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No government bailout that I would ever support

The two parried on the auto bailout, which Brown supported. Brown said he was "proud of his work," and cited it as a key reason Ohio's economy has recovered more quickly than the rest of the nation's. "My opponent says my vote for the auto rescue was un-American. To me, that vote was doing my job to fight for their jobs."

But Mandel seemed to indicate he opposed all bailouts. "I'm not a bailout senator," he said. "There's no government bailout that I can think of that I would ever support."

Source: Dayton Daily News on 2012 Ohio Senate debate , Oct 25, 2012

Tougher penalties for politicians breaking ethics laws

In the Marines, integrity is not just talk. It's a code of conduct and a way of life. During his years of service to our country and our community, Josh has always set high standards and worked to hold accountable those who betray the public trust.

One of Josh's first legislative efforts was to help reform the oversight of the investment fund for the scandal-ridden Bureau of Workers Compensation.

Josh helped pass tougher penalties for politicians convicted of breaking ethics laws, including theft in office and obstruction of justice.

Josh supported legislation to create a deputy inspector general's office for the Bureau of Workers Compensation to help investigate fraud and wrongdoing.

Source: 2012 Senate campaign website, www.joshmandel.com , Apr 28, 2012

Does not accept gifts in public office

Josh Mandel does not take gifts. Or does he? The Ohio treasurer and U.S. Senate candidate asserted that he does not, and he said so in the most public of settings: a roomful of reporters from the Akron Press Club. The club wanted to give Mandel a token of appreciation (a flash drive with the club's logo) after he addressed it on March 1. "I appreciate it. I don't take gifts," Mandel said.

This raises a question: Why did Mandel recently declare in a public document that he got gifts from 31 people in 2011? That number of gift-givers, and their names, showed up in the state financial disclosure statement that Mandel filed this week. This disclosure led incumbent Sen. Sherrod Brown's campaign to declare that Mandel lied when he told reporters that he doesn't take gifts.

Mandel's campaign spokesman says the gifts were primarily meals at "family gatherings, weddings, meetings and charity events."

Source: The Cleveland Plain Dealer on 2012 Ohio Senate debates , Apr 20, 2012

Public officials should disclose more than is required

[Mandel listed] 31 people as gift-givers in 2011 in the state financial disclosure statement filed this week. [A campaign spokesperson] added that even though Ohio requires state officials to disclose all gifts above $75, many of the meals Mandel listed cost less but were disclosed anyway, in an abundance of transparency. Mandel has said in his most recent and in past financial disclosure reports that he tries to provide more information than required.

If there were gifts of significantly high value or items that went beyond food or drink, the disclosure forms do not say, as the Ohio Ethics Commission only requires state officeholders to disclose the source of gifts valued at more than $75 but does not require specificity as to the gifts themselves.

The US Senate require only gifts worth more than $335 to be reported. Brown's most recent form said he had none. Mandel "goes above and beyond what is required on his disclosure forms," the spokesperson said. "More elected officials should do that."

Source: The Cleveland Plain Dealer on 2012 Ohio Senate debates , Apr 20, 2012

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