Thomas Kean Jr. on Environment


Supports the Polluter Pays Principle

Our communities can and should be safe, healthy places to live--with clean air and water, and free from the dangers of toxic pollution. Tom Kean believes we can achieve this goal by enforcing environmental laws (Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act), and requiring polluting industries to use modern pollution control technology. As a supporter of the Polluter Pays Principle, Tom believes all past pollution issues need to be addressed and corrected and that Congress should re-authorize Super-Fund.
Source: New York Times Election Profiles Oct 8, 2006

Supported Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act

Q: Should the government impose conservation targets?

KEAN: I took on the Clean Car Act as one of my most pressing legislative priorities. I have proudly supported numerous environmental initiatives, including tax incentives for purchasing alternative or fuel efficient cars, financial assistance to gas stations who install hookups for these cars and mandatory retrofitting of diesel trucks. I was also a strong proponent of the Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act, considered to be one of the most significant environmental bills ever passed.

MENENDEZ: My opponent will be a loyal footsoldier for a Bush administration that has one of the worst environmental records in history. My parents taught me that if you make a mess, you clean it up. Polluters should be held accountable for the damage they cause. I've consistently fought to reinstate the "polluter pays" principle behind superfund laws. In 2004 alone, Kean voted twice against making polluters pay more for their toxic waste.

Source: Hall Institute N.J. Senate Virtual Debate Sep 24, 2006

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