Jim Pederson on Immigration


The borders are broken; #1 priority for AZ

Q: You said the current immigration system is a failure. How does your plan differ from Sen. Kyl's?

PEDERSON: This has to be the #1 priority for AZ. We have 4,000 illegal entries into Arizona every day. The borders are broken. We used to have a guest worker program; people came across the border to work, and then went back home. Now it's a one-way street. People come in and they don't go back. The impact on AZ is estimated to be hundreds of millions per year. The taxpayers of this state should be outraged about the impact on our hospitals, our schools, our law enforcement, our prisons. Let's get practical. Let's get real.

KYL: The question was, I recall, what's your plan. I didn't hear anything about a plan. I only heard that our borders are broken. I still haven't heard Mr. Pederson's plan. It's one thing to talk tough about securing the border, it's quite another to have a realistic plan for how to do it, without giving citizenship to all of the illegal aliens.

Source: Arizona 2006 Senate debate at KPHO in Phoenix Oct 15, 2006

Aliens volunteering for "Mandatory Departure" is impractical

PEDERSON: In Kyl's bill, there's a section called "Mandatory Departure." An undocumented person is supposed to report to Customs, voluntarily, and voluntarily agree to be deported. How does that work? Practical? No. Let's get at this problem and solve it.

KYL: We just passed a bill for $13 billion for better border control. Much of that will go to enhancing our Border Patrol, and building fencing and vehicle barriers.

PEDERSON: You say you voted on bills. How many of your bills got passed for the benefit of the people of Arizona? Not one! I'm going to go back there and solve this problem for the people of Arizona in a practical, aggressive way.

KYL: My opponent said "Not one." The bill I just mentioned is now law. My amendment to double the number of border agents is also now law.

Source: Arizona 2006 Senate debate at KPHO in Phoenix Oct 15, 2006

Give illegals incentive to come out of the shadows

The first step toward getting comprehensive immigration reform is to take out the gimmicks and stop the political games. Everyone ought to be able to agree that we need to do a better job securing our border. Next, we have to get real about the millions of undocumented workers residing in the US. Any border security plan must include the relief valve of an effective guest-worker plan. Finally, let's give the millions of undocumented people already here an incentive to come out of the shadows. By doing this, law enforcement would know exactly who is in our country. At the same time, blanket amnesty would be wrong. Along with the opportunity to gain legal status comes the responsibility to pay penalties for coming here illegally.

Some in Washington are more concerned about playing election-year politics than actually getting things done. That is the motivation behind an unrealistic plan circulating in Congress that would require illegal immigrants to voluntarily turn themselves to be deported.

Source: Article in AZ Republic, "Getting real" Apr 3, 2006

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