.
Source: Patrick Healy, New York Times, p. A1 Mar 3, 2006

Biggest threat is Third World nuclear proliferation

KT McFarland believes that nuclear proliferation in the Third World is the greatest threat America has faced since the depths of the Cold War. Nuclear technology that took industrialized nations decades to develop is now readily available to rogue, fiercely anti-American regimes like Iran, thanks to Pakistan's former top nuclear scientist, Abdul Qadeer Khan, who sold the technology to all who would pay for it.
Source: Campaign website, www.ktforsenate.com, "Issues" Mar 3, 2006

Fund security in targeted cities, not for political reasons

If history is any guide, al Quaeda will attempt something new, something unexpected to strike us the next time.

One thing is predictable, though. If given the chance, our enemies will continue to target high-profile cities like NYC, Los Angeles, and Washington DC. For that reason, KT believes that the nation's current homeland security funding formula must be radically altered to distribute funding where it is needed most rather than where political considerations dictate.

Source: Campaign website, www.ktforsenate.com, "Issues" Mar 3, 2006

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