Jack Carter on Immigration


Get a pathway to citizenship and end political football

Q: You opposed the immigration bill. John McCain said that your amendment "would prevent lawfully present immigrant workers from collection Social Security benefits." Why is McCain wrong?

ENSIGN: John McCain is wrong and anyone else who voted against that amendment is wrong because we have people who are here illegally, who stole the identities of American citizens. The Senate bill would not only allow people who stole social security numbers to be forgiven of felonies, but they would be allowed to collect past Social Security benefits. To me that was wrong and that's why I offered that Amendment.

CARTER: Immigration has become a political football. I'm a businessman. I want to have a solution to this problem instead of rolling it over. We need to get a pathway to citizenship and making sure they pay some sort of fine and then going through. This can be done in one year if we face the ting in a direct way.

Source: Nevada 2006 Senate Debate, at KLAS (X-ref Ensign) Oct 15, 2006

Improve border security, but not with harsh measures

Securing America's borders was an important talking point, mentioned by every candidate [including Carter}. But the Republicans were more likely than the Democrats to have detailed ideas about how it should be done, from using unmanned aircraft to building more detention centers at the borders.
Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal Apr 17, 2006

Give guest workers a path to citizenship

If you don't give anybody citizenship, you're always faced with a guest worker population with no ties to this country. France's guest worker population has proven unstable and problematic.
Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal Apr 17, 2006

Make employers responsible for hiring legal workers

Carter suggests making employers responsible for hiring legal workers.
Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal Apr 17, 2006

Provide path to citizenship and increased border security

Carter explained that the Bush Administration is not finding useful solutions to problems like immigration. "I have no problem with the bill that was passed," Carter said. "There are three things that need to be done to solve this problem. One is to tighten the security of the border. Two is the immigrants that are illegal need to pay a penalty because they are illegal and three, there needs to be a path of citizenship for all illegal people here because we can't make 11 million of them leave."
Source: The Rebel Yell (UNLV newspaper) Apr 13, 2006

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