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Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton On the Issues
(paperback Feb. 2016)

Miami Democratic debate
(March 2016)
Miami Republican debate
(March 2016)
Republican primary debate in Detroit, Michigan
(March 2016)
CNN-Telemundo Republican debate on eve of Texas primary.
(Feb. 2016)
2016 CNN GOP Town Hall in South Carolina
(Feb. 2016)
2016 CBS News Republican Debate in S.C.
(Feb. 2016)
PBS Democratic Primary Debate in Wisconsin
(Feb. 2016)
2016 ABC News/IJReview Republican Debate in N.H.
(Feb. 2016)
MSNBC Democratic primary debate in New Hampshire
(Feb. 2016)
CNN Democratic Town Hall
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Fox Iowa GOP debate
(Jan. 2016)
NBC/CBC Democratic debate
(Jan. 2016)
Fox Business GOP debate
(Jan. 2016)
State of the Union address
(Jan. 2016)
Hillary Clinton vs. Jeb Bush On the Issues
(paperback Feb. 2016)

CNN GOP Nevada debate
(Dec. 2015)
Syrian Refugee crisis
(Nov.-Dec. 2015)
CBS Democratic debate
(Nov. 2015)
Fox Business GOP debate
(Nov. 2015)
CNBC GOP debate
(Oct. 2015)

CNN Democrat debate
(Oct. 2015)

CNN GOP debate
(Sept. 2015)

Fox/Facebook GOP debate
(August 2015)

Marco Rubio vs. Jeb Bush On the Issues
(paperback June 2015)

Hillary Clinton vs. Rand Paul On the Issues
(paperback May 2015)

Rand Paul vs. Jeb Bush On the Issues
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Jeb vs. Hillary On the Issues
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Rand vs. Ron Paul On the Issues
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Hillary vs. Bill Clinton On the Issues
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Jeb vs. George Bush On the Issues
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Excerpts from "Hard Choices"
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Excerpts from "Immigration Wars"
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2021-2022 Election Coverage:

2022 Senatorial debates:
- AK - AL - AR - AZ - CA - CO - CT - FL - GA - HI - IA - ID - IL - IN -
  -   KS - KY - LA - MD - MO - NC - ND - NH - NV - NY -
  -   OH - OK - OR - PA - SC - SD - UT - VT - WA - WI

2022-2023 Gubernatorial debates:
AK - AL - AR - AZ - CA - Recall - CO - CT - FL - GA - HI - ID - IL - IA - KS - KY - LA - MA - MD - ME - MI - MN - MS -
  -   NE - NH - NJ - NM - NV - NY - OH - OK - OR - PA - RI - SC - SD - TN - TX - VT - VA - WI - WY -


New England Primaries: Sept. 6-13, 2022

Senate and Gubernatorial primaries in MA, NH, and RI

Massachusetts Republican Governor primaryMassachusetts Democratic Governor primary
Rhode Island Republican Governor primaryRhode Island Democratic Governor primary
New Hampshire Republican Senate primaryNew Hampshire Democratic Senate primary
New Hampshire Republican Governor primaryNew Hampshire Democratic Governor primary

Source: See additional coverage: NH Senate - NH Governor - RI Governor - MA Governor.

Late August primaries: Aug. 13 to Aug. 23, 2022

Contests in Hawaii, Alaska, Wyoming, Florida, and Oklahoma

Five states held primary polls, with the following results:

