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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
Fire and Fury,
by Michael Wolff (2018)
Trump Revealed,
by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher (2016)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2016)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
by Cory Booker (2016)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Emilia Sykes: Opposed abortion ban if fetal heartbeat detected.
    Bernie Moreno: All human life is precious.
    Betty Sutton: Constitutionally protected decisions about personal health.
    Charlie Wilson: Legal abortion only for incest, rape, or life of woman.
    Connie Pillich: Don't ban abortion in public hospitals.
    Dennis Kucinich: Change of heart: I support a woman's right to choose.
    Eric Fingerhut: I support Roe vs. Wade.
    Jim Renacci: Opposes abortion and gay marriage.
    Jim Renacci: De-fund Planned Parenthood; 100% pro-life.
    Jim Renacci: Being a family man I will always stand on the side of life.
    Joe Schiavoni: Restore Planned Parenthood funding.
    Joe Schiavoni: I trust women to make their own medical decisions.
    Joe Schiavoni: Don't ban abortion in public hospitals.
    John Cranley: Personally opposes abortion but is pro-choice.
    John Kasich: Ban abortions after 20 weeks; but no "heartbeat bill".
    John Kasich: Require abortion clinics to have nearby hospital & doctor.
    John Kasich: Cut $1.3M in funding for discredited Planned Parenthood.
    John Kasich: Vetoed "fetal heartbeat" law (abortion ban after 6 weeks).
    John Kasich: Ban abortion in public hospitals.
    Jon Husted: Unwavering supporting for the unborn.
    Josh Mandel: Endorsed by Ohio Right to Life PAC.
    Josh Mandel: Umbilical blood is ethical source of stem cells.
    Josh Mandel: I believe in protecting life.
    Josh Mandel: Signed pledge to oppose abortion on demand without exception.
    Josh Mandel: Prohibit abortion at first sign of fetal heartbeat.
    Josh Mandel: Prohibit abortion at first sign of fetal heartbeat.
    Matt Dolan: Will fight to uphold the Hyde Amendment, protect the unborn.
    Matt Dolan: Opposed abortion ban if fetal heartbeat detected.
    Michael Pryce: ObamaCare makes doctors commit abortions against their will.
    Michael Pryce: Completely against abortion as a form of birth control.
    Michael Pryce: No funding for embryonic stem cell research.
    Mike DeWine: Supports heartbeat bill (no abortion after 6 weeks).
    Mike DeWine: Supports "fetal heartbeat" law (abortion ban after 6 weeks).
    Mike DeWine: Deflects questions about abortion during pandemic.
    Mike DeWine: Enacted abortion ban if fetal heartbeat detected.
    Mike Gibbons: We need to end abortion in America.
    Mike Gibbons: Opposes abortion as a woman's unrestricted right.
    Nan Whaley: Has always stood up for Ohioans' right to choose.
    Nina Turner: Don't ban abortion in public hospitals.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Unwavering supporter of a woman's right to choose.
    Richard Cordray: Support abortion rights; fight for Planned Parenthood.
    Richard Cordray: Women's right to make their own personal decisions.
    Sherrod Brown: Women should make their own health care decisions.
    Sherrod Brown: Trust women to make their own healthcare decisions.
    Steven Driehaus: Prohibit partial-birth abortion; and illegalize all abortion.
    Ted Strickland: Supports some restrictions but Planned Parenthood ok.
    Warren Davidson: Life begins at conception.
    JD Vance: Abortion rights should be regulated by state legislatures .
    JD Vance: Unborn babies are not inconveniences to be discarded.
    Tim Ryan: Late term abortion only when something tragic is happening.
    Tim Ryan: Abortion rights should codify Roe v. Wade standards.
Budget & Economy
    Bernie Moreno: Make unemployment benefits a mechanism of last resort.
    Bernie Moreno: Put our fiscal house in order; cut spending.
    Bob Taft: Keep budget balanced without new taxes; hold spending.
    Jane Timken: We need to get back to fiscal responsibility.
    Jim Renacci: Obama federal stimulus was a failed experiment.
    Jim Renacci: Immediate spending freeze, reduce budget first year 10-15%.
    Jim Renacci: Capitalize on Ohio's quality of life assets.
    Joe Schiavoni: Targeted tax credits for jobs and upgrades.
    Jon Husted: Most conservative state budget in 40 years.
    Jon Husted: Liberation from Feds can reduce other problems.
    Matt Dolan: Ballooning national debt is a national security threat.
    Matt Dolan: Support targeted infrastructure, not bloated wishlists.
    Matt Dolan: Supports bipartisan infrastructure bill that Trump opposes.
    Mike DeWine: Make Ohio a low tax, low regulation state.
    Mike DeWine: Make a long-overdue, comprehensive investment in Appalachia.
    Mike Gibbons: Government should get out of the way.
    Mike Gibbons: Market-led recovery instead of stimulus.
    Mike Gibbons: We need to get our economy back on track.
    Nan Whaley: Invest in economic and neighborhood development.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Trickle-down economics has not worked for vast majority.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Make big banks split their commercial & investment practices.
    Richard Cordray: A look back at the recession demands common sense reforms.
    Rob Portman: Budget director for President George W. Bush.
    Ted Strickland: Turnaround Ohio: invest in innovation and entrepreneurship.
    Tim Ryan: Give American manufacturing the tools it needs to grow.
    JD Vance: Spending like American Rescue Plan drove up costs .
    Tim Ryan: CHIPS Act is all about reshoring high-end manufacturing jobs.
    Tim Ryan: Spending like American Rescue Plan creates Ohio jobs.
    Mike DeWine: $2.5B to prepare infrastructure of large development sites.
Civil Rights
    Bernie Moreno: The Speech Police must be stopped.
    Bernie Moreno: Glosses over company's support for LGBTQ non-discrimination.
    Charlie Wilson: Supports affirmative action for state agencies & colleges.
    Eric Fingerhut: Affirmative action is a good outreach strategy.
    Eric Fingerhut: Recognize same-sex civil unions and marriage.
