John Neely Kennedy on Budget & Economy

Democratic Senate Challenger (LA)


FactCheck: Yes, supported ARPA funds for natural disasters

Luke Mixon announced that he'll try to unseat Kennedy in Louisiana's 2022 election. Mixon said he doesn't believe the Republican senator has been representing Louisiana's interests. "Our infrastructure is crumbling and communities are flooding, but Sen. Kennedy voted against billions of dollars to improve our roads and protect Louisiana communities from natural disasters," Mixon said.

OTI FactCheck:: Mixon didn't explain himself, so contrast USNWR's report with Kennedy's response:

Source: OnTheIssues FactCheck on US News & World Report , Oct 5, 2021

Balanced budget amendment to restore fiscal responsibility

Across America, families are required to live within a budget because they understand that you cannot spend more than you take in. Yet, Washington does not understand this basic idea. Washington is on a spending spree that's hurting our economy. It's time that we go back to the basics and balance the budget.

John Kennedy will restore fiscal responsibility in Washington. As Louisiana's State Treasurer, he stood up against powerful politicians and special interests to oppose government waste, fraud and abuse.

John will help end the wasteful practice of pork-barrel spending. Louisianans know the difference between government spending designed to help a politician--which is shameful and wasteful--and spending designed to help hurting people.

Deficit spending is affecting the economy as well. John supports a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. Just like American families, Congress must learn to live within its means.

Source: 2016 Louisiana Senate campaign website JohnKennedy.com , Aug 31, 2016

Be concerned about economy, but not scared

In past debates Kennedy opened by aligning himself with John McCain, but [in this debate] he described his ideas for re-establishing economic stability in the financial markets and the US economy, an attempt to take control of an issue widely considered a drag on GOP candidates nationwide. “I know many of you are scared. Don’t be. Be concerned, be angry, but don’t be scared,” Kennedy said. “We will survive this economic crisis.”

Landrieu, meanwhile, continued to push herself as a centrist senator who works across party lines and has brought home billions of dollars in aid to Louisiana during her 12 years in Congress, particularly since the blows of hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005. “Send me back to continue to fight for you, to deliver for you,” she said.

Source: Associated Press on NOLA.com on 2008 Louisiana Senate Debate , Oct 16, 2008

As state treasurer, manages $5B bank account

John Neely Kennedy was elected to his third term as State Treasurer on September 6, 2007. Kennedy manages the state’s $5 billion bank account including the investment of $3 billion in trust funds. He oversees all local and state bond issues, returns millions of dollars in unclaimed property each year, and takes care of state fiscal matters. He works diligently to guard taxpayers’ money and rejects the status quo when it is not in the best interest of the state.
Source: 2008 Senate campaign website, www.johnkennedy.com, “About” , Mar 2, 2008

Reinstitute the “Pay As You Go” rule