Hawaii Republican Senate primary (Aug. 13)Hawaii Democratic Senate primary (Aug. 13)
  • 41% Bob McDermott
  • 26% Timothy Dalhouse
  • 14% Wallyn Christian
  • 10% Steven Bond
Hawaii Republican Governor primary (Aug. 13)Hawaii Democratic Governor primary (Aug. 13)
  • 52% Duke Aiona
  • 24% Jay Penn
  • 11% Gary Cordery
  • 9% Heidi Tsuneyoshi
Alaska Republican Senate primary (Aug. 16 Top-four primary)Alaska Democratic Senate primary (Aug. 16 Top-four primary)
  • 6% Patricia Chesbro
  • 1% Ivan Taylor
  • 1% Edgar Blatchford
  • 1% Sean Thorne (L)
Alaska Republican Governor primary (Aug. 16 Top-four primary)Alaska Democratic Governor primary (Aug. 16 Top-four primary)
Wyoming Republican Governor primary (Aug. 16)Wyoming Democratic Governor primary (Aug. 16)
Florida Republican Senate primary (Aug. 23)Florida Democratic Senate primary (Aug. 23)
  • 84% Val Demings
  • 6% Brian Rush
  • 6% William Sanchez
  • 4% Ricardo De La Fuente
Florida Republican Governor primary (Aug. 23)Florida Democratic Governor primary (Aug. 23)
Oklahoma Republican Senate runoff (Aug. 23)Oklahoma Democratic Senate runoff (Aug. 23)

Source: See additional Senate coverage: AK - FL - HI - OK - - and additional Gubernatorial coverage: AK - FL - HI - WY.

Seventh Super Tuesday primaries: Aug. 9, 2022

Contests in Connecticut, Minnesota, Vermont, and Wisconsin

Four states held primary polls, with the following results:

Connecticut Republican Senate primaryConnecticut Democratic Senate primary
Connecticut Republican Governor primaryConnecticut Democratic Governor primary
Minnesota Republican Governor primaryMinnesota Democratic Governor primary
Vermont Republican Governor primaryVermont Democratic Governor primary
  • 69% Phil Scott
  • 18% Stephen Bellows
  • 18% Myers Mermel
Vermont Republican Senate primaryVermont Democratic Senate primary
Wisconsin Republican Governor primaryWisconsin Democratic Governor primary
Wisconsin Republican Senate primaryWisconsin Democratic Senate primary

Source: See additional Senate coverage: CT - VT - WI - and additional Gubernatorial coverage: CT - MN - VT - WI.

Sixth Super Tuesday primaries: Aug. 2, 2022

Contests in Colorado, Illinois, New York, Oklahoma, Utah

Five states held primary polls, with the following results:

Arizona Republican Governor primaryArizona Democratic Governor primary
Arizona Republican Senate primaryArizona Democratic Senate primary
Kansas Republican Governor primaryKansas Democratic Governor primary
Kansas Republican Senate primaryKansas Democratic Senate primary
  • 38% Mark Holland
  • 20% Paul Buskirk
  • 18% Patrick Wiesner
  • 13% Mike Andra
Michigan Republican Governor primaryMichigan Democratic Governor primary
Missouri Republican Senate primaryMissouri Democratic Senate primary
Washington Republican Senate primaryWashington Democratic Senate primary
Jungle primary - top two vote-getters advance to November election; OnTheIssues separated by party. /td>
  • 54% Patty Murray (D)
  • 1% Ravin Pierre (D)
  • 1% Mohammad Said (D)
  • 1% Pano Churchill (D)
  • 1% Henry Dennison (Socialist Workers Party)
  • 1% Bryan Solstin (D)
  • 32% Tiffany Smiley (R)
  • 3% Leon Lawson (Trump Republican Party)
  • 3% John Guenther (R)
  • 1% Dave Saulibio (JFK Republican Party)
  • 1% Bill Hirt (R)
  • 1% Naz Paul (Independent)

Source: See additional Senate coverage: AZ - KS - MO - WA - and additional Gubernatorial coverage: AZ - KS - MI.

Maryland Primaries: July 19, 2022

Senate and Gubernatorial primaries

Maryland Republican Senate primaryMaryland Democratic Senate primary
  • 21% Chris Chaffee
  • 15% Lorie Friend
  • 14% John Thormann
  • 11% Joseph Perez
  • 9% George Davis
Maryland Republican Governor primaryMaryland Democratic Governor primary

Source: See additional coverage: MD Senate - MD Governor.

