Jim Pederson on Tax Reform


AZ needs good schools & safety, not just low taxes

Q: How do we get a balanced budget while cutting taxes to spur growth?

KYL: I support the tax relief that enables the economy to grow, so that we can bring in a record amount of revenue to the treasury and thus reduce the federal deficit. Because of the policies I've supported, we're going to get to a balanced budget. Not by raising taxes, as my opponent would do, but by reducing taxes to generate more economic activity, so the government collects more revenue.

PEDERSON: This administration started its term with a $500 billion surplus. With your acquiescence, you turned that into a $500 billion deficit. You're taking a myopic look at the economy, just focusing on one aspect--what do I need for a good business climate in Arizona? I not only need low taxes; but I need good schools, I need stable neighborhoods; I need rising incomes; I need safety for our citizens. That's being neglected.

KYL: One of the best ways to attract businesses to Arizona was by having stable and low tax rates.

Source: Arizona 2006 Senate debate at KPHO, Phoenix (X-ref Kyl) Oct 15, 2006

Oppose Kyl's "Paris Hilton Relief Act" in estate tax repeal

A column in yesterday's Washington Post outlined the upcoming Senate vote on the "Paris Hilton Relief Act," otherwise known as the estate tax repeal. The columnist wrote that the repeal of the tax "is like erecting protectionist barriers around the hereditary elite. It is anti-meritocratic and unfair -- and antithetical to this nation's best traditions." In fact, three of the four presidents atop of Mount Rushmore were proponents of taxing inherited wealth. Yet Washington politician Jon Kyl is leading the charge on the "Paris Hilton Relief Act," despite all the other substantive issues out there that the vast majority of Americans feel are more important - Iraq, gas prices, healthcare costs - than more tax relief for millionaires and billionaires. Kyl's "Paris Hilton Relief Act" would drastically raise the thresholds at which the estate tax kicks in to $5 million per individual and $10 million per couple, while slashing the estate tax rate from 46% to 15%.
Source: Press release, "Paris Hilton Relief Act" Oct 10, 2006

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