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Zane Lawhorn on Gun Control

Republican Senate Challenger

The Second Amendment IS the Constitution

Position Statement: The Second Amendment IS THE Constitution of the United States.

Description of Position: Without it, all other rights will be `could be` lost. Our founding fathers realized this when they added this amendment to the Constitution. Their foresight has made America the greatest nation on earth.

Source: Campaign website,, "Issues" Feb 22, 2006

The right to carry makes violent crimes drop dramatically

Position Statement: I support the Right to Carry.

Description of Position: Violent crimes drop dramatically when the right to carry is allowed. Firearm accidents have dropped to the lowest level since statistics have been gathered. We need legislation that allows armed citizens the right to protect themselves without fear of prosecution or lawsuits by criminals. How absurd can our legal system get?

Source: Campaign website,, "Issues" Feb 22, 2006

High powered rifles ok; gun lawsuits not ok

Position Statement: I support our right to keep and bear arms.

Description of Position: I strongly support the right to keep and bear arms. Including high powered rifles. I support the right to defend oneself during an act of aggression. I support [protecting] our gun manufacturers from frivolous lawsuits.

When elected there will not be a stronger advocate of gun rights in the Senate. The Second Amendment is basic to our constitutional rights. If someone is concerned about crimes Americans should have the right to take whatever steps are necessary to stop aggression. without trying to flee first. When criminals learn that they can be blasted for entering your home they will think twice before trying. Maybe that is why the crime rate is lower in West Virginia than in areas where the law protects the criminal?????? Most every home in West Virginia has a person or two that knows how to use a weapon. Criminals had better take notice.

Source: Campaign website,, "Issues" Feb 22, 2006

Right to protect your home & property by blasting criminals

The right to protect yourself should be given to every individual. When a person enters your home, auto or property without permission, you should have the right to defend yourself. Why should the courts charge you with a crime? Someone breaking in your home is there for a evil purpose, whether they are carrying a weapon or not. How can you trust them? Laws in some states want you to 'trust' that they will not harm you. That's stupid. Plain and simple.
Source: Feb 22, 2006

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