Fifth Super Tuesday primaries: June 28, 2022

Contests in Colorado, Illinois, New York, Oklahoma, Utah

Five states held primary polls, with the following results:

Colorado Republican Senate primaryColorado Democratic Senate primary
Colorado Republican Governor primaryColorado Democratic Governor primary
Illinois Republican Senate primaryIllinois Democratic Senate primary
  • 30% Kathy Salvi
  • 25% Peggy Hubbard
  • 13% Matthew Dubiel
  • 11% Casey Chlebek
  • 9% Bobby Piton
  • 7% Anthony Williams
  • 5% Jimmy Lee Tillman II
Illinois Republican Governor primaryIllinois Democratic Governor primary
New York Republican Senate primaryNew York Democratic Senate primary
  • 100% Chuck Schumer
  • 0% Moses Mugulusi (disqualified)
  • 0% Khaled Salem (disqualified)
New York Republican Governor primaryNew York Democratic Governor primary
Oklahoma 4-year Republican Senate primaryOklahoma 4-year Democratic Senate primary
    The Democratic primary election was canceled. Kendra Horn advanced from the special Democratic primary for U.S. Senate Oklahoma.
  • 100% Kendra Horn
Oklahoma 6-year Republican Senate primaryOklahoma 6-year Democratic Senate primary
    No candidate got a majority so a runoff will be held on August 23, 2022.
  • 37% Madison Horn
  • 17% Jason Bollinger
  • 14% Dennis Baker
  • 13% Jo Glenn
  • 12% Brandon Wade
  • 7% Arya Azma
Oklahoma Republican Governor primaryOklahoma Democratic Governor primary
  • 69% Kevin Stitt
  • 14% Joel Kintsel
  • 13% Mark Sherwood
  • 3% Moira McCabe
Utah Republican Senate primaryUtah Democratic Senate primary
  • 62% Mike Lee
  • 30% Becky Edwards
  • 8% Ally Isom
    The Democratic Party did not nominate a candidate in this race. The party instead endorsed the independent candidate at their convention.
  • 100% Evan McMullin (I)
  • 0% Austin Searle
  • 0% Allen Glines

Source: See additional Senate coverage: CO - IL - NY - OK - UT - and additional Gubernatorial coverage: CO - IL - NY - OK.

Primary elections results, Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Gubernatorial primary runoffs in Alabama

Primary runoffs this week decided winners from close primaries from May 24; the results:

Alabama Republican Senatorial primary runoffAlabama Democratic Senatorial primary
    No Republican achieved a majority on May 24, so the top two Republicans faced off in this runoff.
  • 65% Katie Britt
  • 35% Mo Brooks
  • No Democratic primary runoff was required; Will Boyd won the May 24th primary with 64%.
Alabama Republican Gubernatorial primaryAlabama Democratic Gubernatorial primary
  • No Republican primary runoff was required; Kay Ivey won the May 24th primary with 64%.
    No Democrat achieved a majority on May 24, so the top two Republicans faced off in this runoff.
  • 55% Yolanda Flowers
  • 45% Malika Sanders-Fortier

Source: See additional issue coverage of Alabama Governor race and issue coverage of Alabama Senate race.

Fourth Super Tuesday primaries: June 14, 2022

Contests in Maine, Nevada, North Dakota, and South Carolina

Four states held primary polls, with the following results:

Nevada Republican Senate primaryNevada Democratic Senate primary
Nevada Republican Governor primaryNevada Democratic Governor primary
South Carolina Republican Senate primarySouth Carolina Democratic Senate primary
    Primary was cancelled because there's only one Republican candidate
  • 100% Senator Tim Scott
    Top two advance to runoff on June 28
  • 34% Catherine Fleming Bruce
  • 33% Krystle Matthews
  • 32% Angela Geter
Maine Republican Governor primaryMaine Democratic Governor primary
North Dakota Republican Senate primaryNorth Dakota Democratic Senate primary

Source: See additional Senate coverage: ND - NV - SC - and additional Gubernatorial coverage: ME - NV - SC.

