Allen McCulloch on Homeland Security


I am in full support of the global war on terror

Q: What is your position on the war in Iraq? Should plans be made to reduce U.S. troop levels?

A: The war in Iraq is one of many fronts of the war on terror. I am in full support of the global war on terror and would work to my last breath to pass legislation that would give our sons and daughters the tools they need to win the war on terror and come home. Plans should be made to reduce troop levels when the commanders on the ground feel the situation is secure. We cannot leave until the job is do

Source: Albuquerque Tribune interview in "Election" special May 3, 2006

Defend civil liberties, but ensure safety first

Q: Do you believe the Patriot Act presents challenges to civil liberties? What amendments, if any, would you offer to it, if you are elected?

A: It is critically important that we balance the need to ensure our civil liberties while at the same time giving law enforcement officials the necessary tools to identify, disrupt and destroy terror networks in the United States. I am a strong defender of our civil liberties, but in a post-Sept. 11 world, we must be prepared to ensure the safety of American families. When the Patriot Act was introduced to the U.S. Senate for passage, all but one member voted to pass it. The nation has made leaps and bounds in the realm of civil liberties, and to chalk up the safety of American families to civil liberties is incorrect. The Patriot Act is designed to thwart domestic terrorism (which is an increasing threat since 9/11).

Source: Albuquerque Tribune interview in "Election" special May 3, 2006

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