Tom Martin on Government Reform

Former Democratic Representative (PA-5)

2,000 signatures for major parties; 67,000 for 3rd parties?

Q: Why do you have to run a write-in campaign?

A: The Pennsylvania State Constitution in plain and simple language states that "Elections shall be free and equal" (article I section V). Somehow the politicians have invented statutory laws that [sets the number of signatures required for major party] ballot access for state wide candidates at 2,000 no matter what, and every one else's a floating number based upon 2% of the largest winners total in the last election. So now Free and Equal elections have the incumbents needing 2,000 signatures and ever one else needing over 67,070 signatures...some parties are more equal then others. The Green candidate actually got 99,000+ signatures; however the Democrats challenged them and over an eight week process they politically "cleansed" the signatures down to 58,000 [hence keeping him off the ballot]. The Green candidate now is facing $90,000 in court fines & an expected $900,000 in Democrats' lawyer fees...Comrade it is good to live in a free country

Source: Email interview with OnTheIssues.org Nov 2, 2006

Limiting ballot access is a monopoly tactic by Dems & GOP

Source: Campaign website, members.aol.com/Martin4senate/ Oct 30, 2006

Remove citizens campaign donation limits

Source: Campaign website, members.aol.com/Martin4senate/ Oct 30, 2006

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