Third Super Tuesday primaries: June 7, 2022

Contests in California, Iowa, New Mexico, and South Dakota

Four states held primaries for Governor and/or United States Senate. Three additional states -- Mississippi, Montana, and New Jersey -- held primaries too, but only for House and other seats. The results of the Senate and Governor races are shown below, with links to our covered candidates.

California Senatorial jungle primary--Republican resultsCalifornia Senatorial jungle primary--Democratic results
  • 13% Mark Meuser
  • 5% Cordie Williams (R)
  • 4% Jonathan Elist (R)
  • 4% Chuck Smith (R)
  • 3% James P. Bradley
  • 3% James P. Bradley (R)
  • 1% Sarah Sun Liew (R)
A "jungle primary" means all candidates appear on a single ballot regardless of party. The top two vote-getters advance to the general election. It doesn't necesarily mean that one Democrat and one Republican advance -- but in these two races, that happened!
California Gubernatorial jungle primary--Republican resultsCalifornia Gubernatorial jungle primary--Democratic results
  • 61% Gavin Newsom

    Independent Candidate:
  • 3% Michael Shellenberger
  • 15% Brian Dahle
  • 4% Jenny Rae Le Roux (R)
  • 3% Shawn Collins (R)
  • 2% Anthony Trimino (R)
  • 1% Leo Zacky (R)
Iowa Republican Senatorial primaryIowa Democratic Senatorial primary
Massachusetts Republican Gubernatorial ConventionMassachusetts Democratic Gubernatorial Convention
The State Convention determines who makes the primary ballot. The Massachusetts Republican Convention took place on May 22; one candidate advanced to the Sept. 6 primary. The Massachusetts Democratic Convention took place on June 3-4; two candidates advanced to the Sept. 6 primary.
New Mexico Republican Gubernatorial primaryNew Mexico Democratic Gubernatorial primary
New Mexico Republican Gubernatorial primaryNew Mexico Democratic Gubernatorial primary
South Dakota Republican Senatorial primarySouth Dakota Democratic Senatorial primary
  • 0% Brian Bengs

    The South Dakota Democratic Senatorial primary election was canceled because there was only one candidate.

Source: See additional Senate coverage: CA - IA - SD - and additional Gubernatorial coverage: CA - IA - MA - NM.

Second Super Tuesday primaries: May 24, 2022

Contests in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, and Texas

Four states held primary polls, with the following results:

Alabama Republican Senatorial primaryAlabama Democratic Senatorial primary
Alabama Republican Gubernatorial primaryAlabama Democratic Gubernatorial primary
  • Runoff scheduled for June 21 (no candidate achieved 50%)
  • 33% Yolanda Flowers
  • 33% Malika Sanders-Fortier
  • 12% Patricia Jamieson Candidate Connection
  • 9% Arthur Kennedy
  • 7% Doug Smith
  • 6% Chad Chig Martin
Arkansas Republican Senatorial primaryArkansas Democratic Senatorial primary
Arkansas Republican Gubernatorial primaryArkansas Democratic Gubernatorial primary
Georgia Republican Senatorial primaryGeorgia Democratic Senatorial primary
Georgia Republican Gubernatorial primaryGeorgia Democratic Gubernatorial primary
Texas Republican Gubernatorial primaryTexas Democratic Gubernatorial primary
  • 91% Beto O'Rourke
  • 3% Joy Diaz
  • 3% Michael Cooper
  • 1% Inocencio Barrientez
  • 1% Rich Wakeland

Source: See additional Senate coverage: AL - AR - GA - and additional Gubernatorial coverage: AL - AR - GA - TX.

