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It was a mistake to go to Iraq; we were misled by Powell

Q: Would you have voted in October of 2002 to authorize the Iraq war?

WEBB: I clearly would not have. If you read the "Washington Post" piece I wrote in September 2002, I was saying don't do it.

Q: Mr. Miller, would you have voted to authorize?

MILLER: I didn't have access to all the intelligence that Senator Allen and other senators had. But looking back, no.

Q: Was it a mistake to go to Iraq?

MILLER: Yes, sir.

WEBB: It was and I said so at the time.

Q: Is there any difference between your position and his?

WEBB: I think I arrived at it far earlier than Harris Miller did. I think this is recent for him.

Q: At the time that we went were you cheering that decision or opposing it instinctively?

MILLER: I wasn't opposing it instinctively because I believed General Colin Powell when he said that there was a plan to deal with the post-war effort. In fact, that was a lie. We were misled by the president. It became clear within three or four months it was a huge mistake.

Source: Virginia 2006 Democratic Senate Primary debate [X-ref Webb] Jun 9, 2006

Clear and defined exit strategy needed in Iraq

Harris Miller outlined his strategy for change in Iraq, calling on leaders from both sides of the aisle to agree on a clear and defined exit strategy. "George Allen said that we were making 'important progress' in Iraq. I can't think of a better example of why we need change in Washington. We cannot afford George Allen's rubberstamp of George Bush's failed Iraq policies, and we cannot afford his pollyanna outlook when the lives of our troops and the security of our country are at stake."
Source: Press release, "Iraq Plan" Apr 27, 2006

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