    Jane Timken: Critical race theory seeks to stoke racial flames.
    JD Vance: Generals should read less about white rage, whatever that is.
    JD Vance: Black Lives Matter movement destroyed many towns and cities.
    JD Vance: OpEd: Mocked AOC for Native American phrase for non-binary.
    Joe Schiavoni: LGBT students are like everyone else.
    John Cranley: Vote to protect gender identity in law a "kumbaya moment".
    Jon Husted: Criticized for referring to COVID as the "Wuhan virus".
    Jon Husted: Voted to ban gay marriage prior to Supreme Court decision.
    Joyce Beatty: Supports affirmative action in state hiring & college.
    Mary Taylor: Running-mate Nathan Estruth led anti-gay-rights campaign.
    Mary Taylor: Disallow minors to initiate gender transition without parent.
    Matt Dolan: For Fairness Act, against transgirls in girls' athletics.
    Michael Pryce: End affirmative action programs.
    Michael Pryce: Marriage only between one man and one woman.
    Mike DeWine: Opposes sexual identity in anti-discrimination laws.
    Mike Gibbons: Opposes same-sex marriage.
    Nan Whaley: Presided over one of first Ohio gay marriages.
    Nan Whaley: Being young & female in politics offers unique leadership.
    Nan Whaley: More women leaders, more diverse idea of what leadership is.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Saying "black lives matter" recognizes institutional racism.
    Richard Cordray: Long-term supporter of gay marriage.
    Sherrod Brown: Voted against the Patriot Act because it is unpatriotic.
    Steven Driehaus: No civil unions; no same-sex marriage.
    Bernie Moreno: Big corporations are becoming as bad as big government.
    Jane Timken: Cut corporate tax from 25% if Biden raises from 21%.
    JD Vance: Woke capital directly connected to plundering of society.
    Jim Renacci: Reduce the corporate tax rate to 25%, and individuals too.
    Jim Renacci: 2010 bailout closed my car dealership; Feds shouldn't pick.
    Joe Biden: We bet on the auto industry; 400,000 new jobs means we won.
    John Kasich: No income taxes on small businesses up to $2M.
    John Kasich: Businesses are job creators, the engines of job growth.
    Josh Mandel: Businesses hurt by complicated taxes & aggressive regulation.
    Josh Mandel: Auto bailout was un-American; I won't be the bailout Senator.
    Lee Fisher: Experienced negotiating with companies to stay in Ohio.
    Richard Cordray: Nurture small businesses rooted in local communities.
    Richard Cordray: Developed guidelines to protect consumers from data breaches.
    Richard Cordray: Ran Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
    Rob Portman: More favorable policy: encourage business development.
    Rob Portman: More than 70 company tours & plant visits, to stay in touch.
    Sherrod Brown: Supported auto industry bailout as fighting for middle class.
    Sherrod Brown: CFPB stops Wall Street from calling the shots on the budget.
    Bernie Moreno: We need to restore respect for law and order in this country.
    Bernie Moreno: We must stand together to "defend the police".
    Charlie Wilson: Supports alternative sentencing & rehabilitation.
    Connie Pillich: Worked as public defender, and challenged predatory lenders.
    Eric Deaton: Being pro-life, I believe in very limited capital punishment.
    Eric Fingerhut: Support death penalty; ban racial profiling.
    Eric Fingerhut: No parole for repeat offenders.
    Jane Timken: I will always "Back the Blue," not defund the police.
    JD Vance: Violent crime spike because police afraid to do their jobs.
    Jim Renacci: Opposes capital punishment.
    Jim Renacci: I will always stand with law enforcement, ensure support.
    John Kasich: Rehab, not prison, for low-level offenders.
    John Kasich: Black Lives Matter means the system doesn't work for them.
    John Kasich: Police must understand challenges of black community.
    John Kasich: Spared 7 death-row inmates; executed 15 more.
    John Kasich: Ban the box: no criminal history check on job applications.
    Josh Mandel: Voted YES on lethal force against home intruders.
    Joyce Beatty: Moratorium on the death penalty.
    Joyce Beatty: End parole for repeat violent offenders.
    Lee Fisher: Expand the use of the death penalty.
    Lee Fisher: More prisons; less parole for repeat violent felons.
    Matt Dolan: Unapologetically BACK THE BLUE; won't defund the police.
    Michael Pryce: Supports capital punishment.
    Michael Pryce: No reduced prison sentences for non-violent offenders.
    Mike DeWine: Create permanent funding for on-going police training.
    Mike DeWine: Get tough on convicted violent offenders who use guns.
    Mike Gibbons: Stricter punishment reduces crime.
    Nan Whaley: Police reform process led to major systemic changes.
    Nan Whaley: Supports alternative response to certain non-violent calls.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Mandatory minimum sentencing causes black mass incarceration.
    Richard Cordray: Endorsements by law enforcement reflects his efforts as AG.
    Steven Driehaus: Moratorium on the death penalty.
    Ted Strickland: Spared 5 death-row inmates; executed 17 more.
    Bernie Moreno: Get tough on the illicit distribution and sale of opioids.
    Bob Taft: Enact more laws to fight methamphetamines.
    Charlie Wilson: Strengthen penalties for drug-related crimes.
    Eric Deaton: Rehabilitate drug sellers rather than just locking them up.
    Eric Fingerhut: Decriminalize medical marijuana.
    Jim Renacci: Opposes recreational marijuana legalization.
    Joe Schiavoni: Can't arrest our way out of opioid crisis.
    John Kasich: 50% lower chance of drug use if kids hear "don't do drugs".
    John Kasich: Shut down the pill mills; put crooked doctors in jail.
    John Kasich: StartTalking! Talk to kids to say no to opiates.
    John Kasich: No mixed message: don't do opioids & don't do marijuana.
    John Kasich: 2016: Legalized medical marijuana, with tight regulations.
    John Kasich: Longer prison sentences for fentanyl-related offenses.
    Jon Husted: If #1 in jobs & education, Ohio wouldn't be #1 in opioids.
