Alan Schlesinger on Energy & Oil


1980s Excess Profits Tax caused skyrocketing oil prices

Q: Energy cost increases averaged 6.3% in the Northeast this season. What should we do?

LIEBERMAN: This is an outrage. People are being cheated. Last December, in the midst of the heating oil season, I submitted legislation that would impose a 50% Excess Profits Tax on oil companies for really undeserved profits and return that money to low- and middle-income consumers to help them pay bills.

SCHLESINGER: With all due respect, Joe, been there, done that. The last time we did, interest rates was to 14%, you couldn't get a mortgage, oil prices skyrocketed, and it just didn't work. Pres. Reagan repealed that Excess Profits Tax, and immediately oil prices fell to a 20-year low, and stayed therefore about 20 years. So that's not the solution.

LAMONT: Front and center to deal with energy prices is that we've got to deal with our dependence on oil, with incentives and conservation to allow that to happen.

Source: CT 2006 Debate with Al Terzi, moderator (X-ref Lieberman) Oct 19, 2006

Energy Bill had 3-mile LNG platform in Long Island Sound

Q: Let's talk about the Energy Bill.

LAMONT: Dick Cheney invited 100 of his favorite energy CEOs and lobbyists behind closed doors, and they passed the Energy Bill. It provided billions of dollars in subsidies to Exxon-Mobil. Sen. Lieberman was one of the only New England Senators to sign onto that bill. It was a bad bill.

SCHLESINGER: I can't believe this, Ned, I finally agree with you on something. But I would have voted against that bill for entirely different reasons, because it would have developed a 3-mile platform in the middle of Long Island Sound as a fuel depot for natural gas. We can't have it, and that vetoed the bill for me.

LIEBERMAN: The Energy Bill last year was criticized for one part. But it has the most substantial incentives for energy conservation and alternative energy that Congress has ever adopted.

LAMONT: For Sen. Lieberman to sign onto that bill, we lost that opportunity to put in efficiency standards, and to put together a comprehensive energy plan.

Source: CT 2006 Debate with Al Terzi, moderator Oct 19, 2006

Declaration of Energy Independence: 2-tiered oil profit tax

Q: What should we do about energy needs in the long run?

LIEBERMAN: In the long run we've got to break our dependence on foreign oil from countries that are unstable or hostile to us. I'm now co-sponsoring a bill called Set America Free, which will reduce our consumption of oil by 10 million barrels a day. It would develop an American biofuels refinery and distribution network.

SCHLESINGER: We have to accept the fact that we're moving from fossil fuel to eventually solar, we're in a probably 30 or 40 year transition process. We have to put incentives into alternative fuel sources. I call it my Declaration of Energy Independence. And we have a two-tiered process for oil company profits: One for fossil fuels, which is a higher tax, and one for alternatives. That way you direct the funds where they're needed and you get results.

LIEBERMAN: There's been no greater failure of leadership in our government over the last 30 years than our failure to do something about our dependence on foreign oil

Source: CT 2006 Debate with Al Terzi, moderator (X-ref Lieberman) Oct 19, 2006

Suspend the gas tax during the driving months

I am the only one up here that asked for a suspension of the federal gas tax, during the driving months. I asked the state to look at a state suspension also. Mr. Lieberman did not ask.
Source: CT 2006 Debate with Al Terzi, moderator Oct 19, 2006

Encourage alternative fuels but also drill ANWR

Source: 2006 Congressional National Political Awareness Test Oct 11, 2006

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