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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
Fire and Fury,
by Michael Wolff (2018)
Trump Revealed,
by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher (2016)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2016)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
by Cory Booker (2016)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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2020 Tennessee Senatorial race: debates and news coverage

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    from 2020 TN Senate race (number of quotes indicated):
  • Bill Hagerty (30) Republican Senate challenger Tennessee
  • James Mackler (11) Democratic candidate for Tennessee Senator Tennessee
  • Lamar Alexander (1) Republican Sr Senator (retiring 2020) Tennessee
  • Manny Sethi (17) Republican 2020 Senate Challenger Tennessee
  • Marquita Bradshaw (12) Democratic Senate Nominee Tennessee
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    Tennessee 2020 Senatorial debates and race coverage:
  • Nashville Tennessean, "Republican Bill Hagerty is next Tennessee U.S. Senator, defeating Democrat Marquita Bradshaw," by Natalie Allison, 11/5/2020
  • National Review, "American Families Want More School Choice," by Alexandra Desanctis, September 30, 2020
  • Chattanooga Times Free Press, "Bill Hagerty, Marquita Bradshaw to compete for Tennessee U.S. Senate seat," August 6, 2020
  • Sierra Club, "Let's Hold This Space Of Dissonance," by Marquita Bradshaw, Tennessee Chapter of the Sierra Club Environmental Justice Chair, June 19, 2020
  • Chattanooga¬†Times Free Press, "Rand Paul endorses Manny Sethi," June 6, 2020
  • Johnson City Press, "Sethi applauds president's condemnation of riots," by Robert Houk, Jun 2, 2020
  • Hartsville Vidette, "Senate candidate Dr. Manny Sethi visits Hartsville." by Chris Gregory, May 28, 2020
  • Nashville Tennesseean, "We need to end blanket approaches to the coronavirus and reopen the economy," by Dr. Manny Sethi, April 20, 2020
  • Breitbart News, "China Should Be Held Accountable for the Wuhan Coronavirus," by Bill Hagerty, 18 Mar 2020
  • Meet the Press interview of Sen. Lamar Alexander, February 2, 2020
  • The Cleveland Banner, "Hagerty vows to stand with Trump," by Tim Siniard, January 11, 2020
  • Cleveland Banner, "First-generation American Sethi wants merit-based immigration," by Tim Siniard, December 19, 2019
  • The Nashville Tennessean, "Both oppose abortion, but differences emerge among GOP candidates," by Joel Ebert, Dec. 4, 2019
  • The Citizen Tribune, "Hagerty leans on Trump support as he mounts Senate campaign," by John Gullion, Oct 27, 2019
  • The Jackson Sun, "Preserve the American dream--stop socialism," by Bill Hagerty, 10/16/19
  • Vanderbilt Hustler, "Q&A with Dr. Manny Sethi, VUMC surgeon running for U.S. Senate," by Will Fritzler, October 6, 2019
  • Nashville Business Journal, "It's official: Bill Hagerty jumps into U.S. Senate race," by Meg Garner, Sep 9, 2019
  • Politico.com, "Former Trump ambassador to Japan launches Senate bid in Tennessee," by James Arkin, 09/09/2019
  • Mother Jones magazine, "Tommy Tuberville Perfected His Folksy Trumpism in That Great Lab of Democracy: Local Sports Radio," 8/7/19
  • The Tennessean, "I want to try to fix a broken system," by James Mackler, March 16, 2019
  • The Tennessean, "Mackler announces Democratic bid for Lamar Alexander's US Senate seat," by Joey Garrison, Jan. 9, 2019
  • Medium.com, "Let ALL Our Troops Serve," by James Mackler, Jul 26, 2018
  • The Nashville Scene, "Mackler Talks Military, Health Care and Marsha Blackburn," By Steve Cavendish & Steven Hale, Nov 9, 2017
  • The Tennessean, "Trump's decision makes transgender people 'an enemy of the state'," by Jake Lowary and Jessica Bliss, July 26, 2017

