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I'm fed up with this administration & my opponent

I'm fed up with this administration. They have led us into a disastrous war in the Middle East. They have squandered the goodwill we had at the end of 9/11. They have sold our souls to the special interests. They are encroaching on our states' rights and trampling on our personal freedoms.

And my opponent is responsible for it. He has voted with this admin 96% of the time. This is the last chance we have to get rid of this administration and the people who work for them.

Source: Nevada 2006 Senate Debate, at KLAS in Las Vegas Oct 15, 2006

Campaign funding source doesn't matter; "we the people" do

Q: Your campaign has raised $1.1 million, with 84% from out of state. Why should Nevadans vote for someone whose support comes from out of state?

CARTER: People should elect me because I'm going to refocus the government on we the people instead of the special interests.

ENSIGN: My opponent has actually raised more money in California than he has in Nevada. He says he wants to be Nevada's voice in Washington, but if Nevadans aren't supporting him how can he be Nevada's voice in Washington?

Source: Nevada 2006 Senate Debate, at KLAS in Las Vegas Oct 15, 2006

There are certain values that are intuitive to all Americans

There are certain values that make us all a part of the American community. We honor liberty & democracy, and the rule of law enshrined in our Constitution. We love our families and respect our neighbors. We care for our sick, our poor, and our elderly. We educate our children. We believe in honesty and integrity, cooperation, fiscal responsibility, and sound business judgment. You do not need a college education or to slog through policy papers to understand these values intuitive to all Americans.
Source: Carter for Nevada campaign website May 21, 2006

Corruption in government turns people off

Q: Why aren't more people involved in government?

A: 1) There is a disconnect between what people think the government ought to be and what it is. 2) A lot of people are concerned. As long as government sort of goes along in its proper direction, then it's not surprising to me that people don't participate very much. 3) When you have a lot of corruption in the government or when it makes obviously stupid mistakes, then that tends to turn people off and they feel like their vote doesn't count.

Source: Quality News Network interview with Jack Carter May 1, 2006

Common sense, honesty, integrity are our American Values

I grew up in a small town of 650 people where I worked in my father's peanut warehouse from the time I was 6 years old until I joined the Navy. When they took my fingerprints, they were so torn up that I had to fill out a special form explaining the reason. I put down "manual labor", the result of long hours with a shovel in my hands. Small town living and hard work are part of our American Values.

When I came home from the Navy, I earned degrees in physics and law before I joined my father's race for the Presidency. During that campaign in 1975 and 6, I was struck by the intelligence, the common sense, and the unselfish drive for honesty and integrity by the average Americans I met. They had no hidden agenda, no special requests for themselves. All they wanted was good government.

Common sense, honesty, integrity and a desire for good government: these are part of our American Values.

Source: Campaign announcement speech Feb 7, 2006

Core values have brought America to pinnacle of world power

Source: Campaign announcement speech Feb 7, 2006

Running because government moved away from our core values

My friends have asked me why I considered making this race. The answer is that I believe our government has moved away from our core values.
Source: Campaign announcement speech Feb 7, 2006

Replace Washington's voice to NV with NV's voice in DC

Let me describe my view of this Senate job. A good Senator listens to define the problems. He ferrets out solutions. He presents the solutions to his people for review. Then he works with his peers to make it law. That's the job I want.

I don't want to be "one of the Democrats" like my opponent is one of the Republicans. I am a Nevadan and an American concerned with what is best for our State and our Country. I don't care who else is for it or against it. I am a businessman. I want results, not partisan bickering. I want to bring my experience to bear on every major problem we have to develop a long-term solution that will last beyond the next election.

I declare that I am running for the US Senate from the State of Nevada on this premise: I want to replace my opponent who is WASHINGTON'S VOICE TO NEVADA. I WANT TO BE NEVADA'S VOICE TO WASHINGTON. Strong and Independent and as ready to fight as the Battle Born State we are.

Source: Campaign announcement speech Feb 7, 2006

My opponent votes with the Administration 96% of the time

How does my opponent fit into these issues? Does he bring an independent and inquiring mind to these matters, standing up for Nevadans and demanding answers? During his tenure, he has voted with this Administration 96% of the time. HE'S TIGHTER WITH THE ADMINISTRATION THAN TOM DELAY.

I SAY INDEPENDENCE IS AN AMERICAN VALUE. The singular difference between the current junior Senator from Nevada and me is that He works for the Bush Administration, and I am going to work for NEVADA.

Source: Campaign announcement speech Feb 7, 2006

On listening tour, deciding when to get into race

President Carter's eldest son, Jack, is fueling hopes that Democrats can knock off first-termer Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) next year. It will be an uphill battle for Carter. Nevada twice backed his father's opponents, in 1976 and 1980, and Ensign enters the race with $2.1 million in the bank. Carter insists he is still on a "listening tour," but Nevada Democratic sources said it is no longer a question of if Carter runs but of when he gets into the race.

Carter declined to comment on his race except to say: "If I say something now, it will be brought up 10 months from now." He said he is cobbling together a fundraising team. Many Nevada Democrats say Carter's chances of success will hinge, in large part, on Reid's help. Earlier this year, some Democrats questioned Reid's enthusiasm about recruiting a challenger to take on his colleague, the junior senator.

Source: Roxana Tiron, The Hill News Oct 26, 2005

Avoided media during father's presidency

Carter moved in 2002 to Nevada, where he and his wife, Elizabeth, run Carter Global, an investment-consulting firm. Before moving to the state, the couple lived in Bermuda. Carter briefly ran in 1980 for a House seat but pulled out. Besides that, he has no experience as a candidate.

In Nevada, he has been an active party member, a Nevada Democratic Party spokeswoman said.

Like his father, Carter is a Navy veteran. Unlike the former president, he was discharged in 1970 for drug use. Last year, he campaigned for Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) in Nevada; Kerry lost the state.

Jack Carter avoided the media lens so scrupulously, it appears, that Ensign, like many Democrats and Republicans in Washington, was unaware of him. "Like most people, we did not know [he] had a son," Ensign said. "We all knew about Amy."

Source: Roxana Tiron, The Hill News Oct 26, 2005

Candidacy supported by Sen. Harry Reid

Sen. Harry Reid would support Jack Carter if he runs for the Senate next year and thinks he would have a shot at unseating Republican Sen. John Ensign. Reid, the Senate minority leader, and Carter, the oldest child of former President Jimmy Carter, spoke by phone earlier this week before Carter announced he's seriously considering challenging Ensign, who's seeking a second term in 2006.

Carter and his wife, Elizabeth, have lived in Las Vegas since 2003, operating an investment consulting firm.

Source: Martin Griffith, Associated Press, in Las Vegas Sun Oct 6, 2005

Social liberal with conservative Southern roots

Carter, son of Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, was born in Virginia and raised in Georgia. He was in his late 20s when his father won the presidency and did not live in the White House. Carter, 58, cited unhappiness with the federal government's handling of Hurricane Katrina as a reason for considering the race. He describes himself as a social liberal with conservative Southern roots and a business background that taught him fiscal responsibility.
Source: Martin Griffith, Associated Press, in Las Vegas Sun Oct 6, 2005

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