    Joyce Beatty: Strengthen penalties for drug-related crimes.
    Mike DeWine: Opposes recreational marijuana; opposes Ballot issue 1.
    Mary Taylor: Focus on prevention and reducing the supply of drugs.
    Matt Dolan: Will fight to bolster opioid recovery and treatment programs.
    Michael Pryce: Mandatory prison sentences for selling illegal drugs.
    Mike DeWine: Keep low-level drug use a felony instead of a misdemeanor.
    Mike DeWine: Age-appropriate discussions in Kindergarten thru 12th grade.
    Mike DeWine: Focus on children of drug abusers; and help parents.
    Mike Gibbons: Solutions are more medical than criminal.
    Mike Gibbons: Marijuana is not a gateway drug.
    Nan Whaley: Ohio's heroin epidemic caused by drug companies.
    Nan Whaley: Move past stigma, treat addiction as the disease that it is.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Marijuana legalization & tight regulation.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Reform outdated marijuana laws that penalize possession.
    Richard Cordray: We cannot arrest our way out of opioid crisis: tackle causes.
    Richard Cordray: Make low-level drug use a misdemeanor; treatment not prison.
    Richard Cordray: Can't arrest way out of opioid crisis.
    Rob Portman: No legalization; focus instead on drug prevention.
    Sherrod Brown: Supports medical legalization; opposes federal intervention.
    Steven Driehaus: Strengthen penalties and sentences for drug-related crimes.
    Ted Strickland: Medical cannabis is a "no-brainer"; decriminalize now.
    Ted Strickland: Decriminalize and/or legalize marijuana.
    Tim Ryan: Advocated for treatment & diversion in lieu of incarceration.
    JD Vance: Close the border to end drug trafficking zone.
    JD Vance: Border wall would stop flow of fentanyl.
    Bernie Moreno: I will fight hard to expand school choice.
    Bob Taft: Implement system of standards, assessments & accountability.
    Bob Taft: Ohioís success depends on keeping education as #1 priority.
    Bob Taft: Called for 20,000 reading tutors; program is succeeding.
    Charlie Wilson: More funding for teachers.
    Dennis Kucinich: Charter schools are a multi-billion dollar boondoogle.
    Eric Fingerhut: Teach abstinence; require exit exams in high schools.
    Eric Fingerhut: Better teacher pay; expanded early education.
    Jane Timken: Local control of education, not critical race theory.
    Joe Schiavoni: Stop waste in charters, invest in public schools.
    Joe Schiavoni: Make public higher education affordable.
    Jim Renacci: Top-down, one-size-fits-all approach has proven ineffective.
    Jim Renacci: I strongly support school voucher programs.
    Jim Renacci: Strong historical supporter of vouchers for private schools.
    Jim Renacci: No role for government to reduce student loan interest rates.
    Jim Renacci: Eliminate Common Core, Critical Race Theory.
    Joe Schiavoni: Protect students from failing online charter schools.
    John Kasich: $120 million student debt relief fund; plus online college.
    Jon Husted: Encourages school/business cooperation on job counseling.
    Josh Mandel: Expand school choice to public, charter, & private schools.
    Josh Mandel: Local school districts should have autonomy.
    Josh Mandel: Local school districts should have autonomy.
    Joyce Beatty: Adequately fund Ohio public schools.
    Lee Fisher: Encourage charters & corporate investment.
    Matt Dolan: Keep education costs low, champion school choice.
    Matt Dolan: Ban Critical Race Theory; support academic freedom.
    Michael Pryce: Federal funding for K-12 school vouchers.
    Mike DeWine: Supports charter schools; supports vouchers.
    Mike DeWine: Improve college affordability; new STEM funding.
    Mike Gibbons: Vouchers for school choice.
    Nan Whaley: Funded universal preschool, expanded to three year olds.
    Richard Cordray: Future job skills begin with investment in education system.
    Richard Cordray: More funding for universal pre-K; no funding charters.
    Richard Cordray: Free community college for all Ohioans.
    Sherrod Brown: Longtime opponent of vouchers for private schools.
    Sherrod Brown: Reduce student loan interest rates; increase Pell Grants.
    Ted Strickland: Criticizes $71M in charter school funding for rigged report.
    Tim Ryan: I've pushed for social and emotional learning in our schools.
    Tim Ryan: People who didn't go to college need help as well.
    Mike DeWine: Expand eligibility for EdChoice scholarship program.
    Mike DeWine: Use the evidence-based approaches of the Science of Reading.
Energy & Oil
    Emilia Sykes: Repeal bribe-based nuclear subsidies; keep solar subsidies.
    Bernie Moreno: Unleash American energy sources.
    Bernie Moreno: Doesn't believe electric cars are the right answer.
    Bob Taft: Project THAW: $250 for home heating oil costs.
    Connie Pillich: Keep renewable energy standard at 25% instead of 12.5%.
    Eric Deaton: Produce oil from the easy state-side locations.
    Jane Timken: Oil and gas are essential for energy and jobs.
    JD Vance: Subsidizing electric vehicle technology helps China, not US.
    Jim Renacci: We cannot afford to halt or discourage domestic exploration.
    Jim Renacci: Opposed EPA regulating greenhouse gases.
    Jim Renacci: Ohio should capitalize on its oil and gas resources.
    Joe Schiavoni: Continue oil, gas exploration, but safer fracking.
    Joe Schiavoni: Keep renewable energy standard at 25% instead of 12.5%.
    John Kasich: Raise severance tax on oil & gas from 20 cents upward.
    John Kasich: Balanced use of green energy & low-cost energy.
    John Kasich: Balance low-cost & environment by pursuing all sources.
    John Kasich: Supports Keystone XL, clean coal; and "smart grid".
    John Kasich: No state bailout for aging nuclear plants.
    John Kasich: Nuclear power is yesterday; natural gas represents tomorrow.
    John Kasich: Mandate that electric utilities use at least 8.5% renewables.
    John Kasich: All-of-the-above approach, with stepped-up fossil fuels.
    John Kasich: Open more federal lands to oil and natural gas exploration.
