Jack Carter on Homeland Security


Should not run our armed services on a shoe string

Q: Could you elaborate on your views on spending on our armed forces?

A: We are seriously depleting our ability to support our foreign policy by running our armed services on a shoe string. I support more spending on armed forces.

Source: Email interview with OnTheIssues.org Jul 19, 2006

Reallocate resources within the armed forces

Q: Should we spend more on our armed forces?

A: Oppose. I support a reallocation of resources within the armed forces.

Source: Email interview with OnTheIssues.org Jun 25, 2006

Increase port security and inspect every incoming container

Carter discussed the port security in the United States and how every container that enters the country needs to be inspected. "Port security is a very high priority for me," Carter said. "We need to inspect what is coming in this country, and who is coming into these ports."
Source: The Rebel Yell (UNLV newspaper) Apr 13, 2006

Katrina: replace cronyism with expertise

Another issue that has Carter concerned is how Hurricane Katrina was handled. FEMA was running efficiently until the Bush Administration put it under Homeland Security. After the move, unqualified people worked for FEMA. "FEMA is an expert organization," Carter said. "The guy who runs it is not an expert. This is a typical thing of the Bush Administration. [They] plan things and [do] not do them very well. It was a disgrace to the United States for the aftermath of Katrina."
Source: The Rebel Yell (UNLV newspaper) Apr 13, 2006

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