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The Path to Prosperity
by Rep. Paul Ryan (2012)
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by Gov. Mitt Romney (2004)
Dreams from My Father
by Pres. Barack Obama (1996)

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Survey of Gubernatorial campaign websites 2011-2014

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    Click on a participant to pop-up their full list of quotations
    from Survey of 2011-2014 Gubernatorial campaign websites (number of quotes indicated):
  • Barbara Buono (9) New Jersey Democratic Challenger
  • Ken Cuccinelli (11) Virginia Republican Challenger
  • Maggie Hassan (7) New Hampshire Democratic Governor
  • Pat McCrory (10) North Carolina Republican Governor
  • Phil Bryant (14) Mississippi Republican Governor
  • Robert Sarvis (9) Virginia Libertarian nominee for Governor
  • Steve Bullock (5) Montana Democratic Governor
  • Terry McAuliffe (4) Virginia Democratic Challenger
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Barbara Buono: Promote potentially life-saving stem cell research.
    Phil Bryant: Supports the Personhood Initiative: protect the unborn.
Budget & Economy
    Phil Bryant: Lower taxes to spur economic growth and job creation.
Civil Rights
    Maggie Hassan: Instrumental in passing marriage equality in NH.
    Phil Bryant: Constitutionally define marriage: one man and one woman.
    Robert Sarvis: End ALL government subsidies of specific industries.
    Pat McCrory: Eliminate cumbersome and duplicative regulations.
    Robert Sarvis: Reverse the militarization of law-enforcement tactics.
    Ken Cuccinelli: 1991: established Sexual Assault Fact & Education (SAFE).
    Ken Cuccinelli: Fought the war against human trafficking since 2006.
    Ken Cuccinelli: Free wrongly convicted, when technology proves innocence.
    Steve Bullock: Arrest and prosecute sex predators and scam artists.
    Phil Bryant: Fight drug crime & punish sexual predators.
    Robert Sarvis: Legalize marijuana & decriminalize harder drugs.
    Steve Bullock: Confront the invisible epidemic of prescription drug abuse.
    Robert Sarvis: Bad schools persist because politicians are in charge.
    Robert Sarvis: Supports vouchers, tax credit, charters, & parental triggers.
    Barbara Buono: Provide equitable K-12 funding across New Jersey.
    Ken Cuccinelli: No child should be forced to remain in a failing school.
    Terry McAuliffe: We're not doing enough to support our schools.
    Maggie Hassan: Our public schools are essential to best-trained workforce.
    Pat McCrory: Virtual education choice and charter schools choice.
    Pat McCrory: Partner colleges with business to focus on marketable skills.
    Phil Bryant: Close failing districts & implement charters.
Energy & Oil
    Barbara Buono: Invest in our solar and renewable energy industries.
    Ken Cuccinelli: We need oil, natural gas, and coal, plus new sources.
    Terry McAuliffe: Capture wind offshore: for jobs & green energy.
    Maggie Hassan: Join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.
    Pat McCrory: Develop offshore resources, plus natural gas exploration.
    Steve Bullock: Develop our resources for American energy independence.
    Phil Bryant: Supports both conventional and unconventional energy sources.
    Barbara Buono: Stop pollution waivers: they dirty our air and water.
    Ken Cuccinelli: Reform eminent domain laws; only for true public uses.
    Phil Bryant: Protect property rights; develop forest & agribusiness.
Families & Children
    Barbara Buono: Passed historic family leave legislation.
Free Trade
    Pat McCrory: ExportNC: public-private partnership to promote exports.
    Phil Bryant: Secure global businesses located in Mississippi.
Government Reform
    Ken Cuccinelli: Eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse: I've actually done it.
    Pat McCrory: Appoint people who understand the private sector.
    Phil Bryant: Hold elected officials accountable via open government.
Gun Control
    Robert Sarvis: Gun-control measures fail to reduce violent crime.
    Barbara Buono: Restrict military grade and high capacity magazines.
    Steve Bullock: Forever preserve access to public land for hunting & fishing.
    Phil Bryant: Defend the Second Amendment.
Health Care
    Robert Sarvis: Focus on catastrophic insurance & cash subsidies.
    Barbara Buono: Expand health care for low-income New Jerseyans.
    Ken Cuccinelli: Government out of healthcare decisions: focus on competition.
    Terry McAuliffe: Expand Medicaid with $21B in federal funds.
    Maggie Hassan: ObamaCare helps working families afford health insurance.
    Phil Bryant: Fight Obamacare; support insurance exchanges.
    Phil Bryant: Strongest anti-illegal immigration law in MS history.
    Phil Bryant: E-verify at work; proof of citizenship in traffic stops.
    Barbara Buono: Raise minimum wage & restore Earned Income Tax Credit.
    Ken Cuccinelli: Government does not create jobs; people do.
    Maggie Hassan: Keep collective bargaining; oppose right-to-work laws.
    Maggie Hassan: Bring one well-regulated, high-end casino to NH.
Principles & Values
    Pat McCrory: Fix our broken economy with new vision and leadership.
    Steve Bullock: I teach my kids the same Montana values I was taught.
Tax Reform
    Robert Sarvis: Eliminate or dramatically reduce the income tax.
    Ken Cuccinelli: Reform tax system to encourage entrepreneurs.
    Maggie Hassan: NH can fund its priorities without a broad-based tax.
    Pat McCrory: Cut individual and corporate income taxes.
    Pat McCrory: Fight unnecessary & burdensome federal taxes & regulations.
    Phil Bryant: Lower taxes; end the marriage penalty; free markets.
    Robert Sarvis: 21st-century transportation policy based on user-pays.
    Barbara Buono: Take federal $3B to build ARC tunnel from NJ to NYC.
    Ken Cuccinelli: Focus on traffic congestion and capacity problems.
    Terry McAuliffe: Our infrastructure system feels outdated and inefficient.
    Pat McCrory: Stop delaying critical infrastructure maintenance.

The above quotations are from Survey of Gubernatorial campaign websites 2011-2014.

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