 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Manny Sethi: A strong supporter of the Heartbeat Bill.
    Bill Hagerty: Vehemently opposes taxpayer funds for abortion.
    Bill Hagerty: Possible exceptions for rape/incest, "challenging" situation.
    Manny Sethi: Opposed to exceptions for rape and incest.
    James Mackler: Woman's medical decisions should be between her & her doctor.
Budget & Economy
    Marquita Bradshaw: Raise minimum wage to $15/hr; end "Right to Work".
    Manny Sethi: Will fight out of control federal spending.
    Bill Hagerty: Work to get government out of the way of business.
    Bill Hagerty: Won't raise taxes; committed to cutting spending.
    Bill Hagerty: Democrats plan to undo Trump's economic success.
Civil Rights
    Marquita Bradshaw: Against overturning rights, especially of LGBTQ+.
    Bill Hagerty: Stop the socialist agenda; cut corporate tax rate.
    James Mackler: Trump's tax cuts make it easier for jobs to move overseas.
    Marquita Bradshaw: We need restorative justice & overhaul of justice system.
    Bill Hagerty: Uphold the rule of law; stop ANTIFA.
    Bill Hagerty: Supports death penalty for human trafficking.
    Bill Hagerty: Use Insurrection Act against domestic terrorism.
    James Mackler: Prosecutor JAG in military, and in criminal law afterwards.
    Marquita Bradshaw: Support the full legalization of recreational marijuana.
    Manny Sethi: Wants to promote faith-based recovery programs for addicts.
    Manny Sethi: Let local officials have more authority on opioid crisis.
    James Mackler: Legalize medical marijuana for PTSD and chronic pain.
    Marquita Bradshaw: Relieve current student debt, provide quality childcare.
    Bill Hagerty: Shift education spending to block grants to states.
    Manny Sethi: Not government's role to wipe away college debt.
Energy & Oil
    Marquita Bradshaw: First Senate candidate in TN to sign Green New Deal Pledge.
    Bill Hagerty: Fight socialist fracking bans, repeal fuel standards.
    Bill Hagerty: Eliminate senseless EPA interference on farmers.
    Marquita Bradshaw: I'm an environmental justice activist at my core.
Foreign Policy
    Lamar Alexander: Russia out to destabilize western democracies.
    Bill Hagerty: Ensure our allies support us and enemies fear us.
    Bill Hagerty: US has moral obligation to protect Israel.
    James Mackler: Don't reduce funds for State Department nor reduce diplomacy.
Free Trade
    Manny Sethi: Need a second Industrial Revolution to bring jobs back to US.
    Bill Hagerty: Decrease our strategic dependency on China.
    Bill Hagerty: Stand with Trump on being firm with China.
    James Mackler: Trade war with China is a disaster.
Government Reform
    Marquita Bradshaw: Overturn Citizens United; outlaw gerrymandering.
    Bill Hagerty: Constitutionalist judges who won't legislate from the bench.
    Bill Hagerty: Protect Constitution; support Congressional term limits.
    James Mackler: Doesn't accept corporate PAC contributions.
Gun Control
    Marquita Bradshaw: For background checks, red flag laws, CDC research on guns.
    Manny Sethi: Red-flag laws are unconstitutional.
    Bill Hagerty: The threat to gun rights is real.
Health Care
    Marquita Bradshaw: Medicare for All is a good place to start.
    Bill Hagerty: Trump administration did a great job on COVID-19.
    Manny Sethi: Against government required vaccinations.
    Bill Hagerty: Government run health care model failed in China.
    Manny Sethi: We need less government involvement in healthcare, not more.
    Bill Hagerty: Return health care to patient choice in free market.
    James Mackler: Keep rural hospitals, to serve thousands of Tennesseans.
Homeland Security
    Manny Sethi: Agrees with Trump that Antifa is terrorist organization.
    Bill Hagerty: Give military tools to complete their missions; repair VA.
    James Mackler: Let immigrants serve in military, as they always have.
    James Mackler: Allow transgender people to serve in the military.
    Marquita Bradshaw: Support DACA, pathway to citizenship for undocumented.
    Manny Sethi: End birthright citizenship for illegal immigrants.
    Manny Sethi: We're giving away our nation.
    Bill Hagerty: Opposes amnesty, DACA, and sanctuary cities.
    Manny Sethi: We need a merit-based system to admit immigrants.
Principles & Values
    Marquita Bradshaw: One job away from middle class, one loss away from poverty.
    Manny Sethi: Work to fight for our Christian values.
    Bill Hagerty: America, greatest country, at risk from radical Left.
    Bill Hagerty: Must stand up to radical liberals and their socialist agenda.
    Bill Hagerty: Endorsed by President Trump for nomination.
    James Mackler: Change broken system with Jewish tradition "Tikkun Olam".
Social Security
    Bill Hagerty: Don't "cut" social programs, make them more efficient.
Tax Reform
    Manny Sethi: Reduce regulation; cut taxes for long-term growth.
    Bill Hagerty: Trump's tax cuts are working; for balanced budget amendment.
    Bill Hagerty: Work with both parties to close digital divide in Tennessee.
War & Peace
    Manny Sethi: Improve VA hospitals; provide quality mental health care.

The above quotations are from 2020 Tennessee Senatorial race: debates and news coverage.

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