    John Kasich: Keep state mandate on renewable energy.
    Jon Husted: Welcomed third domestic solar energy facility in Ohio.
    Josh Mandel: Use responsibly the natural resources we're blessed to have.
    Josh Mandel: Supports expansion of oil drilling and fracking.
    Josh Mandel: Climate research inconclusive & riddled with fraud.
    Josh Mandel: Attacked "war on coal": Over! Our! Dead! Bodies!
    Josh Mandel: Supports expansion of oil drilling and fracking.
    Josh Mandel: Climate research inconclusive & riddled with fraud.
    Joyce Beatty: Develop alternative fuels.
    Matt Dolan: All-of-the-above instead of Green New Deal.
    Matt Dolan: Repeal bribe-based nuclear subsidies; keep solar subsidies.
    Mike DeWine: Challenged Obama's Clean Power Plan.
    Mike DeWine: Repeal bribe-based nuclear subsidies; keep solar subsidies.
    Mike Gibbons: Opposes prioritizing green energy.
    Nan Whaley: Repeal law that gutted Ohio's renewable energy standards.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: I'm strongly opposed to the Keystone XL pipeline.
    Richard Cordray: Clean energy provides jobs AND improves air quality.
    Richard Cordray: Climate change threatens Great Lakes & Ohio farms.
    Rob Portman: Human activity contributes to climate change; but no laws.
    Sherrod Brown: Pretending that climate change isn't happening is dangerous.
    Sherrod Brown: $30 billion to transition manufacturers to clean energy.
    Sierra Club: Mandated renewable energy standards instead of voluntary.
    Sierra Club: Renewable energy creates jobs AND improves air quality.
    Ted Strickland: Stay out of Keystone XL discussions; it doesn't involve Ohio.
    Ted Strickland: Tackle the challenge of catastrophic climate change.
    Tim Ryan: We must get serious about reducing carbon emissions.
    Tim Ryan: No fossil fuel donations was only for presidential campaign.
    Eric Fingerhut: Aggressive effort to increase clean air.
    JD Vance: EPA Admin: Vance will oppose arbitrary regulatory burdens.
    Jim Renacci: Reduce Washington's adversarial red tape on farms.
    Jim Renacci: Reduce funding for Environmental Protection Administration.
    Joe Schiavoni: $100M to address water quality with sewer improvements.
    John Kasich: $2.5B invested in cleaning Lake Erie, and keep it clean.
    John Kasich: Reduce Erie pollution with tougher fertilizer regulations.
    John Kasich: Mandate best practices to reduce farm fertilizer runoff.
    Josh Mandel: Environmental regulations beyond common sense; killing jobs.
    Josh Mandel: Environmental regulations beyond common sense; killing jobs.
    Mike Gibbons: Fight EPA regulatory over-reach.
    Sherrod Brown: Maintain funding for Environmental Protection Administration.
    Ted Strickland: Safeguard clean air and water for future generations.
Families & Children
    JD Vance: Expanded childcare favors affluent over working class.
    Jim Renacci: Marriage should be between one man & one woman.
    John Kasich: CATCH court: prostitutes are victims of human trafficking.
    John Kasich: Re-prioritize family planning funds away from abortion.
    John Kasich: De-fund all family planning centers that discuss abortion.
    Jon Husted: American family is broken without two loving parents.
    Mike DeWine: Religious employers may exclude contraception from insurance.
    Mike DeWine: Got waiver to deliver school lunches to quarantined kids.
    Mike DeWine: Help kids with multiple medical and behavioral challenges.
    Nan Whaley: Made Dayton a better place to live, work, and raise a family.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Fight for the right to paid sick days.
    Richard Cordray: Focus on kitchen table issues & improving family life.
    Richard Cordray: Require contraception as part of all employer health plans.
    Sherrod Brown: Practicing family values means loving all God's children.
    Mike DeWine: Repeal the State's sales tax on critical infant supplies.
Foreign Policy
    Al Gore: Nation-building: preferable to WWIII, and a stunning success.
    Al Gore: Cuba: Hard-liner on Castro; keep sanctions.
    Al Gore: North Korea: Continue exploring rapprochement.
    Al Gore: Russia: USís abiding interest, but troubled by Putin.
    Bernie Moreno: China unleashed coronavirus, socialist/fascist ideology.
    Bernie Moreno: Always, always, put America First!
    Bernie Moreno: United States must always stand unequivocally with Israel.
    Jane Timken: Stand up for Israel, Iran is a threat to Israel and US.
    Jane Timken: BDS movement antisemitic, would push back with legislation.
    Jane Timken: Abraham Accords have been a significant development.
    Jane Timken: Advocates strong and public support for Israel.
    Jane Timken: I will always work to advance policies that weaken Iran.
    Matt Dolan: Hold China accountable; stand up to China's aggression.
    Mike Gibbons: Support American Exceptionalism.
    Morgan Harper: Israel has right to exist; so does Palestine.
    Ted Strickland: Support Iran nuke treaty; opposes ground troops against ISIS.
    JD Vance: Put Americans first in response to Russia-Ukraine war.
Free Trade
    Bernie Moreno: Only support trade agreements that put American jobs first.
    Eric Deaton: Free trade agreements have destroyed our economy.
    JD Vance: U.S. companies struggle with unfair competition from China.
    Jim Renacci: Seeks balance between tariffs, free trade & fair trade.
    Josh Mandel: Criticizes opponent for helping move jobs to China.
    Lee Fisher: More stringent policy: discourage companies moving overseas.
    Lee Fisher: Trade agreements should be fair and enforced.
    Matt Dolan: Trade deals must protect workers, American innovation.
    Mike DeWine: Tariffs against dumping steel, & give fines to US companies.
    Mike Gibbons: Support & expand free trade.
    Morgan Harper: Don't let tech companies limit liability in trade deals.
    Rob Portman: Pass more trade agreements to increase Ohio exports.
    Rob Portman: Served as trade representative under Pres. George W. Bush.
    Rob Portman: Negotiated fast-track under Bush; but slowing it under Obama.
