Kweisi Mfume on War & Peace

Democratic Senate Challenger (MD); previously U.S. Representative

War in Iraq has made us more vulnerable to terrorism

The billions of dollars being spent to wage this war continue to distort our priorities and drain our economy of much needed resources. We don't ever seem to have the money that we need when it comes to driving down the cost of health care or driving up the quality of our public schools, because we are throwing so much of it into this war.

Sadly, the war in Iraq has not made us safer from terrorism; it has made us more vulnerable. Osama Bin Laden must be laughing at us and our inability to capture him and his cohorts.

Our preoccupation with Iraq has taken our attention away from protecting the homeland as we should. George Bush and his Department of Homeland Security are not paying enough attention to protecting our ports, our rails systems or our nuclear powers plants, all of which remain frighteningly vulnerable to attack.

Source: Campaign website, www.MfumeForSenate.com, "Issues" Dec 25, 2005

Attends Iraq War protests-"We can do better"

Twice this year, I stood with other concerned Americans in protest of the ongoing war in Iraq and in support of military families. The deaths of countless numbers of brave young men and women drive home the tragedy of this unnecessary war even more. Every day we send back into our society those soldiers who were not killed but instead were wounded, disfigured and paralyzed. And when they come back home, our government does very little for them or their families. We can do better.
Source: Campaign website, www.MfumeForSenate.com, "Issues" Dec 25, 2005

Exit strategy & time frame for withdrawal from Iraq

The President and the Congress must develop an exit strategy and a time frame for future withdrawal from Iraq, as well as a real commitment to shore up our defenses at home. The unparalleled bravery of our troops must be supported with a policy that ensures that they will not be left in battle forever. We owe them that much & more. The war in Iraq remains a war without justification and apparently without end. Let's not forget that in our own lifetime we lost 50,000 Americans in Vietnam.
Source: Campaign website, www.MfumeForSenate.com, "Issues" Dec 25, 2005

Only use military force in cooperation with UN

Source: 1994 Congressional National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 2004

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