Dwight Grotberg on Energy & Oil


Develop traditional energy resources; drill ANWR

Source: 2006 Congressional National Political Awareness Test Oct 29, 2006

Build ND infrastructure for energy production & corn ethanol

One of my plans is to introduce strategic legislation that increases our infrastructure for energy production and distribution. It looks like we are headed for $3.00+ fuel again. Our oil people in western ND are getting discounted for their crude and it looks to me like that could be helped with improved transportation. We currently have in this country an ethanol shortage yet we had some of our biggest corn LDP's, which are subsidies paid to us when prices are low, in recent history.
Source: Press Release, "Vision for representing North Dakota" Apr 4, 2006

make energy a National Security issue

We need to make energy a National Security issue. It's time to stop looking to the Middle East and pay our people instead. The economic impact to this state and other rural states will be HUGE. We can serve North Dakota better than the current delegation by bringing big picture economics to Congress, which will, in the end, allow more federal money to be in reserve for this state for it's boom-bust cycles, and reduce the need for emergency funding that gets tacked onto things like hurricanes and wars.
Source: Press Release, "Vision for representing North Dakota" Apr 4, 2006

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