    Rob Portman: Push TPP to remove limits on US poultry exports.
    Ron Wyden: Key supporter of fast-track trade-promotion authority.
    Sherrod Brown: Supports fair trade; opposes exporting jobs.
    Sherrod Brown: Trade agreements have sold out the middle class.
    Sherrod Brown: Longtime critic of NAFTA; re-negotiate to help Ohio workers.
    Sherrod Brown: Tax auto company foreign profits; then discounts in US.
Government Reform
    ACLU: Don't require "complete" ID on absentee ballots.
    ACLU: Keep "Golden Week" for registration and early voting.
    Bernie Moreno: America is last best hope, fight like hell to protect this.
    Bernie Moreno: All politicians do is talk; I strongly support term limits.
    Bernie Moreno: Cut red tape and reduce regulatory burden on economy.
    Charlie Wilson: Supports public funding for political camapigns.
    Connie Pillich: Don't require "complete" ID on absentee ballots.
    Connie Pillich: Keep "Golden Week" for registration and early voting.
    Don Huffines: COVID: Amend state constitution to forbid church closures.
    Eric Deaton: Limit & regulate campaign contributions.
    Eric Deaton: No line item veto; limit "signing statements".
    Jane Timken: There was widespread fraud in 2020's election.
    Jane Timken: Democrats want to rig every election going forward.
    JD Vance: End mail-in voting bonanza, make Election Day a holiday.
    JD Vance: Investigate 2020 election, but we already know what happened.
    JD Vance: Universal voter ID, but make it easier to get.
    Jim Renacci: End campaign contributions that lead to government contracts.
    Jim Renacci: Corporate political donations are protected political speech.
    Jim Renacci: Make donations and State contracts public.
    Jim Renacci: Redistribute state offices in Columbus around the state.
    Joe Schiavoni: Don't require "complete" ID on absentee ballots.
    Joe Schiavoni: Keep "Golden Week" for registration and early voting.
    John Kasich: A handful of billionaires should not decide who is president.
    John Kasich: Deal with fundraising influencing voting decisions.
    John Kasich: Require complete & sufficient ID on absentee ballots.
    John Kasich: End simultaneous registration and early voting.
    Jon Husted: States should police elections, not Feds.
    Josh Mandel: Does not accept gifts in public office.
    Josh Mandel: Public officials should disclose more than is required.
    Josh Mandel: No government bailout that I would ever support.
    Josh Mandel: Time will prove widespread fraud & 2020 election stolen.
    Josh Mandel: Would allow churches to endorse candidates.
    Josh Mandel: Will co-sponsor and vote for U.S. Term Limits Amendment.
    Josh Mandel: Over time we'll see election was stolen from Trump.
    Josh Mandel: Would allow churches to endorse candidates.
    Joyce Beatty: Limit campaign contributions & campaigm spending.
    Mike DeWine: Opposed McCain-Feingold bill limiting political donations.
    Mike Gibbons: Opposes making voter registration easier.
    Lee Fisher: Campaign spending limits, but no state funding.
    Matt Dolan: Get government out of the way of leading job creators.
    Matt Dolan: H2Ohio: $300M for four co-sponsored clean water bills.
    Matt Dolan: I strongly support Voter ID and upholding accurate rolls.
    Michael Pryce: Remove all contribution & spending limits on campaigns.
    Mike DeWine: Supports purging voter rolls.
    Mike DeWine: Not healthy when people think election system isn't working.
    Mike Gibbons: Signed term limit pledge.
    Nan Whaley: Expand registration by moving deadline closer to election.
    Nina Turner: Keep "Golden Week" for registration and early voting.
    Nina Turner: Don't require "complete" ID on absentee ballots.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: The right to cast a ballot is under assault.
    Richard Cordray: Limit political donations from corporations & unions.
    Richard Cordray: The right to vote is vital to our democracy.
    Sherrod Brown: Special interests shouldn't have louder voice than families.
    Sherrod Brown: Photo-ID rules discourage people from voting.
    Ted Strickland: Citizens United lets billionaires' dark money buy elections.
    Ted Strickland: Overturn Citizens United with constitutional amendment.
    Tim Ryan: End deeply partisan way district lines are drawn.
    Mike DeWine: Consolidate services in new Dept. of Children and Youth.
Gun Control
    Emilia Sykes: Opposes stand your ground, state preemption of local laws.
    Bernie Moreno: Protect 2nd Amendment and the entire Constitution.
    Bernie Moreno: Our Second Amendment is currently under threat.
    Charlie Wilson: Require child-safety locks.
    Eric Fingerhut: Supports safety locks, background checks, semi-auto ban.
    Jane Timken: I own guns; I'll fight for your right to do the same.
    JD Vance: Grandmother gave tough love, discipline; owned 19 handguns.
    Jim Renacci: No ban on assault weapons nor high capacity magazines.
    Jim Renacci: Make Ohio a Second Amendment Sanctuary State.
    Jim Renacci: Ohio should pass permitless concealed carry.
    Jim Renacci: Opposes "frightening" red flag laws.
    Jim Renacci: State must strip away national encroachment of gun rights.
    Joe Schiavoni: Opposes stand your ground, state preemption of local laws.
    John Kasich: Vetoed stand your ground, state preemption of local laws.
    Jon Husted: Spearheaded comprehensive reform to concealed carry law.
    Jon Husted: Endorsed by gun group, supports "right to protect".
    Lee Fisher: Waiting periods; child safety locks; other restrictions ok.
    Matt Dolan: Liberals will stop at nothing to grab our guns.
    Matt Dolan: Supports stand your ground, state preemption of local laws.
    Mike DeWine: Supports stand-your-ground; opposes bump stock ban.
    Mike Gibbons: God-given right to keep and bear arms.
    Mike Gibbons: Absolute right to gun ownership.
    Nan Whaley: Heal after Dayton shooting; but #DoSomething on gun control.
    Nan Whaley: Opposed "Stand Your Ground" bill enacted after shooting.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: We need Senators who'll stand up to extreme gun lobby.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: We have more mass murders because we have more guns.