Super Tuesday primaries: May 17, 2022

Contests in Idaho, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oregon and Pennsylvania

Five states held primary polls, with tight contests in both the Democratic and Republican primaries, with the following results:

Kentucky Republican Senate primaryKentucky Democratic Senate primary
  • 86% Rand Paul
  • 4% Val Fredrick
  • 3% Paul Hamilton
  • 3% Arnold Blankenship
  • 2% Tami Stainfield
  • 73% Charles Booker
  • 11% Joshua Blanton Sr.
  • 10% John Merrill
  • 6% Ruth Gao
Idaho Republican Senate primaryIdaho Democratic Senate primary
Idaho Republican Governor primaryIdaho Democratic Governor primary
North Carolina Republican Senatorial primaryNorth Carolina Democratic Senatorial primary
Oregon Republican Senate primaryOregon Democratic Senate primary
  • 33% Jo Rae Perkins
  • 31% Darin Harbick
  • 13% Samuel Palmer
  • 12% Jason Beebe
  • 8% Christopher Christensen
  • 2% Robert Fleming
  • 1% Ibrahim Taher
  • 90% Ron Wyden
  • 6% William Barlow
  • 4% Brent Thompson
Oregon Republican Governor primaryOregon Democratic Governor primary
Pennsylvania Republican Senate primaryPennsylvania Democratic Senate primary
Pennsylvania Republican Governor primaryPennsylvania Democratic Governor primary

Source: See additional Senate coverage: KY - ID - NC - OR - PA and additional Gubernatorial coverage: ID - OR - PA.

Primary elections results, Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Gubernatorial primary in Nebraska; House primary in West Virginia

Two states held primaries this week; the results:

Nebraska Republican Governor primaryNebraska Democratic Governor primary
West Virginia Republican House District 2 primaryWest Virginia Democratic House District 2 primary
  • 57% Barry Wendell
  • 43% Angela Dwyer

Source: See additional issue coverage of Nebraska Governor race.

Ohio elections results, Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Gubernatorial and Senatorial primaries define the field

Ohio has an early primary for both Governor and Senator, with a large field on the Republican side (but also Democratic contests). The results:

Republican Governor primaryDemocratic Governor primary
Republican Senate primaryDemocratic Senate primary

Source: See additional issue coverage of Ohio Senate race and issue coverage of Ohio Governor race.

New York Lt. Gov.: April 12-May 3, 2022

Lieutenant Governor resigns

  • New York Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin resigned on April 12, 2022, after being indicted on bribery charges.

  • New York Governor Kathy Hochul has the right to appoint his successor (no special election).

  • U.S. Rep. Antonio Delgado was selected for appointment on May 3, 2022, and will assume office a few weeks later.

  • Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned due to a sex scandal in August 2021, and then-Lt. Gov. Hochul was sworn in upon his resignation.

  • Gov. Hochul is up for re-election in November (along with Lt. Gov. Benjamin); Andrew Cuomo is currently considering entering that race.

  • A special election will be held to replace Rep. Benjamin in Congress; likely to be held concurrent with the next Congressional election in November 2022.

Source: See additional issue excerpts of New York legislature.

Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings: March 21, 2022

Nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

    President Biden nominated Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to replace retiring Justice Stephen Breyer. The Senate confirmation hearings begin today,and are expected to run all week. Some of Judge Jackson's issue stances:
  • On Abortion: Co-authored a pro-choice friend-of-the-court brief
  • On Affirmative Action: Race doesn't play a role in the kind of judge that I've been
  • On Religion: Religious liberty is foundational tenet of our government
  • On COVID: Continue pandemic-related eviction moratorium
  • On Environment: Rejected challenge to forest management regulations
  • On Crime: Miranda warning not required outside of police interrogation
  • On Second Amendment: Has never affirmed individual right to guns
  • On Immigration: Due process for immigrants regardless of legal status
  • On 2020 Election: Executive privilege not absolute; Presidents are not kings
  • On Drugs: 100-to-one crack-powder penalty distinction unwarranted

Source: See full issue excerpts of Judge Jackson.

State of the Union: March 1, 2022

Plus Republican, Libertarian, progressive, and QAnon responses

Source: See full SOTU excerpts.

