Chuck Pennacchio on Homeland Security


Bush-Santorum have failed to fulfill promises to veterans

Unfortunately, the President and the Congress have failed to fulfill promises made to those who protect our nation. The President's 2006 Federal Budget makes a mockery of the slogan "support the troops."

The Bush-Santorum Administration quote nominal percentage increases in funding for veterans benefits. However, because of our nation's unnecessary war in Iraq & poor planning by the Administration, there are many more veterans in need of care. [I support] "mandatory funding" for veterans health care.

Source: Campaign website, www.chuck2006.com, "Issues" May 2, 2006

Focus on real threats abroad and real security at home

Because of the war in Iraq, we're more vulnerable to attack than we were on Sept. 11. We have damaged our international relations, undermined intelligence gathering, and virtually derailed the global war against al-Qaeda. We must still render financial and diplomatic help to the Iraqis, but the opportunity for a phased withdrawal has passed; our troops must withdraw immediately. We need to refocus our limited resources on real threats abroad and real security at home.
Source: Editorial by Pennachio on CentreDaily.com Apr 3, 2006

Bush's military strategy undermines security, weakens US

Bush's post-9/11 campaign to militarize select portions of the globe is a counterproductive series of tactical maneuvers that undermines American security in particular and global security in general. Unthinking, misplaced, unilateral military responses are not the way to win a world war, let alone a global war against an enemy that wants to destroy the United States and all of western civilization. America's war on Iraq continues to weaken the United States at home and abroad, and strengthen al Qaeda.
Source: Post by Chuck Pennacchio on DailyKos blog Jul 7, 2005

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