    Richard Cordray: Wants gun control laws at both state and local levels.
    Richard Cordray: Universal background checks & bump stock ban.
    Sherrod Brown: Ban on assault weapons & high capacity magazines.
    Steven Driehaus: More enforcement; more safety locks; more background checks.
    Ted Strickland: OpEd: Worked for anti-gun group, but never renounced NRA.
    Ted Strickland: 2010: Pro-gun & NRA endorsed; 2016: end gun epidemic.
    Ted Strickland: Supports background checks; close terror watchlist loophole.
Health Care
    Bob Taft: Golden Buckeye Card for senior Rx discounts.
    Eric Fingerhut: Fund basic health care for all citizens.
    Jane Timken: Obamacare was a government takeover of our healthcare.
    Jane Timken: COVID: No new mask mandates; no mandated vaccines in schools.
    Jim Renacci: Competition & tort reform instead of ObamaCare.
    Jim Renacci: Key to affordable healthcare is increasing competition.
    Jim Renacci: Ohio must roll back Medicaid Expansion.
    Joe Schiavoni: Protect Medicaid expansion; oppose ObamaCare repeal.
    John Kasich: Medicaid expansion brought health care to 700,000 people.
    John Kasich: $112M for mental health hospital, plus Medicaid expansion.
    Jon Husted: No work requirement for Medicaid undermines American ethic.
    Josh Mandel: Why shut down schools & small businesses for COVID?
    Josh Mandel: ObamaCare is job killer: prefers physician-owned hospitals.
    Josh Mandel: ACA a job killer, physician-owned hospitals an alternative.
    Lee Fisher: Supports new healthcare reform law.
    Mary Taylor: ObamaCare saddles Ohio with higher costs.
    Matt Dolan: Obamacare has become a tool of partisan grift.
    Michael Pryce: ObamaCare intimidates doctors to withhold treatment.
    Mike DeWine: Repeal ObamaCare; add work requirements to Medicare.
    Mike DeWine: Treat mental illness as a health issue, not a crime.
    Mike Gibbons: Replace ObamaCare with competition.
    Mike Gibbons: Opposes ObamaCare.
    Nan Whaley: Medicaid crucial to helping addicts; don't throw people off.
    Nan Whaley: Build infrastructure to distribute millions of vaccines.
    Richard Cordray: ObamaCare saves lives and improves health.
    Richard Cordray: Expand Medicaid and ObamaCare.
    Rob Portman: Repeal new health reform; it's a job killer.
    Sherrod Brown: Repealing ObamaCare would devastate Ohio children.
    Ted Strickland: Improve ObamaCare: repeal Cadillac Tax; negotiate Rx drugs.
    Tim Ryan: Reauthorize the Healthy Start for Infants program.
Homeland Security
    Bernie Moreno: A strong American military is the only way to ensure peace.
    Connie Pillich: Advocate for veterans, financially and community.
    Eric Deaton: More spending on military R&D and hardware.
    Jane Timken: Supports investing in our military and veterans.
    Jim Renacci: Ensure Armed Forces have resources they need; end sequester.
    Joe Schiavoni: Against military transgender ban.
    Jon Husted: Proclaimed Ohio a Hidden Heroes State for veteran caregivers.
    Josh Mandel: AdWatch: served as Marine in Iraq; grandson of a soldier.
    Josh Mandel: Supported reinstatement of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.
    Josh Mandel: Claims Muslim civil rights group CAIR has terrorism ties.
    Josh Mandel: Supported reinstatement of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.
    Josh Mandel: Claims Muslim civil rights group has terrorism ties.
    Lee Fisher: Let anyone serve who is willing; end don't-ask-don't-tell.
    Matt Dolan: Set aside political correctness to keep America safe.
    Mike DeWine: Brown voted 10 times to cut intelligence spending.
    Mike DeWine: I don't have confidence in Rumsfeld.
    Mike Gibbons: Must have the best weapons.
    Mike Gibbons: Expand the military.
    Rob Portman: Let the military decide on don't-ask-don't-tell.
    Sherrod Brown: Voted every time in favor of final intelligence budgets.
    Sherrod Brown: Screen returning veterans for PTSD, and offer entitlements.
    Warren Davidson: Equip our military for victory, and fix the VA.
    Bernie Moreno: Illegal immigrants haven't earned honor of citizenship.
    Bernie Moreno: My parents came here legally to escape socialism.
    Bernie Moreno: I support building a wall on Southern border.
    Jane Timken: Oppose open borders, amnesty for illegal immigrants.
    Jane Timken: AdWatch: Opposes amnesty to 12 million illegal immigrants.
    JD Vance: Those who complain about southern border get called racist.
    Jim Renacci: Supports border wall for Mexico plus temporary travel ban.
    Jim Renacci: No pathway to citizenship; yes official English.
    Jim Renacci: Overturn DACA program: no legal status for DREAMers.
    Josh Mandel: We need a fighter who will fight to build the wall.
    Josh Mandel: Ban sanctuary cities; jail mayors who try to establish them.
    Josh Mandel: Suspended by Twitter for poll on crimes by "illegals".
    Josh Mandel: We need a fighter who will fight to build the wall.
    Josh Mandel: Ban sanctuary cities, jail mayors who try to establish them.
    Matt Dolan: I will never support amnesty, fight to secure the border.
    Mike DeWine: Supports DREAMers; but let President decide.
    Mike Gibbons: We must control our borders.
    Mike Gibbons: Opposes pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.
    Nan Whaley: Future economic growth depends on attracting new immigrants.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Common-sense pathway to citizenship but not amnesty.
    Richard Cordray: Pathways to citizenship for all immigrants who love America.
    Sherrod Brown: Support DACA program: legal status for DREAMers.
    Ted Strickland: Fix broken system with comprehensive immigration reform.
    Warren Davidson: Securing our borders is a top national security issue.
    Joe Schiavoni: Protect collective bargaining rights.
    Joe Schiavoni: Raise minimum wage.
