Kevin Zeese on Free Trade


Renegotiate to protect labor rights

Zeese favors renegotiating international trade agreements to protect labor rights at home and abroad. Zeese also favors breaking US addiction to fossil fuels. This will create jobs in building energy efficient cars, rebuilding homes to be efficient, in development of sustainable energy sources, in research and technology.
Source: Email interview with OnTheissues.org Jun 25, 2006

Big business trade agreements hurt democracy and sovereignty

Q: Do you support expanding free trade?

A: I support free trade, but the so-called "free" trade agreements that have been supported by both old political parties are not free trade agreements-- they are agreements to designed to empower international Corporations--in fact to make multi-national Corporations more powerful than governments. For example, it allows Corporations to go to the World Trade Organization and claim that a democratically passed law is a 'restraint on trade.' In this way the agreements give up US sovereignty to an unelected group based in Europe. Further, the agreements undermine the environment, labor, consumer and human rights protections. So, while I support trade I do not support these big business trade agreements supported by the two old parties.

Source: Email interview with OnTheissues.org Jun 25, 2006

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