State of the State speeches: Jan. 5 - Feb. 17, 2022

Governors address COVID and Voting Rights in dozens of states

    Every year, OnTheIssues excerpts all 50 "State of the State" speeches by the 50 governors (for those that actually occur each year!).
  • This year, we report on the partisan opinion divide on two topics, prevalent among many governors:
  • On Voting Rights: Democrats focus on expanding access; Republicans focus on election integrity.
  • On COVID: Democrats focus on pandemic relief; Republicans focus on avoiding mandates (usually).
  • We highlight the partisan split below; click on governors' names for more from their SOTS speech.
  • The speeches aren't quite done yet; stay tuned at 2022 State of the State for later excerpts.
Party / State / Date Governor / Statement
Democratic Governors on Voting Rights:
Washington, Jan. 11: Jay Inslee: Outlaw efforts by pols whose election lies cause violence
Pennsylvania, Feb. 8: Tom Wolf: Some leaders are turning against the very idea of democracy
Connecticut, Feb. 9: Ned Lamont: Let's make easier absentee balloting a reality for everyone
Republican Governors on Voting Rights:
Idaho, Jan. 10: Brad Little: Proactive integrity audits to enhance election transparency
Florida, Jan. 11: Ron DeSantis: Clean the voter rolls; mail ballots only on request
South Carolina, Jan. 19: Henry McMaster: Create an Election Integrity and Compliance Audit Program
Utah, Jan. 20: Spencer Cox: Voting security must never be about making it harder to vote
Wyoming, Feb. 14: Mark Gordon: We enacted strong voter ID laws; election integrity critical
Democratic Governors on COVID:
New York, Jan. 5: Kathy Hochul: Pay healthcare worked a retention bonus up to $3000
Colorado, Jan. 13: Jared Polis: Don't force people to choose between jobs or a COVID vaccine
Hawaii, Jan. 24: David Ige: Pandemic showed that virtual classrooms work
Republican Governors on COVID:
South Dakota, Jan. 11: Kristi Noem: Unvaccinated Americans are still Americans
Indiana, Jan. 11: Eric Holcomb: I beg you to speak to your doctor and get vaccinated
West Virginia, Jan. 12: Jim Justice: Vaccinations helped me, but won't require vaccinations
Missouri, Jan. 19: Mike Parson: I don't support mandates; my position WILL NOT CHANGE
Alaska, Jan. 25: Mike Dunleavy: Defend Alaskans' rights to make their own medical decisions
Oklahoma, Feb. 7: Kevin Stitt: Americans are moving to states that value freedom
new Hampshire, Feb. 17: Chris Sununu: We stopped the federal vaccine mandates; personal choice instead
Source: See additional State of the State speech excerpts.

New member of the U.S. House of Representatives: Jan. 11-18, 2022

Plus hot races and House redistricting races

U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL-20) passed away in April 2021. A special election took place on Jan. 11, 2022 in which Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick won. In a sign of these challenging times for democracy, her opponent refused to concede despite the overwhelming landslide, and instead announced legal blocking actions. Those actions failed, and Rep. Cherfilus-McCormick was sworn in on Jan. 18, 2022.

    Other upcoming House events:
  • One more special election is scheduled for April 2022 to fill a vacancy in CA-22; if any more vacancies occur, the special election is likely to take place on November 8th, 2022, in conjunction with the general election.
  • Redistricting shuffles House seats around due to changes in population from the 2020 census. Five pairs of House incumbents got redistricted into opposing each other. Many more incumbents facing such opposition chose instead to retire.
  • Redistricting also goes the other way -- creating new seats in several states, and resulting in "hot races" from rematches or newly-eligible candidates.

Source: See full House of Representatives for other races and all incumbents.