    Jim Renacci: No increase in federal minimum wage from $7.25/hr to $10.10.
    Joe Biden: We value working class; Republicans value privileged class.
    John Kasich: No strikes allowed for public employees.
    John Kasich: No local vote on $15 minimum wage; keep $8.10.
    Lee Fisher: OpEd: In charge of job creation when Ohio lost 400,000 jobs.
    Lee Fisher: Incentive for Ohio jobs rather than breaks for jobs overseas.
    Mike DeWine: Let states decide on minimum wage.
    Mike DeWine: State can create job opportunities for disabled.
    Mike Gibbons: Opposes affirmative action hiring.
    Richard Cordray: Endorsed by unions: Give control back to workers.
    Richard Cordray: No right-to-work law (keep mandated union dues).
    Richard Cordray: Raise minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2025.
    Rob Portman: High unemployment rate creates Ohio brain drain.
    Sherrod Brown: Increase federal minimum wage from $7.25/hr to $15.
    Tim Ryan: My experience is focusing on workers and their families.
    Tim Ryan: It can't be businesses versus workers; this is a partnership.
Principles & Values
    Bernie Moreno: Stop socialism, cancel culture, & corruption.
    Bernie Moreno: Running to protect the American dream.
    Bernie Moreno: We need to protect Trump's victories & amazing achievements.
    Bernie Moreno: Confirm judges to defend Constitution and state's rights.
    Bernie Moreno: Tried to buy Cleveland Indians to prevent name change.
    Bernie Moreno: Defended fellow candidate against antisemitic advertisement.
    Connie Pillich: Announced candidacy on route of Cincinnati Women's March.
    Don Huffines: It's a lie that minorities are oppressed and can't succeed.
    Jane Timken: Advance the Trump agenda without fear or hesitation.
    Jane Timken: Second Trump impeachment was unconstitutional and a sham.
    Jane Timken: I denounce QAnon, I don't agree with them.
    Jane Timken: Supports Amy Coney Barrett's nomination to the Supreme Court.
    Jane Timken: My opponent should resign for voting to impeach Trump.
    Jane Timken: We should be doubling down on faith at universities.
    Jane Timken: AdWatch: Stop socialist agenda; teach kids to be patriots!
    JD Vance: 2016: Trump reprehensible; 2020: evolved to support Trump.
    JD Vance: Leaders conspire to make life harder for normal Americans.
    JD Vance: Willing to wade through a little crap to save this country.
    JD Vance: Known as the "Trump Whisperer" for explaining his support.
    JD Vance: 2016: Trump makes people I care about afraid.
    JD Vance: Critical of Trump in 2016, enthusiastic supporter in 2020.
    JD Vance: Wokeness will make everything boring and ugly.
    JD Vance: Public policy views aligned with Catholic social teaching.
    Jim Renacci: OhioFirst: the day of the career politicians needs to change.
    Jim Renacci: It's time to elect an Ohio first conservative.
    Jim Renacci: Restore the American Dream in Ohio.
    Jim Renacci: Ohio has too many problems to help country or other states.
    John Cranley: Championed bringing soccer to city, built new stadium.
    John Kasich: Respect for secular humanists.
    Jon Husted: Public prayer in Legislature is free speech.
    Josh Mandel: OpEd: Missed 14 monthly meetings as Ohio Treasurer.
    Josh Mandel: Stand up for the Trump America first agenda.
    Josh Mandel: 2011: Refused to return donation from Nazi reenactor.
    Josh Mandel: OpEd: Attacked ADL for report on extremists hate groups.
    Josh Mandel: We exercise freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.
    Josh Mandel: It's time we remind everyone of God's importance.
    Josh Mandel: Supports President Trump's America first Agenda.
    Josh Mandel: Pulverize the "uni-party," no desire to be part of that club.
    Josh Mandel: 2011: Refused to return donation from Nazi reenactor.
    Josh Mandel: Attacked ADL for report on extremists hate groups.
    Mike DeWine: Protests against me protected by First Amendment.
    Lee Fisher: I'm just as angry at Washington insiders as you are.
    Lee Fisher: Ohio voters are mad as hell over Republican policies.
    Mark Pukita: AdWatch: anti-Semitic for saying "My opponent is Jewish"?
    Mary Taylor: Served as Director of Insurance, while Lt. Governor.
    Matt Dolan: America is the exceptional nation with sacred values.
    Matt Dolan: Few understand the threat of cancel culture more than me.
    Matt Dolan: Need leader to oppose widening chasm of Democratic socialism.
    Mike DeWine: Worked in a bi-partisan manner to get things done.
    Mike DeWine: Brown does not represent the mainstream of Ohio.
    Mike DeWine: There is simply no better place to raise a family than Ohio!
    Mike Gibbons: Keep God in the public sphere.
    Mike Gibbons: Running to help people achieve their American Dreams.
    Mike Gibbons: We need to stand up to cancel culture.
    Morgan Harper: Saved by foster care system, adoptive mother.
    Nan Whaley: Focus on economy, no compromise on core progressive values.
    Nan Whaley: No religious discrimination by business; Dayton open to all.
    Paul Hackett: Ohio Democrats need an 88-county strategy to win elections.
    Rob Portman: If you like the way things are going, support my opponent.
    Rob Portman: A top adviser to President George W. Bush.
    Sherrod Brown: Endorsed by conservative group that cares about tax fairness.
    Sherrod Brown: AdWatch: nepotistic hiring practices at the state treasury.
    Tim Ryan: Incorporated yoga into his presidential run.
    Tim Ryan: Respects footballer Baker Mayfield for his grit & resiliency.
    Warren Davidson: Political left has maintained a progressive attack on faith.
    JD Vance: 2020 election was stolen by very powerful people .
Social Security
    Jim Renacci: Allow workers to privately invest portion of payroll taxes.
    Josh Mandel: Raise retirement age, but not for Baby Boomers or older.
    Lee Fisher: No benefit cuts; don't raise retirement age.
    Mike Gibbons: Opt-out of Social Security.
