Jack Carter on War & Peace


Help Iraq gov't reconcile differences, & leave in 3-6 months

Q: What is the time frame for pulling out from Iraq?

A: I'm talking in the neighborhood of three to six months - I'm not talking long ways out there. As long as they're progressing in some way that makes it look like it's coming together, then that counts to me. But, they have to put something together that's going to work. If it's not, if they're going to intentionally just have the largest group control everything and squeeze out the others, then I'm out of there.

Source: Quality News Network interview with Jack Carter May 1, 2006

Use carrot & stick to form Iraqi gov't & then get out

Q: Is it possible to create a stable government in Iraq?

A: We do have a responsibility to do that. When you're dealing with people and a government, when you invade their country, there is an attachment there. I don't mean unqualified forever responsibility. The responsibility that I'm talking about only goes to the extent that the Iraqis help themselves. My policy is basically a carrot and a stick. If the government cannot work with the three different groups of people over there to form something that everybody feels like they've got a piece of, then nothing we do is going to help. If they can't do that in a relatively short period of time, then the stick is, we get out. The carrot is, if they can come together and have some sort of form where these, the Shiites & the Sunnis & the Kurds can all work together, if they can do that, there will be some economic benefit at the end of the process, and we'll give them some money, and we'll get other people to do that to help them along.

Source: Quality News Network interview with Jack Carter May 1, 2006

Iraq invasion violated common sense

In violation of common sense, our invasion of Iraq has been one faulty political judgment after another, punctuated by brilliant military actions. But regardless of the mistakes in the past, we have a responsibility to the Iraqis to leave them with a stable government, and an opportunity to place a democracy in a critical region of the world. I believe it's possible to do that. ALL WE NEED IS A RETURN TO OUR AMERICAN VALUES AND NEW LEADERSHIP.
Source: Campaign announcement speech Feb 7, 2006

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