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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
by Cory Booker (2016)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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Columns and news articles on the Huffington Post blog

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    Articles from Huffington Post e-magazine:
  • IA-Senate, "Democrats Pin Hopes on Social Security in Iowa Senate Race, by Daniel Marans, May 12, 2020
  • GA-Senate,"Democrat Raphael Warnock Leads Crowded Georgia Senate Race With Big Fundraising Haul," by Amanda Terke, 4/16/2020
  • "Toys 'R' Us Bankruptcy Looms Over Deval Patrick's Campaign," by Daniel Marans, Dec 03, 2019
  • "O'Rourke Supported the Death Penalty 2 Years Ago," by Daniel Marans, 3/20/2019
  • "Warren To Unveil Sweeping Plan For Universal Child Care," by Jonathan Cohn, 02/18/2019
  • "Joe Walsh: Veterans In Occupy Movement 'Don't Understand This Country'," by Jen Sabella, 11/20/2011
  • More citations to follow....

 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Tom Wolf: Tradition of freedom of conscience includes abortion rights.
    Scott Wagner: Ban abortions after 20 weeks.
    Roy Cooper: No politicians in medical room telling doctor what to say.
    Bobby Jindal: Human life amendment: define "person" from conception.
    Marco Rubio: Consensus that life begins at conception; so no abortion.
    Alison Grimes: Pro-choice down the line.
    Charlie Huggins: Supports mandatory ultrasounds.
Budget & Economy
    Deval Patrick: Believes in private sector's ability to create opportunity.
    Darrell Castle: Don't bailout financial giants; just let them fail.
Civil Rights
    Republican Party: Remove Rep. from committees for "white supremacist" comments.
    Don Blankenship: I'm an American person; 'Chinaperson' isn't racist.
    Mike Chenault: Lambasted laughing at same-sex equality issue, apologizes.
    Michael Enzi: We need civility for gays; not more laws.
    Jim Gray: Openly gay mayor of Lexington: not all are anti-gay.
    Bob McDermott: Amendment for marriage only by opposite-sex couples.
    Baron Hill: 2006: Marriage is sacred; 2015: guarantee marriage equality.
    Baron Hill: For ENDA & against DADT & in Congress; evolved on marriage.
    Rick Snyder: Recognize 300 gay marriages conducted in 2014.
    Rick Snyder: Add LGBT anti-discrimination to civil rights law.
    Howard Schultz: Better race relations starts with conversation.
    Jason Carter: Civil marriage equality, but don't tell churches what to do.
    Jimmy Carter: Supports civil marriage equality.
    Alison Grimes: Both supportive and apprehensive about marriage equality.
    Joni Ernst: Federal ban ok, but leave same-sex marriage to states.
    Terri Lynn Land: Women want job flexibility more than equal pay.
    Chris McDaniel: Dems want homosexual marriage legal in all 50 states.
    Amanda Curtis: Repeal state ban on sodomy; make gay sex legal.
    Justin Amash: Repeal DOMA: Government shouldn't be involved in marriage.
    Steve Grossman: Embrace marriage equality in the Democratic Party platform.
    Heidi Heitkamp: AdWatch: Featured in DSCC ad: "Elect more women to Senate".
    Condoleezza Rice: Supports civil unions but not gay marriage.
    Carly Fiorina: Marriage is between a man and a woman; but civil unions ok.
    Jerry Sanders: Proud to testify for same-sex marriage equality.
    Jerry Sanders: 2007: Switched from supporting civil unions to marriage.
    Joe Walsh: Occupy Wall Street is a well-orchestrated Socialist movement.
    Rob Sobhani: Occupy Wall Street pushes for capitalism with a conscience.
    Donald Trump: Wealthy move assets around globally based on tax incentives.
    Mike Gravel: Leadership fails because US is run by corporate America.
    Beto O`Rourke: Expand death penalty if police officers are attacked.
    Elizabeth Warren: Unfair: Kid in trouble for petty theft; CEO steals billions.
    Antonio Villaraigosa: Reduced violent crime by 50%; increased size of LAPD.
    Mike Espy: Resigned for accepting gifts; but acquitted criminally.
    Darrell Castle: Advocate of decriminalizing possession.
    Marco Rubio: No responsible way to recreationally use marijuana.
    Marco Rubio: Enforce federal law even in states with legal pot.
    Cory Booker: The war on drugs has failed; support medical marijuana.
    James Webb: Recommend drug policy to deal with growth of incarceration.
