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Michelle Nunn on Government Reform


If Congress doesn't pass a budget they don't get paid

Q. One point of your "5 Ways to Fix Washington" is if Congress doesn't pass a budget they don't get paid, you realize Dems didn't pass a budget for four of the last five years in order to protect ObamaCare, right?

A: There's blame on both asides of the equation for the failure of getting things done in Washington.

Q. So are you equally happy to run against Democratic dysfunction as you are Republican dysfunction?

A: I'm running against dysfunction in Washington and I'm running against the polarization and I'm running for a spirit of focus on common ground and problem solving, which I think would be helped by sending more people to Washington with those commitments also with a lens that's outside of Washington and brings a new perspective.

Source: Time Magazine interview on 2014 Georgia Senate race , Mar 6, 2014

Bar members of Congress from becoming lobbyists

Q. One point one of your "5 Ways to Fix Washington" bars members from becoming lobbyists. You realize, that most former members who lobby aren't technically lobbyists, right?

A: I'm not saying that I don't want people in Congress to not continue to influence things for the public good. I think what I'm pointing out is that we should not have congressmen and women use the privilege that they have through their service and apply it parochial or special interests.

Source: Time Magazine interview on 2014 Georgia Senate race , Mar 6, 2014

The biggest obstacle of all is apathy

We stand at a time of enormous potential, but also of danger--environmental hazards, nuclear proliferation, global poverty, and terrorism are all very real threats to our world and the promise of progress. But perhaps the biggest obstacle of all is apathy.

We need to participate--within our communities and in our democracy. Individual acts of daring and creativity will ultimately determine the fate of nations and our increasingly global society. And those acts will change us in return.

Source: Be the Change, by Michelle Nunn, p. xi , Nov 1, 2006

Change only becomes enduring when we ask & enlist others

How do movements come into being? Change starts with an individual, with one person believing that something can and must be changed. But change only becomes an enduring reality when individuals join together to act. Social change movements are often led by powerful individual change agents, but if you look closer, you will find that these individuals acted in concert with friends, family, mentors, and organizations. In working together, change is possible.

How do we enlist others in our efforts to make a change? The most fundamental and important step is to ask. We know from our stories, and we know from research, that the most common reason people choose to help is simply that they were asked.

Source: Be the Change, by Michelle Nunn, p.127 , Nov 1, 2006

Drop in civic participation enfeebles our democracy

Over the last 40 years, we have seen a precipitous drop in civic participation--in voting, reading the newspaper, and writing to our representatives. This is dangerous for our nation. It enfeebles our democratic system and leaves us ill-equipped to solve the serious challenges that we face domestically and internationally. We have lost the idea that our government and our leaders are extensions of ourselves and that we can shape the course of our nation and our world.

We sometimes lose sight of the radical proposition of democracy; that each of us has inalienable rights and responsibilities. The idea of our American democracy was envisioned as a "City on a Hill," but it has taken enormous personal sacrifice and leadership to establish such ideals as a woman's right to vote, or of all people to be free and full citizens under the law.

Ultimately, our leaders will, largely, follow their constituencies. That gives each of us an enormous power.

Source: Be the Change, by Michelle Nunn, p.173-174 , Nov 1, 2006

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