January 6th Scorecard: Jan. 6, 2022

Scoring members of Congress on response to the Capitol Riot

We looked into three key votes to characterize each member of Congress' views on the events of January 6th. For each key vote, we scored the votes as follows on a scale from "-2" indicating support of the events of January 6th, to "+2" indicating opposition of the events of January 6th:

    Electoral Decertification: This vote took place on January 6th, after a long interruption by rioters entering the Capitol building. The vote was to block certification of the vote of the Electoral College:
  • YEA to block certification scores as -2 (support Jan. 6 events)
  • NAY to block certification scores as +2 (oppose Jan. 6 events)
    H.R. 24 Impeachment: President Trump was impeached for inciting insurrection. The impeachment vote, on bill #24, took place separately for the House and Senate:
  • NAY on impeachment in House vote scores as -2 (support Jan. 6 events)
  • NOT GUILTY on removal from office in Senate vote scores as -2 (support Jan. 6 events)
  • YEA on impeachment in House vote scores as +1 (oppose Jan. 6 events)
  • GUILTY on removal from office in Senate vote scores as +2 (strongly oppose Jan. 6 events)
  • SPONSOR on impeachment bill H.R. 24 scores as +2 (strongly oppose Jan. 6 events)
    H.R. 503 Commission: Congress created a Commission to investigate the events of Jan. 6th. The Senate rejected a bipartisan commission; that vote counts for Senators. Members of the House them created a separate commission without the Senate; that vote counts for House members:
  • NAY on creating a Jan. 6 Commission scores as -2 (support Jan. 6 events)
  • YEA on creating a Jan. 6 Commission scores as +2 (oppose Jan. 6 events)
Legislator categoryNumber of legislators
Hard-core J6 supporter (score -6)105
J6 supporter (score -3/-4/-5)27
Leaning toward J6 support (score -2)104
Mixed views on Jan. 6 (score -1/0/+1/+2/+3)26
Opposes Jan. 6 events (score +4/5)17
Hard-core against Jan. 6th (score +6)261
Grand Total540

The grid above totals the scores for each legislator, and then counts the number of legislators in each score category. These votes were spread over a few months, so some members didn't have the opportunity to cast all three votes -- those are reflected by omissions which count as zero in the score.

A score of "-6" indicates that the legislator voted three times to support the Capitol riots -- 105 legislators did so, all Republicans. A score of "+6" indicates that the legislator three times opposed the Capitol riots -- 261 legislators did so, 257 Democrats and 4 Republicans. The mixed votes are the most interesting cases-- the 174 legislators who indicated some support and some opposition to the events of Jan. 6.

The lowest-scoring Democrats all scored "+4" -- Sen. Patty Murray, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, and Rep. Rashida Tlaib. In all three cases, the legislator abstained or was absent from one of the key votes. There were 10 additional Democrats scoring below "+5", but those were all legislators who left office, or who were sworn in after the earliest vote. There were 6 additional Democrats who voted YEA on impeachment but chose not to co-sponsor the House Bill; they scored "+5". In other words, there were zero Democrats who actively voted against the consensus Democratic view of opposing the Capitol riots of January 6th.

That was not the case among Republican legislators. There were five Republican Senators who scored "+6": Cassidy; Collins; Murkowski; Romney; and Sasse. In addition, two Republican House members scored "+5": Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, both of whom voted to impeach but didn't co-sponsor H.R. 24. Those seven Republicans have become the political targets of former President Trump and his ardent supporters. Over 120 Republican legislators scored in the range of "-2' to "+3" -- some of that group will draw Republican primary opponents because of these votes.

Source: See Jan. 6th Scorecard data or click to download Jan. 6th Excel spreadsheet.

Investigation of Capitol Riots, Dec. 13, 2021

Opinions on the events of January 6th, 2021

As the Congressional investigation into the events of January 6th begins, we survey the opinions of elected officials and candidates, and group them into four partisan categories:

Republicans who support the events of January 6th:
Republicans who oppose the events of January 6th:
Democrats who oppose the events of January 6th:
Democrats who support the events of January 6th:
  • OnTheIssues could not find any elected officials or candidates who identify as Democrats who supported the January 6 insurrection. We will continue to look.

Source: See full excerpts on January 6th events.

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