    Chris Dodd: Allow medical marijuana; and allow decriminalization too.
    Chris Dodd: Decriminalize marijuana but don’t legalize it.
    Oprah Winfrey: Changing the way people think starts with education.
    Bobby Jindal: Teach kids the best science; but no comment on evolution.
    Bobby Jindal: Local control instead of Common Core.
    Antonio Villaraigosa: Mayoral control of 22 poorly performing schools.
    Ken Buck: Federal research, but no federal requirements or funding.
    Barack Obama: We need a sense of urgency about improving education system.
    Bill Richardson: Start earlier with preschool for every child under 4.
    Chris Dodd: Advocate for free community-college education.
    Dennis Kucinich: End No Child Left Behind; end testing as be-all & end-all.
    Hillary Clinton: We have not yet reached consensus on education reform.
    Hillary Clinton: AR Ed Reform taught that there is a place for testing.
    Joe Biden: $3000 tax credit for college for anyone earning under $150K.
    John Edwards: Make community colleges & public universities free.
    John Edwards: Think of education as a birth-to-death experience in America.
    Mike Gravel: GovWatch: Yes, Americans are getting fatter, but not dumber.
    Mike Gravel: Extend school day and extend school year.
    Mike Gravel: Our school stats fail because we’re stuck in triumphalism.
Energy & Oil
    Darrell Castle: Buying Saudi oil forces US to deals with oppressive monarchs.
    Darrell Castle: Develop our own petroleum first; then green technology.
    Jay Inslee: Supports oil refinery (plus biofuel) along Columbia River.
    Russell Feingold: 2003 "4P": use Clean Air Act to reduce coal plant pollutants.
    Bobby Jindal: The left loves energy to be expensive and scarce.
    Liz Cheney: What should be done about climate change? Nothing!
    Marco Rubio: Climate is always changing; it's not from human activity.
    Mitch McConnell: AdWatch: Fights EPA regulation on coal production.
    Shelley Moore Capito: AdWatch: Fights back against Obama's war on coal.
    Richard Lugar: Make all cars "flex-fuel" vehicles.
    Richard Mourdock: Oppose ethanol subsidy as a matter of conservative principle.
    Newt Gingrich: 1989: prevent global warming; 2012: unclear if warming real.
    Cory Booker: Create green economy with lower carbon output.
    John Edwards: Give up SUVs & other sacrifices, to deal with climate crisis.
    Tom Vilsack: Cut food waste in half by 2030.
    Bill Bryant: OpEd: Claims conservationism, but enabled Arctic drilling.
    Russell Feingold: Clean Water Restoration Act to protect streams and wetlands.
    Rand Paul: Hurricane Sandy relief ads were conflict of interest.
    Rick Scott: Lay off DEP staff; environmental compliance & no enforcement.
    Antonio Villaraigosa: Added 669 acres of open space & 1,549 miles of bikeways.
Families & Children
    Ned Lamont: Paid time off to new parents and caregivers.
    Elizabeth Warren: Federal funds to cap childcare at 7% of income.
    Karin Housley: If women are empowered and independent they don't need laws.
    Cathy Glasson: #1 job of governor is to raise family's standard of living.
    Ayn Rand: Conservative thinking is a "God, family, tradition swamp.
Foreign Policy
    Elizabeth Warren: Military action that kill civilians may create radicalism.
Free Trade
    Theresa Greenfield: Number one issue for farmers is regaining foreign markets.
    Darrell Castle: Trans Pacific Partnership is not about free trade.
    Darrell Castle: Repeal NAFTA.
    Arianna Huffington: CAFTA gives sweetheart provisions to drug companies.
Government Reform
    Cynthia Nixon: The 'Cynthia Effect': Cuomo now for restoring voting rights.
    Gary Johnson: Senate should consider Obama's Supreme Court nominee.
    Lisa Murkowski: Scrutinize states with a history of voting discrimination.
    Lisa Murkowski: Opportunity to vote, regardless of where people live.
    John Kasich: A handful of billionaires should not decide who is president.
    Newt Gingrich: Allow unlimited campaign contributions to anybody.
    Tom Tancredo: 2001: pledged 3-term limit; 2002: served 4th & 5th term.
    Terri Lynn Land: Super PACs are committed to Michigan.
    Andrea Zopp: Voter ID laws are intended to limit the Black vote.
    Shelley Berkley: Free Nevada: No out-of-state donations for Senate race.
    Alan Khazei: Refuses PAC money and lobbyist campaign donations.
