John Hickenlooper on Budget & Economy

Democratic Presidential Challenger (withdrew, Aug. 2019); CO Governor


Government can help in economic transition

Tremendous changes in our economy are making people feel that they aren't wanted anymore. Many of the skills that would have been tickets to the middle class are no longer needed. That's why we discussed not only the importance of education and training, but streamlining regulations, expanding access to loans, incentivizing innovation, and how to support the transformation of new ideas into jobs.
Source: Speech at 2016 Democratic National Convention , Jul 28, 2016


Colorado Blueprint: promote private-sector growth While the public sector is not a job creator, it does have an obligation to help promote private-sector growth. That had been our priority since day one. We designed a Colorado Blueprint that focused on six core objectives: build a In 2010, when it came to job growth, this state was ranked fortieth in the nation. Now, four years later, in that same ranking, Colorado was ranked fourth-best job growth state. Over and over again I would say, "We went from fortieth to fourth."

Since January 2010, we had added 170,000 jobs.

Source: The Opposite of Woe, by John Hickenlooper, p.338-9 , May 24, 2016

Increase budget reserves; extend job-creation tax credit

The governor used the annual address to make 19 different "asks" of lawmakers. The governor will support legislation and seek approval from the General Assembly this year to: