Robert Fitzgerald on War & Peace


It's time to get out of Iraq now

It's time to get out of Iraq now. Congress has abdicated its responsibility of oversight while cost overruns and emergency funding have masked the true cost.
Source: Campaign website, www.votefitzgerald.org, "Issues" Oct 31, 2006

Iraq conflict can no longer be solved with military action

Q: What next in Iraq?

KENNEDY: We need to understand how detrimental it would be to our security if we did not succeed in Iraq. That's why I'm very concerned when I hear Ms. Klobuchar say the answer is diplomacy, and that we ought to negotiate. With who? How are you going to negotiate with al Qaeda? How are you going to negotiate with Iranian-sponsored terrorists?

FITZGERALD: John McCain called for more troops a year-and-a-half ago, and I agreed with him at that time. An opportunity presented itself to quell the violence in Iraq. In the pigheadedness of this administration, they did not heed that call, and that opportunity has since passed. This conflict cannot be solved with military action. The conflict needs the withdrawal of our troops immediately.

KLOBUCHAR: I believe it's time to transition to Iraqi authority and let this government run its own country. The way you do this is not by adding more troops. It's by beginning to bring our troops home, or to redeploy them.

Source: Minnesota 2006 3-way Senate Debate, sponsored by LWV Oct 30, 2006

Iraq war being fought with other's people's children

Q: Do you think more troops in Iraq now is the answer?

KENNEDY: We need to listen to the commanders in the field. If they say we need more troops, than I want to make sure they have more troops. We ought not to be listening to Washington politicians. We ought to be listening to what the commanders in the field say is important for victory. I have visited Iraq three times, and I called for the Iraq Study Group [for that purpose].

FITZGERALD: I have not had the opportunity to have a taxpayer-funded junket to Iraq, but I have had the opportunity to talk to military families who have said that this is falling solely on their shoulders. This war is being fought with other people's children, and is being fought with other people's children's money. We have borrowed every single dollar that we have sued to fight this war to the tune of $330 billion so far. That's immoral and irresponsible government.

Source: Minnesota 2006 3-way Senate Debate (X-ref Kennedy) Oct 30, 2006

We're experiencing mission-creep in Iraq

We're experiencing mission-creep in Iraq. We went over there to find weapons of mass destruction. We went over there, no, to tackle Saddam. No, we went over there to oversee elections. No, now we're their to help the interim government. No, now we're there to stand down when they stand up. That's cute, but it's not measurable goals and if you can't measure it, you can't manage it.
Source: Mark Zdechlik, Minnesota Public Radio Oct 26, 2006

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