    Barack Obama: Ok to take $5 donations from drug company employees.
    Mike Gravel: Americans are getting fatter & dumber; must get empowered!
Gun Control
    Andrew Yang: Would push for "personalized" guns, subsidize upgrading.
    Tom Foley: Newtown law added inconveniences on law-abiding citizens.
    John Hickenlooper: Universal background checks & ban on high capacity magazines.
    Tom Tancredo: Running in opposition to new gun control laws.
    Antonio Villaraigosa: Member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns.
    Antonio Villaraigosa: Ban sales of assault weapons and Saturday night specials.
    Tim Kaine: Limit high-capacity clips to no more than ten bullets.
Health Care
    Josh Hawley: Get rid of ObamaCare, but cover pre-existing conditions.
    Sarah Palin: Vouchers for veterans' health care outside the VA system.
    Barack Obama: All kids should get vaccinated, but not by law.
    Jeb Bush: You should vaccinate your children; over and out.
    Marco Rubio: All kids should get vaccinated, with medical exceptions.
    Rand Paul: Encourage vaccines, with religious exceptions.
    Jeb Bush: Clear & concise response stops unneeded fears about Ebola.
    Jeb Bush: Handle Ebola like I handled anthrax in 2001.
    Bobby Jindal: Ebola isn't the last epidemic; it's just a harbinger.
    David Perdue: Responsible thing to do: fix ObamaCare; don't repeal it.
    Karen Handel: ObamaCare overreaches, but feds should address healthcare.
    Karen Handel: ObamaCare canceled my wife's policy & doubled premiums.
    Alison Grimes: Delay mandated coverage, but keep ObamaCare.
    Jon Huntsman: Supported individual mandate in 2007; opposes it now.
    Jon Huntsman: Supports market-based, consumer empowering legislation.
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Waiting to decide on ObamaCare will provide better decision.
    Antonin Scalia: OpEd: sympathetic to labeling ObamaCare unconstitutional.
    John Roberts: OpEd: sympathetic to labeling ObamaCare unconstitutional.
    Samuel Alito: OpEd: sympathetic to labeling ObamaCare unconstitutional.
    Barack Obama: Government healthcare like members of Congress have.
    Bill Richardson: Universal health care, no matter who you are.
    Chris Dodd: Universal health mart: shop for best plan to suit your needs.
    Chris Dodd: Require at age 55 a physical exam to qualify for Medicare.
    Chris Dodd: Make people pay high price for voluntary choice of smoking.
    Dennis Kucinich: Let the US be like every other industrialized democracy.
    Hillary Clinton: A plan is necessary; but consensus is more necessary.
    Hillary Clinton: Include insurance industry in discussions, but rein them in.
    Joe Biden: Start paying for universal coverage with $100B in redundancy.
    Joe Biden: Rethink healthcare by focusing on prevention.
    John Edwards: $90B-$120B per year for healthcare, by ending Bush tax cut.
    John Edwards: If not universal coverage, which people wouldn’t be covered?
    John Edwards: Let people choose between private plan and single-payer.
    John Edwards: Take on insurance & drug companies, who have blocked reform.
    Mike Gravel: Universal coverage with guaranteed equal care.
    Mike Gravel: Reforms fail because pharma companies control Congress.
    Mike Gravel: Everybody should have the same health care.
Homeland Security
    Darrell Castle: Withdraw from NATO; it's unaffordable & no longer useful.
    Jeb Bush: Deal with bullies like Putin with strength, not nuance.
    Richard Burr: OpEd: Quashed release of report about CIA torture.
    Sarah Palin: Dozens of veterans per day commit suicide; VA should help.
    Chris McDaniel: Why are Muslims never portrayed as villains by Hollywood?
    Arianna Huffington: Guns vs. butter: make it part of the national debate.
    Arianna Huffington: Reduce military spending or America will decline.
    Dennis Kucinich: Strength through peace.
    Mike Gravel: I ended the draft; I stopped nuclear testing.
    Colin Powell: Opposes policy of separating migrant mothers and children.
    Donald Trump: Melania's parents & Trump's grandparents did chain migration.
    Elizabeth Warren: Bring people out of shadow economy & help social security.
    Darrell Castle: Libertarians favor open borders; Constitutionalists don't.
    Jon Huntsman: Vetoed repeal of college tuition for illegal immigrants.
    Bill Richardson: We pay for immigrant healthcare; have them pay into system.
