Jack Orchulli on Education

Increasing education funding for No Child Left Behind

No Child Left Behind did not include enough funding for states. 22 out of 33 schools in Bridgeport are falling behind.
Source: CT Senate Debate, in Stamford Advocate Oct 11, 2004

Give parents a choice in education

Students and their parents should be given choices in their educational opportunities. Schools must partner with businesses to produce workers that are trained and competitive. Continued federal support of Workforce Development initiatives should be expanded to continue the progress made by the Bush Administration.
Source: League of Women Voters D-NET survey Oct 9, 2004

Hold students, teachers, and parents accountable

Teachers, parents and students must be held accountable and rewarded for initiatives that put emphasis on learning rather than social promotion. Test scores are the only true way to determine progress and to help children that are falling behind. We need to act now to ensure a future of hope for the next generation of American workers.
Source: League of Women Voters D-NET survey Oct 9, 2004

National standards combined with local community control

America is falling behind other industrialized nations in the quality of the education it provides its young people. It is critical that we set the highest educational standards for all our children. But local schools must be allowed to craft local solutions for meeting these standards. National standards, combined with local community control on how to achieve them, and dollars that go directly from Washington to the school districts is the way to make our schools the best in the world again.
Source: Campaign website JackForSenate.com, "Issues" Aug 13, 2004

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