Harris Miller on Homeland Security


Opposes don't ask, don't tell rule for military

Q: Do you like the don't ask, don't tell rule or do you think it is stupid?

WEBB: I support the don't ask, don't tell rule. I think that the military is a different environment. It's one where we've always had gays in the military, we always will.

Q: So you should keep your orientation to yourself if it is homosexual?

WEBB: At this point, yes. I just think it's a practicality issue.

Q: Mr. Miller, should we keep don't ask, don't tell?

MILLER: No, it needs to be modified. It is costing us $200 million or more a year, it's costing us the ability to recruit and retain very capable people. We need to come up with a more practical way.

Q: Do you think people should be able to be openly gay in the military?


Source: Virginia 2006 Democratic Senate Primary debate [X-ref Webb] Jun 9, 2006

Ensure protective equipment and social services for troops

Source: Press release, "Iraq Plan" Apr 27, 2006

Won't stand idly by while government spies on citizens

Harris Miller criticized George Allen for his support of unchecked spying on Americans. "I stand second to none in protecting our homeland, and it's essential that we give law enforcement organizations the power to intercept terrorist communication and hunt down those who would attack American citizens," Miller said. "But I won't stand idly by while our government spies on average American citizens and George Allen gives his thumbs-up."
Source: Press release, "Spying on Americans" Jan 23, 2006

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