    Bill Richardson: Increase H-1B visas to permit more skilled workers.
    Alberto Gonzales: Grandparents came from Mexico, illegally, for American dream.
    Rick Perry: The official unemployment rate is massaged and doctored.
    Joe Biden: Labor unions have built the middle class and built America.
    Mike McFadden: Gender-based pay equality & minimum wage? "Wrong questions".
Local Issues
    Scott Walker: Build a new sports arena for the Milwaukee Bucks.
Principles & Values
    Steve King: When did "white nationalist" become offensive language?
    Colin Powell: First Amendment means the press can criticize the president.
    Cynthia Nixon: Vote for the homo, not for the Cuomo.
    Gary Johnson: Competes in 3,000-mile mountain bike race.
    Hillary Clinton: FactCheck: No evidence Hillary's email server was hacked.
    Bobby Jindal: OpEd: Appeals to both Ivy League-coasts and Bible Belt.
    Mark Pryor: AdWatch: I believe in God and I believe in His word.
    Paul Broun: Separation of church and state is a mistaken idea.
    Tom Tancredo: Obama is greater threat to our way of life than any enemy.
    Jeb Bush: GOP must stop being the party of 'anti' everything.
    Jeb Bush: We need to be the party of inclusion and acceptance.
    Heidi Heitkamp: AdWatch: criticized as "Heidi-ho" for "Barack-o" socialism.
    Barack Obama: Reach out to faith community;faith has role in public square.
    Bill Richardson: Would not leave NM governorship to be vice president.
Social Security
    Theresa Greenfield: Social Security personal, helped when husband died on job.
    Gary Johnson: Create personal investment accounts.
    Greg Gianforte: Noah in the Bible was still working at age 600.
    Cory Booker: Opposes raising retirement age; expand entitlements.
    Arianna Huffington: Calling Social Security a Ponzi scheme is radical & extreme.
    Joe Sestak: Social Security is the cornerstone of retirement security.
    Mike Pence: Down-the-road raising of the Social Security retirement age.
Tax Reform
    Theresa Greenfield: Wealthy & corporations need to pay their fair share.
    Cary Kennedy: OpEd: proudly championed the state's mill levy freeze.
    Donald Trump: Previously supported wealth tax; now supports Bush tax cuts.
    Brad Ellsworth: Extend Bush tax cuts for all recipients.
    Jack Conway: Extend Bush tax cuts for 5 to 10 more years.
    Robin Carnahan: Extend Bush tax cuts for all recipients, including wealthy.
    Darrell Castle: UN globalization observes every human being electronically.
    George Pataki: FactCheck: No evidence Hillary's email server was hacked.
    Tom Foley: No comment on reducing mass transit funding.
    Joe Biden: WikiLeaks founder is a high-tech terrorist.
    Barack Obama: JFK inspired with space program; now same with energy R&D.
War & Peace
    Richard Burr: We have effective oversight of CIA and drone strikes.
    Terri Lynn Land: No military action in Syrian civil war.
    Mitt Romney: Troops to Syria if Assad spreads chemical weapons.
    Barack Obama: Surge has not succeeded because it ignores political issues.
    Bill Richardson: The surge is not working; Petraeus just being team player.
    Bill Richardson: Iraqi situation is about to implode; withdraw all troops.
    Chris Dodd: Surge has not made us safer, more secure, or less vulnerable.
    Chris Dodd: Terminate funding for Iraq; compare Vietnam & persuade GOP.
    Dennis Kucinich: US army has civilian leadership; it’s not Patraeus’ decision.
    Dennis Kucinich: Congress has the Constitutional power to end the war.
    Dennis Kucinich: Assassination is extrajudicial killing; not even Osama.
    Hillary Clinton: Patraeus report requires willing suspension of disbelief.
    Joe Biden: Patraeus report is wrong strategy; draw down troops now.
    John Edwards: Focus on political progress in Iraq.
    John Edwards: Congress has a mandate to defund war to force Bush out.
    Mike Gravel: Patraeus report is tragic charade; we all knew what he’d say.
    Mike Gravel: Pull American troops out; it can be done in 120 days.
    Mike Gravel: Young men & women will die because of this nation’s mistake.
Welfare & Poverty
    Howard Schultz: FoodShare: Distribute unsold Starbucks items to food banks.
    Joe Biden: Americans don't want handouts, just to be given a chance.
    Jeb Bush: If you're born poor, the odds are stacked against you.
    Newt Gingrich: Fight crisis of secularism with church-based charity.

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