Thomas Kean Jr. on Government Reform


Keep the Senate filibuster rules, to encourage negotiation

Q: Do you think there should be a change in the Senate rules governing the filibuster?

KEAN: No. Negotiation and compromise under the current rules are the best means to success and promotes bipartisan solutions to our nation's challenges.

MENENDEZ: Under Bush, Washington has become too partisan and divided. Senate rules are meant to overcome that by encouraging debate and compromise. They should be preserved.

Source: Hall Institute N.J. Senate Virtual Debate Sep 24, 2006

Disallow dual-office holding for politicians

Q: Should public officials in New Jersey be allowed to hold more than one public office?

KEAN: I sponsored legislation to prohibit dual-office holding. It undermines the integrity and honesty of government. Regrettably, Bob Menendez was a dual-office holder.

MENENDEZ: Voters have the final say in who represents them in government. If the electorate votes you into office, that is the will of the electorate.

Source: Hall Institute N.J. Senate Virtual Debate Sep 24, 2006

Ban pay-to-play practices to reform Congressional lobbying

The entrenched political cultures of both Trenton and Washington, DC stand in the way of meaningful reform for the citizens of New Jersey. Enacting ethics reform is critical to Tom's vision for a better tomorrow in New Jersey. On a state level Tom has lead the fight to ban pay to play practices. In Washington, powerful lobbyists and special interests are buying up political favors and corrupting the business of government. Half measures will not curb the overwhelming influence of money in politics.
Source: Press release, "Clean Up Congress" Aug 15, 2006

Menendez should give back dirty money

Tom Kean Jr. called on Bob Menendez to give back corruption tainted money from the likes of convicted felon Charlie Kushner, convicted felon Joe Barry, convicted felon Jack Abramoff and a host of other Menendez contributors who are now behind bars. "Bob Menendez has based his entire political machine on his ability to curry favors for his cronies. Convicted felons like Charlie Kushner and others have made millions off of their cozy relationship with Bob Menendez during his fourteen years in Washington. My reform plan would take the for sale sign off of New Jersey's U.S. Senate office. It's time that we send someone down to Washington who will work to fix a broken system - not embrace it."
Source: Herb Jackson, Bergen Record May 1, 2006

Campaign-finance reform is signature issue in legislature

Kean lost the 2000 primary for a US Congress seat, but he pursued a campaign-finance complaint against [an advocacy group which targeted him] until federal officials found in his favor. That was last month. "It's taken me five years," Kean said. "But the principle involved was important." Campaign-finance reform would become Kean's signature issue in the state Legislature.

Kean's last day in the Assembly featured a dramatic standoff with Democratic Assembly Speaker Albio Sires, who blocked a final effort to bring his campaign-finance reform bill up for a vote. In the aftermath, Kean came off as a young crusader, while Sires accused him of grandstanding in preparation for a statewide run. Since then, the reforms Kean was advocating have become mainstream fare, promised by both of this year's candidates for governor.

Source: Josh Gohlke in the Bergen Record and Herald News Dec 19, 2005

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