    Richard Cordray: Develop consumer tools to use with Social Security decisions.
    Rob Portman: Bush's proposal was sound, but I'm not for privatization.
    Rob Portman: Supported Bush's privatization, but no longer supports it.
    Sherrod Brown: Don't raise retirement age; system has been reliable.
    Sherrod Brown: No full nor partial privatization of Social Security.
    Ted Strickland: No Social Security privatization.
    Tim Ryan: Repeal offsets that reduce Social Security payments.
Tax Reform
    Bernie Moreno: People should keep more of their hard-earned money.
    Bernie Moreno: Protect historic tax cuts signed by Trump.
    Bob Taft: 3-year tax holiday for high-tech start-ups.
    Charlie Wilson: Supports progressive state income tax.
    Jane Timken: Taxes would stifle economy, destroy jobs, harm families.
    Jane Timken: Signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge opposing tax increases.
    Joe Schiavoni: End tax cuts for rich to support schools.
    JD Vance: Tax "social justice" nonprofits, pay down their endowments.
    Jim Renacci: Our tax code is broken; comprehensive reform needed.
    Jim Renacci: Trump tax cuts enable companies to invest in innovation.
    Jim Renacci: Eliminate income tax in 10 years, impose consumption tax.
    John Kasich: $3 billion in tax cuts for job creators.
    Josh Mandel: Eliminate the death tax; it's an unjust double taxation.
    Josh Mandel: I'm proud to pledge for lower taxes.
    Lee Fisher: Let Bush tax cuts expire for millionaires.
    Lee Fisher: 2005 tax cut reduced Ohio taxes by 16.8%.
    Matt Dolan: Decreased top income tax bracket by nearly 47%.
    Michael Pryce: Consumption tax gets government off our backs.
    Mike DeWine: Some ads had mistakes, but say Brown votes against tax cuts.
    Mike DeWine: Supports Trump tax cuts; exempt capital gains taxes.
    Mike Gibbons: Cut taxes, flatten tax rates.
    Mike Gibbons: Opposes higher taxes on the wealthy.
    Nan Whaley: Shift tax burden to rich.
    Richard Cordray: Does not back tax bill; not enough benefit to middle class.
    Richard Cordray: Trump tax cuts were a terrible deal that helps the wealthy.
    Rob Portman: Any tax increase would hurt the fragile economy.
    Sherrod Brown: Trump tax cuts apply to corporations that send jobs overseas.
    Sherrod Brown: DeWine's ads doctor WTC photos to distort my record on taxes.
    Sherrod Brown: Anti-tax pledges handcuff budget decisions.
    Sherrod Brown: Help working families instead of millionaires & corporations.
    Mike DeWine: New tax credits to encourage home construction, ownership.
    Bernie Moreno: Pass smart legislation that holds Big Tech accountable.
    Bob Taft: New programs for high-tech skills training.
    Bob Taft: $52M to support high-tech research.
    Joe Schiavoni: Infrasructure investment creates jobs.
    JD Vance: Time to stop complaining about Big Tech and do something.
    Jim Renacci: Opposes Net Neutrality (equal access to Internet).
    John Kasich: Replace "Rust Belt" with Cloud computing and 3-D printing.
    Jon Husted: States must focus on high tech future.
    Josh Mandel: Tech platforms too big for carte blanche censorship powers.
    Mike DeWine: Preserve Net Neutrality (tiered access to Internet).
    Richard Cordray: Supports Net Neutrality (equal access to Internet).
    Sherrod Brown: Supports Net Neutrality (equal access to Internet).
War & Peace
    Al Gore: Bosnia: Be proud that we stopped ethnic cleansing.
    Bernie Moreno: If you mess with the US, there'll be severe consequences.
    Bernie Moreno: Take any action necessary to prevent Iranian nukes.
    Eric Deaton: Withdraw from Iraq; increase sanctions on Iran.
    Jim Renacci: No nuke deal with Iran, the #1 state sponsor of terrorism.
    Lee Fisher: Set a deadline for withdrawal from Afghanistan.
    Michael Pryce: We are world police; Iran likely already has a nuclear bomb.
    Josh Mandel: War in Iraq was just and for a good cause.
    Josh Mandel: Two tours of duty in Iraq as a U.S. Marine.
    Josh Mandel: War in Iraq was just and for a good cause.
    Michael Pryce: No military nor development funding for Afghanistan.
    Michael Pryce: Withdraw from Iraq; but sanctions on Iran.
    Mike DeWine: Cannot set an artificial timetable for withdrawal from Iraq.
    Mike DeWine: Iraq has become a cause celebre for the jihadists.
    Mike DeWine: Would not have voted to go into Iraq with what we now know.
    Mike Gibbons: Avoid foreign entanglements.
    Nan Whaley: U.S. should take in Syrian refugees.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Keep the conversation going with ISIS, including nukes.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Trust but verify with Iran; the alternative is war.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Supports targeted airstrikes against ISIS.
    Rob Portman: Arbitrary deadline for withdrawal lets enemy wait it out.
    Sherrod Brown: Instruct the military to come up with a withdrawal plan.
    Sherrod Brown: Iraq has distracted the War on Terror and made us less safe.
    Sherrod Brown: Voted against $87 billion that went to Halliburton.
    Sherrod Brown: Pull soldiers out of Iraq and Afghanistan and end wars.
    Sherrod Brown: Keep nuke deal with Iran, but use remaining sanctions.
    Tim Ryan: Don't let Putin roll right through Ukraine.
Welfare & Poverty
    John Kasich: People who played by the rules suffered; act decisively now.
    John Kasich: Welfare without a path to work doesn't work.
    Joyce Beatty: Expand state services to include the working poor.
    Lee Fisher: Fund state social programs for teens; pre-K; at-risk youth.
    Nan Whaley: Protect tenants, reduce the number of evictions.
    P.G. Sittenfeld: Wealth inequality is worst since the Gilded Age.
    Sherrod Brown: GAIN Act: $111 billion a year for people in poverty.
    Steven Driehaus: Fund faith-based and community-based private organizations.

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