Tom Strickland on Energy & Oil

2002 Democratic Challenger (CO)

Restrict nuclear waste shipment

Strickland believes that the proposed plan to ship high-level nuclear waste across the country over a 24-year period, including potentially substantial amounts through Colorado, to be stored at Yucca Mountain, Nevada, poses a dangerous threat to citizens in Colorado. Strickland believes that a final transportation plan, complete with a security risk assessment by the FBI and input from local law enforcement officials along the affected routes, should be put in place before Senators cast a vote on this issue. In the current environment, when we are now painfully aware of the horrific creativity of terrorists and their ability to accomplish what was previously unthinkable ? Strickland believes it would be irresponsible for a Senator representing Colorado to vote to approve this plan before all safety issues are resolved.
Source: StricklandForColorado.com, "Issues: Yucca Mountain" Sep 25, 2002

Enforce environmental regs and address global warming

Tom will work to address the global warming challenge and to provide new tools and resources to help communities reduce traffic congestion, preserve open space, and grow in ways that ensure a high quality of life. Tom will also be a strong advocate of protecting air and water quality through strengthening and enforcing the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Safe Drinking Water Act. And he'll fight to make sure that polluters, not the tax-payers, pay to clean up polluted sites.
Source: StricklandForColorado.com, "Issues: Environment" Sep 25, 2002

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